Passing Observations 214

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The British Governmentís covid inquiry has heard evidence from an endless series of politicians, advisors and civil servants who, for whatever reason, seem to me to have made things infinitely worse. I have repeatedly offered to give evidence and to explain why I knew that everything that was done in response to what has been proven to be nothing more than a standard flu outbreak was certain to make things worse. I have not been invited to give evidence and I do not expect to be. Am I being unreasonable in suspecting that no one wants the truth to be told?

2. School girls now have to have `I have my periodí written on their foreheads. Oh, no sorry, they donít. They just have to carry a red card with them to show that they have their periods. They need to carry the red card in case they wish to visit the loo. What a relief about the forehead thing.

3. Doctors are now diagnosing `long coldí for people who have colds for longer than usual. I can see this becoming a fashion. We will have long arthritis, long high blood pressure, long eczema, long heart disease and long dandruff. And giraffes, of course, will have long neck disease.

4. More than 20,000 badgers have been killed since the badger cull started. Badgers are killed because someone said that they transmit tuberculosis to cows. Having looked at the evidence I have never believed this. I believe cows develop tuberculosis because they are cooped up in tiny sheds instead of being allowed to graze in lovely fields. The only bright thing about Britain having a Labour Government is that they say they will stop slaughtering badgers. Thatís what they say, anyway and, of course, politicians never lie.

5. I hear that doctors are telling older patients that they can have all their jabs at the same time Ė the flu jab, the covid jab and the shingles jab. And whatever other jabs are available on the day. Just where is the scientific evidence proving that this is a perfectly safe thing to do? Ah. Whatís science got to do with it?

6. Congratulations to the clever person who knew they didnít like my latest video before theyíd watched it. The first thumbs down came after the 8 minute video had been available for15 seconds.

7. The excellent and essential Expose website reports that US Government data confirms that the risk of developing cancer following covid-19 vaccination increases by 143,233%. Iíd now like apologies from all those people who sneered when I long ago predicted that exactly this would happen. (Well, I didnít say the cancer risk would increase by 143,233%, but I did say I thought the cancer risk would rise considerably among the jabbed.)

8. I was amused to see that there is now a website devoted to sustainable tourism. Surely the only `sustainable touristsí are the ones who stay at home?

9. The GMC reports that doctors are planning to leave the NHS in growing numbers and claims that this is due to burnout. Itís difficult to see why this should be since doctors are now working shorter hours than ever before. I suspect that the main reason doctors are leaving the NHS is because of the GMC itself. (I explain why in my book `Why and how doctors kill more people than cancerí which is available via the bookshop on

10. The EU is pushing through digital identity. Itíll be here before you know it Ė with the fully blown social credit scheme following immediately in its wake. Please read my book `Social Credit: Nightmare on your streetí to understand something of the future we face when social credit rules every second of our lives.

11. Temper tantrums and road rage have now become `intermittent explosive disorderí. Those who hit people, break things, make nasty threats and behave in a socially destructive way can now re-cast themselves as victims suffering from `intermittent explosive disorderí. The causes are, of course, genetics, environment and brain disorders. And the treatment? Well, that would be lots and lots of psychotherapy and lovely drug company medications.

12. The UK Government is giving itself increased powers to spy on everyone. And politicians, civil servants and journalist arenít just letting them do it but are aiding and abetting.

13. Over a fifth of British adults cannot explain the difference between a noun, a verb and an adjective. Congratulations to all those incompetent and lazy school teachers who have produced a nation of illiterate, innumerate wimps.

14. Bill Gates is really, really nice to media organisations. He has given $54 million to BBC Media Action, $12 million to the Guardian (which, according to journalist Ben Pile, works out at $116 per reader of the print edition) and millions more to the Daily Telegraph, the Financial Times, The Spectator magazine and Evening Standard. Now, why would Mr Gates feel the need to give such huge sums of money to media organisations? Hmph. Itís a puzzle, isnít it? Iím sure itís just a coincidence that so many media organisations write nice things about him and push his vaccines really hard.

15. Youíd have to be really stupid not to see US President Biden as one of the problems. How, then, could he possibly be the solution?

16. Restaurants struggling to survive have hit on a clever trick. They are giving themselves names which give them an edge on the internet. In New York there is now a restaurant called `Thai Food Near Meí and in Texas there is a chain of restaurants called `Affordable Dentist Near Meí. In Massachusetts there is a restaurant called `Phone Repair Near Meí. The possibilities are endless.

17. Teachers and their unions closed down schools and damaged childrenís educational progress as well as their health for absolutely no good reason and many bad ones. Education has been deliberately destroyed in order to ensure that future generations are semi-literate and semi-numerate and do not ask unanswerable questions. To ensure that pupils appeared to have done well in examinations they were shown the exam papers beforehand. There was then much feigned but convincing and delighted surprise when students who had been allowed to know the questions in advance did well. News that illiteracy and innumeracy among children had reached new heights was given less publicity in the craven mainstream media which never reports anything inconvenient or contrary to the views of the conspirators.

18. Publishers, attempting to shore up the flimsy, manufactured evidence that children and young adults were still being educated, boasted that the sale of paperback books had risen. What they didnít say was that the books they were selling were mostly colouring-in books for adults Ė books which do not require the reader to be able to read or to write.

19. The destruction of health care has been systematic. It began, over 60 years ago, with the decision to admit more girls than boys to medical schools. This was done knowing that most female doctors work part time and that this would never change. In the UK the result is that the average GP works 24-26 hours a week and provides no cover at nights, weekends and bank holidays. This put massive pressure on hospital accident and emergency rooms and on the ambulance service and, entirely predictably, has led to a complete breakdown in the services provided. Patients at home used to be visited by a district nurse. We are, approaching the end of a civilisation which had been developing for centuries. We are heading, at speed, into the world described in 1927 by Fritz Lang in his film Metropolis. Unelected conspirators, aided and abetted by unelected collaborators have taken control. Youíll find everything you need to know about the NHS in my short book entitled: `NHS: Whatís wrong and how to put it rightí.

20. The mRNA covid jabs have turned the brains of millions of jabbed folk to mush. If they are told to stick their head in a bucket of custard then their only question will be: `How long should I keep it there?í

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2023