Passing Observations 215

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Every publication under the sun (with the possible exception of the hugely popular `How to Knit Your Own Electric Car Weekly’) now has its own `Environment Editor’ or `Climate Change Editor’. Some publications have whole departments staffed with reporters whose livelihood depends upon their constantly finding new stories to support the absurd nonsense upon which their `work’ depends. These reporters and editors are committed to perpetuating harmful myths and they should be ashamed. Sadly, however, they are too ignorant to feel ashamed.

2. There is no mystery why fertility rates are falling. The first, and longest lasting cause, is the existence of high levels of female hormones in drinking water. The hormones come from the contraceptive pill – excreted in the urine of women. This has been known to be the cause of fertility problems since I first drew attention to it in the early 1980s. The second, and most recent cause of fertility rates falling is, of course, the covid-19 vaccine. As always none of this is accidental.

3. I clear out my junkmail every now and then, usually just flick through to see if there are any genuine messages among the hundreds of emails about missed deliveries and attempts to enter my non-existent Facebook, Tik-Tok and Instagram pages, and I have recently noticed a goodly number of emails telling me that I have won a pallet. Why on earth would anyone want to win a pallet? What does anyone do with such a prize other than chop it up and use it for firewood? I am increasingly convinced that the world has gone entirely mad, though I suppose there may well be a fashion for collecting pallets which has not yet entered my consciousness.

4. Predictably, leaders of 57 Arab and Muslim countries have agreed that hypocrisy and double standards in the West, and a failure to understand the region, are the reason for Gaza’s misery. And, tragically, they are absolutely correct.

5. A man who used to believe in climate change and campaign regularly at `global warming’ demonstrations, says he now feels exceedingly foolish. `I was conned by all their lies and trickery,’ he says. `When I eventually looked at the science, instead of the propaganda, I realised that I had been tricked. The whole global warming scam is a disgrace.’ Those who still believe the absurd myth may wonder why it was necessary for over 400,000 people to fly in to COP28 (the latest climate change summit). Around 97,000 of the delegates were official. Many of the delegates, including his royal hypocrite Charles and the well-known war criminal Rishi Sunak flew there by private jet. So, to sum up, over 400,000 people flew (many by private jet) to discuss the damage done by ordinary people flying to Marbella for a fortnight’s holiday.

6. In December 2021 (that’s two years ago!), I recorded a video entitled `What’s the Covid jab doing to the Brain?’ in which I warned of the damage that the covid-19 vaccine would do to brains of those who were jabbed. The critics and truth deniers pounced. But it is now clear, again, that the warning was entirely accurate. If you hunt around you can still find the video. And in my book `Covid-19 –Exposing the Lies’ I included material first published on my website in January 2021 (nearly three years ago) in which I warned about this problem.

7. The Bank of England has lost £126 billion of taxpayers’ money by buying and selling bonds. The losses will all be paid by taxpayers and not by the absurdly overpaid Bank of England staff. If you think that £126 billion sounds a silly amount of money you’re right – it does. But divide by 70 million (which is now probably the UK’s true population) and you will see that the Bank of England’s incompetence has cost every man, woman, child and baby in the country £1,800 each. Add to all that the mistakes they’ve made with inflation and interest rates. We should start a campaign to have the Bank of England closed down – it’s a pointless luxury we can no longer afford.

8. A young Israeli boy released by Hamas was filmed running with arms outstretched towards his father. A young Palestinian boy, released by the Israelis, was filmed waving a Hamas flag and giving the Victory salute.

9. The NHS Ombudsman has at last confirmed what readers of have known for some time – the NHS is now toxic. The watchdog has admitted that `patient safety is being put at risk by the toxic behaviour of doctors in the NHS’. Admitting the truth is a start. Now what is the Ombudsman going to do about it?

10. I fear that Do Not Resuscitate notices are being forged in nursing homes, care homes and hospitals. Medical staff who want to get rid of elderly or really sick patients are forging the signatures of patients or relatives on DNR forms so that if a patient becomes really ill no attempt is made to save them (i.e. no food is given and no medicines are given – with even antibiotics refused). Let’s be clear. If any doctor or nurse or care assistant forges a DNR form, and a patient dies as a result, then the staff member is guilty of murder and should be charged and tried.

11. Roughly 50 million people in the world now describe themselves as `influencers’ online. Soon everyone in the world will be an influencer. But who will be left for them to influence? Goldman Sachs (in my view, still the worst and most evil bank in the world though, bizarrely, saying this is likely to bring an accusation of anti-semitism) reckons that the influencer industry will be worth $500 billion by 2027. They’re probably right about that.

