Passing Observations 213

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The diagnosis of dementia is used an excuse to kill the elderly. That’s why dementia appears to be increasing rapidly. Many individuals who appear demented are curable. For details please look at my book `Dementia Myth’. (Go to the Health books section of the Bookshop on this website.)

2. My Antoinette is much younger than I am. If it were not for her I would welcome (and expedite) my departure from a world which seems to be infinitely corrupt and sometimes appears to be almost bereft of decency. Thank heavens to the kind readers whose very presence has saved us – both through their support and their very existence.

3. Never forget: Your government wants you dead and your doctor wants you dead. You are, I fear, regarded as nothing more than an expensive nuisance. And the greater your age, the more you are regarded as an expensive nuisance.

4. A man in South Korea was crushed to death when a robot mistook him for a box of vegetables. Yet more evidence that all robots should be dismantled and abandoned.

5. Insane AI enthusiasts see a future run by a few billionaires who understand technology. They want to go back to an authoritarian feudal system, without ethics, democracy or any sense of responsibility. I doubt if that is what most people want.

6. I’m not optimistic about the lawsuit against Astra Zeneca and its covid vaccine. Judges will either throw out the lawsuit or the medical establishment will throw AZ to the wolves and blame the company for all the vaccine problems. Meanwhile, we should enjoy the uncertainty and the mainstream media’s momentary exposure to the truth. Let’s hope the court case drags on and on and that the case puts the GMC up against the wall. It’s difficult for the doctors’ licensing authority to excuse its behaviour in punishing doctors who have criticised the vaccine when the law courts are considering whether or not the vaccine so widely promoted and defended is truly useless and toxic.

7. The Expose website confirms that the UK Government is going to stop data listing deaths by covid vaccination. The data showed that the covid jab reduces lifespan significantly and the establishment really doesn’t want that knowledge being made available.

8. It is rumoured that doctors now define any person under the age of 20 who does not have at least 10 million YouTube and 10 million Instragram subscribers as suffering from ADHD.

9. In 2022, Greenpeace had an income of Ł90.4 million. Sounds like big business to me.

10. When I made my video about Israel flogging off Palestine’s oil and gas I was aware of the plan for the Ben Gurion canal. But since the canal is a long time away and the gas and oil sales are current, I concentrated on the latter. All those supporting or defending Israel’s genocidal attack on Gaza should be arrested and tried as aiding and abetting war criminals. Netanyahu, his Government and the military leaders responsible for slaughtering babies and children will surely go down in history as among the most evil men to have ever lived. There is no excuse for what they are doing. To claim that those demanding that Israel stop are anti-semitic or supporting terrorism is patently false and obscene. Israel will never be forgiven. (I realise that my articles and video about Israel will probably attract mindless criticism and threats from bigots and wicked people. I really don’t care. I cannot stay silent while defenceless babies and children are slaughtered. I’ll sue anyone whom I see accusing me of supporting terrorism or being anti-semitic by calling for the Israelis to stop.)

11. It is now well over 50 years since I first started campaigning about the dangers of benzodiazepine tranquillisers. I’ve made hours of TV and radio programmes about benzodiazepines, written several books and hundreds of articles. And yet there are still people (doctors and patients) who don’t understand that these drugs are more addictive than any illegal drugs. The full story of these drugs is in my book `The Benzos Story’, which is available via the Bookshop on My original Sunday Times bestseller about benzodiazepines, called Life Without Tranquillisers, is also available. I remember it went straight into the Sunday Times Top Ten the week it was published.

12. I saw a lino cut illustration the other day which reminded me that when I was at primary school we were all given a square of left over lino and a razor blade so that we could do a little lino cutting of our own. Today, the health and safety demons would probably object to the idea of eight-year-olds being given bits of linoleum to play with. I wonder what they’d think of a classroom of kids being handed razor blades. For the record, I don’t remember anyone cutting themselves – or anyone else.

13. The religions followed by our leaders are now of primary concern to us all. So, for example, the American Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, is known to be Jewish. Is he really the right person to be running America’s policy in the Middle East? Are the Palestinians really likely to listen to anything he says?

14. The half-witted buffoons who promoted the electric car as the answer to Greta’s prayers have now (at last) realised that it is a useless idea – not least because if everyone drives an electric car there won’t be any electricity left for heating, cooking or lighting and we’ll all die. (I pointed that out at the start.) So, now the loonies are drooling over hydrogen cars. Brilliant. I wonder when they’ll realise that you can’t make the hydrogen required without vast quantities of electricity. My guess is that they won’t realise the problem until they’ve spent about a trillion dollars on building hydrogen car factories.

15. The climate change believers who attacked another famous painting in London were carrying little hammers and wearing T-shirts advertising their beliefs. They clearly managed to hit the glass a number of times. Do these peoples really think they helped their cause? I suppose they must.

16. I’ve now had seven or eight invitations to be jabbed with the covid-19 vaccine – a medicine that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do but does kill people. Each letter comes with a reassurance that the vaccine is safe and effective. Doesn’t consumer legislation make this sort of false statement a crime? If someone wants to sell me a pair of sunglasses or a washing machine they must make sure it satisfies certain standards. But they can jab me with a deadly and useless drug without any worries.

17. Doctors don’t take blood samples anymore. They seem to consider such things beneath them. And so all around the world blood samples are taken by people who seem to regard ignorance and incompetence as a virtue.

18. Governments and central banks are desperate for more inflation to help them deal with their massive, unpayable debts. When politicians talk about bringing inflation down what they really mean is that they want it to stay high for as long as possible – forever would be nice.

19. Older drivers are safer than younger drivers. They have fewer accidents and kill fewer people. That’s why insurance companies charge older drivers much smaller premiums. And yet the European Union wants older drivers to be forced to retake their driving tests when they reach 70 years of age and every five years afterwards. This is nothing to do with road safety, of course. It is all about cutting out the amount of road traffic and pretending to save the planet from non-existent climate change with which the EU is besotted. Thank heavens the people of Britain were wise enough to vote to leave the EU.

20. The new Health Minister in the UK is apparently a lawyer. Brilliant. Where do these people find the arrogance? I think I’m going to put myself in charge of the justice system. As a matter of principle all lawyers should be banned from entering politics.

21. The cost of the absurd and cruel Net Zero policies in the UK has, when added to inflation, resulted in two million families having to turn off their refrigerators to save money. Net Zero, a pseudoscientific fraud based upon the confidence trick known as `climate change’ is doing its job well – causing economic damage and directly causing millions of deaths. All those who support Net Zero should be arrested for murder.

22. My latest book `Truth Teller: The Price’ is my final book on covid and the Great Reset. It is also an account of how censorship has been used to control information available to the public. Note that word `censorship’ for `Truth Teller: The Price’ seems to be unavailable in much of the world. UK readers who want a copy should go the bookshop on

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