Passing Observations 212

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Taxes in Britain are at record highs. Inflation and interest rates are higher than they’ve been for years. A massive recession looms. The health care system is now the worst in the developed world (and worse than health care systems in Third World countries). The police have pretty well given up arresting criminals. Our courts and prisons cannot cope. Our infrastructure is a mess. The nation is running out of energy, and politicians are deliberately making things worse by sticking to their absurd and unnecessary commitment to Net Zero. Sewage is being poured into seas and rivers while water companies send profits to foreign investors. The elderly are routinely killed when they fall ill. And what is Sunak’s answer to all Britain’s problems? He interferes in wars in Ukraine and Israel – spending money we don’t have, creating millions of new enemies, making Britain a terrorist target and becoming a war criminal in the process.

2. The Bank of England, which has explored new depths in incompetence, has decided to remove the cap on bankers’ bonuses so that reckless morons gambling with other people’s money can be handed untold millions they haven’t earned while shareholders (many of whom are pensioners) see their holdings collapse in value. Meanwhile, the Shylocks running our banks are pushing up the interest rates they charge borrowers while keeping the interest rates they pay depositors as low as ever.

3. In the bankrupt US, Biden wants another $106 billion to buy arms to send to Ukraine and Israel so that yet more people can be killed in senseless, indefensible wars. And he wants to be President for another four years.

4. Electric cars are so heavy that if they ever become popular our roads and bridges will all have to be rebuilt so that they don’t collapse.

5. `Camels and giraffe (both of which are vegetarian) have been known to eat the bones of dead animals in order to obtain essential minerals.’ – from the book `The Wisdom of Animals’ by Vernon Coleman and Donna Antoinette Coleman.

6. Schools in Britain were shut the other day because it was windy. Schools shut for snow, for sunshine, for rain and for cold weather. I’m beginning to think that teachers will do anything to avoid going to work. We are breeding a nation of illiterate, innumerate wimps.

7. `The world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.’ – Horace Walpole.

8. If Labour wins the UK’s next election they will probably give billions of public money to the Tata Steel plant in Wales. And there will be countless other hand-outs too. Presumably, the Labour Party will ignore Britain’s deficit and the fact that taxes are already at a record high.

9. One in eight bank branches will close this year. There will soon be 60% fewer bank branches than there were in 2015. Around 1,600 bank branches have closed since then. The Government promised that most people and businesses would never be more than three miles from a cashpoint. The operative words are `most’ and `cashpoint’. For most of us, banks are more than just cashpoints.

10. `Happiness is the gap between expectations and reality, so the irony is that nothing is more pessimistic than someone full of optimism. They are bound to be disappointed.’ – Morgan Housel.

11. Politicians and bankers keep insisting that we’ve dodged a recession. Oh no we haven’t. It’ll be here soon, so get ready to welcome it into your life. If it doesn’t arrive in 2023 then it will turn up in 2024.

12. Currently over a third of non-financial companies in America are close to default.

13. Age discrimination is commonplace within the NHS. But no one seems to give a damn. Two thirds of patients enduring long waits in Accident and Emergency Departments in NHS hospitals are over 60 years of age. The patients left to wait longest are usually the oldest and most vulnerable. Patients over 90 years of age routinely wait longer than most other patients. If black patients had to wait longer than white patients there would (quite rightly) be rioting in the streets. If women had to wait longer than men there would (rightly) be screams of outrage. So, why is ageism ignored? Why does no one in the NHS seem to care about the elderly? I’ll answer my own question: it’s because the establishment (aka the conspirators) want to get rid of the elderly because they are officially considered useless and expensive.

14. The face mask industry is going to get busy over winter. Just remember: wearing a face mask will dramatically increase the wearer’s chances of developing a serious chest infection. And the lack of oxygen makes mask wearers more susceptible to cancer. Anyone who wears a face mask is an idiot.

15. The Government in England is introducing new recycling rules to make recycling even more useless, time-consuming and expensive than it is at the moment. Recycling programmes were always about forcing people to behave – and nothing else. Councils will soon have to spend every penny they can find on pointless recycling programmes. (Has anyone noticed that most councils are heading for bankruptcy?)

16. Pfizer, the drug company, is making a five day drug treatment for covid-19. The new treatment will cost up to $1,400. The US Government has bought 24 million treatments, though they paid only about $530 each. I’ve decided to go into competition with Pfizer and I’ll be selling a five day course of soluble aspirin for just $1,000 retail.

17. The NHS in Britain is planning to hire 10,000 fake doctors (called physician associates). They’ll look like doctors and their white coats will be just as white. They will tell patients that they are part of the medical team. (I’d bet good money that they will allow patients to call them `doctor’.) It’s not true, by the way, that the training programme will last a day though it may be true that the `physician associates’ will be allowed to work from home.

18. I understand that the blood transfusion service in the UK has no plans to ban those who have been vaccinated with the covid-19 jab from giving blood – though people who have been vaccinated with covid-19 must not give blood within three days. I believe there are plans afoot to provide a blood transfusion service for those who don’t want to be given contaminated blood.

19. Scientists are planning to grow flu-resistant chickens and there is talk of gene-edited poultry appearing on farms soon. You’ll be amazed, but Imperial College of London seems to be involved. When I become Prime Minister I shall close down Imperial College and imprison the entire staff.

20. Central bankers now spend much of their time fighting climate change – instead of fighting inflation, poverty and huge wage discrepancies. Even if climate change were real (which it obviously isn’t) I find it difficult to understand why bankers think they should be involved. If they want to do something other than banking they could remove their silk jackets and set to work dealing with the potholes which are now endemic.

21. My latest book is called `Truth Teller: The Price’. The book is about censorship and it already appears to be suppressed. For example, it is mysteriously `temporarily out of stock’ in the United States. This is odd because the book is currently available only as a paperback – printed on demand. Maybe I’m missing something but how do you run out of stock when the book is printed on demand? Still, there aren’t many things in this world which I do understand.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2023