12. The British Government is using taxpayers’ money to support Israel’s genocidal efforts in Gaza. And Israel’s slaughter of the innocent (with many thousands of babies and children murdered) is doubtless contributing to a global rise in anti-semitism. So now the British Government is spending £10 million of taxpayers’ money on tackling anti-semitism in schools and universities. This one-sidedness will result in more violence everywhere and will make Britain a target.

13. School pupils are getting more help with their exams so that more of them can pass and make their teachers look good. If children were given all the answers in advance they would doubtless complain that it wasn’t fair that they had to fill in the answers themselves.

14. Shell, the rather large oil company, is suing Greenpeace for at least £1.7 million in compensation after Greenpeace campaigners occupied an oil platform. I’m rooting for Shell and I hope they win.

15. Climate change nutters now admit that wind power is useless. Wind is accepted as too expensive to be commercially viable. If you want to know more about the world’s future energy problems please read my book `A Bigger Problem than Climate Change’ – it might well surprise you.

16. Doctors now refer to patients as gomers. That says it all. (Look it up.)

17. Euthanasia is now available at a hospital near you. Please read my book `How to stop your doctor killing you’ – it might help you survive.

18. This is an eco-friendly sustainable website, though there are doubts about the author’s sustainability.

19. Anecdotal evidence convinces me that sublingual B12 tablets are a better way to deal with a B12 shortage than regular injections. Surprisingly, as far as I know, no one has done a proper clinical study to prove (or disprove) this. I wonder why. Could it possibly be anything to do with the fact that medical research is dominated by the pharmaceutical industry? And why would big drug companies want to show that a simple, cheap tablet does a better job than an injection? Sadly, doctors no longer original medical research.

20. A church in Beith Ayrshire has sounded its bell every hour for more than 200 years. But the bell has now been silenced after a single noise complaint. The ringing of the bell could only have come as a surprise to the complainant if they moved to Beith more than 200 years ago.

21. In Ukraine it is illegal to talk about peace negotiations. Zelensky needs to put his ego away and get rid of that stupid law because Ukraine clearly lost the war some time ago and has been pretty much abandoned by NATO. Ukraine now needs to arrange the best deal it can gouge out of the Russians while there are still some Ukrainian men left. The word is that if Boris Johnson had kept his mouth shut, a peace could have been arranged nearly a year ago.

22. I went to the bank today. There were eight people waiting in a queue for one teller. Two of the eight customers were wearing face masks. Both of them jumped six inches in the air if anyone got within a yard of them. If we use the sort of statistical reference work favoured by governments we can deduce that 25% of all populations are now so terrified of catching the flu that they are prepared to endanger their health and their lives by wearing a mask. The thousands of liars who spread the nonsense about the value of face masks will doubtless be cheered by the news that their propaganda is still working and still killing people. I wanted to explain to the two sad mask wearing souls that they had been hoodwinked. But they glowered at me when I approached them. The truth has been hidden and demonised and hardly anyone listens to the truth tellers any more.

23. My book `Endgame’ contains no references to the British Royal Family. Sadly, it is not possible to copyright book titles. My version of `Endgame’ is available on Amazon. Don’t buy the other `Endgame’ by mistake.

24. In future I intend to boycott all the mainstream news media. Newspapers, TV and radio all publish and broadcast nothing but lies about covid and the killer jab. Now they’re publishing and broadcasting nothing but Israeli propaganda. I find it difficult to believe that anyone, anywhere, believes anything coming out of Israel these days. Truth has always been the first casualty of war. The Israeli Government, specialists in genocide and already responsible for murdering over 6,000 babies and children, has proved that it has the most ruthless propaganda machine the world has ever seen. I will never again trust anyone supporting or defending Israel.

25. As predicted the Israeli forces are moving into the West Bank and the southern part of Gaza. Their plan has been patently clear since early October. I note incidentally that the corruption trial against Netanyahu has now been resumed. The trial was paused after the events of October 7th. Netanyahu is the first sitting Israeli prime minister to appear in court accused of fraud, breach of trust and bribery – in three separate cases. Netanyahu denies the charges. One hopes that whatever the outcome of this trial, Netanyahu will appear before the International Criminal Court and be charged with war crimes. Oddly I haven’t been able to find any reference to the resumption of Netanyahu’s trial on the BBC website. Maybe it’s there somewhere.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2023