Passing Observations 217

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Doctors in the UK claim they are suffering from `moral distress’ because of the bad state of health care in Britain. The whingeing doctors making this claim should be awarded the Charles Medal for Hypocrisy. There is no effective health care in the UK and doctors are to blame. It was GPs who stopped visiting patients at night or at weekends – therefore putting intolerable pressure on the ambulance service and on accident and emergency services. It was GPs who stopped visiting patients at home. It was GPs who are still refusing to see patients `live’ because they are frightened of catching the flu. It is GPs who made fortunes out of giving the useless and dangerous covid `vaccine’. It is GPs who over-diagnose Alzheimer’s disease because they receive bonuses if they hit artificial targets. It was hospital doctors who closed wards and clinics during the absurd lockdown nonsense and who pandered to politicians promoting a fake pandemic. (It is generally agreed that the NHS will not recover from this deliberate damage for at least a decade – and probably much longer.) It was doctors who promoted useless and dangerous masks and the useless and dangerous PCR test. It was complacent, compliant and complicit doctors who promoted and gave the covid `vaccine’ despite the fact that they should have known that it didn’t do what it was claimed to do and was too toxic to use as landfill. And now it is greedy doctors, members of a profession which is owned by the drug industry, who are going on strike for more money – and, as a result, are killing thousands of the people they are paid to look after. (It would be rather more honourable for them to protest about the way Israel is attacking hospitals in Gaza. But that’s probably never going to happen.) In my view the British Medical Association is a bigger threat to the health of the British public than Russia and China combined. Moral distress? Doctors? Funniest thing I’ve heard for years. For more about the way health care is being destroyed (and much more) please read my book `They want your money and your life’. To purchase a copy please CLICK HERE. The subtitle is `Truths you must know about the coming depression, economic war and years of crisis’.

2. Asthma is the most over-diagnosed and over-treated disease in the western world – particularly among children. Drug companies (which adore chronic diseases which need `forever’ treatment) are making billions out of unnecessary and harmful asthma treatments – including inhalers and tablets.

3. Israel is threatening to flood tunnels under Gaza with sea water. If they do this will destroy Gaza for generations and make it impossible for anyone to live there. It will be a massive human and environmental disaster. The water supplies will be contaminated and the land will be useless for crops. Israel is apparently also in talks to resettle Palestinians from their homes in Gaza and plonk them down in Africa. Wouldn’t it make more sense to move all the Israelis out of Israel and put them in Antarctica?

4. Transgender women are to be banned from chess tournaments for women. This is curious. Transgender women are banned from athletic competitions and team sports because it is recognised that men are stronger and faster than women. Are the chess bosses really suggesting that men are intrinsically brainier than women? That’s what it sounds like.

5. Since 1948, American taxpayers have given $280 billion to Israel. Much of the money has been used to buy arms and ammunition and to conduct what have looked to some outsiders to be ethnic cleansing operations. The money now being given is being used to pay for war crimes to be committed.

6. Police in the UK will be able to run face recognition searches based on the photos on 50 million driving licences. This is the end of privacy. And there will be thousands of errors. Driving licence photos (like passport photos) are laughably unrecognisable. There are, for example, three million people who, according to their driving licence photos, look exactly like Prince Harry.

7. Journalists recently argued that `everything possible’ should be done to save a baby’s life. `You can’t put a price on a human life,’ was the oft repeated slogan. But that is how health care works these days – more now than ever. The money available will always be finite and spending £5 or £10 million on one baby means that thousands of babies, children and adults will die because they are denied essential treatment which cannot be afforded.

8. More and more doctors who gave the covid jab to their patients (and who made £100,000 each in fees and bonus payments) are now admitting that they shouldn’t have given the covid jab at all. And they expect to be praised for changing their minds. Let us be clear about this. Any doctor who gave even one dose of the covid `vaccine’ to a patient did so because they were stupid, ignorant, reckless, unprofessional and greedy. And they deserve to be stoned not praised.

9. Netanyahu says that anyone accusing Israel of war crimes or of being a terrorist nation is anti-Semitic. So, by his definition the Pope (who has done exactly that) is anti-Semitic. And so are many senior churchmen. And, indeed, some honourable rabbis. Netanyahu and Israel have given the biggest possible boost to anti-Semitism. Globally, Israel has made anti-Semitism the normal, default position in many countries. The war criminals in Israel have weaponised the Nazis and used them as their `get out of jail free’ card’. But it won’t work now.

10. If the UK’s conservative party makes changes to tax law in March and then have an election in May they will, if Labour wins a general election, be able to get political benefit from the tax cuts without having to pay the price. The cuts probably won’t be activated before the election and the Labour Party will either have to reverse the changes or find the money to pay for them.

11. We watched some great films over the holidays but we also watched two appalling films. I didn’t find out until too late that both had been lavishly praised by The Guardian newspaper. It’s always worth checking to see what The Guardian has said about a film or a book. If the paper has published a good review then the film or book will be awful. (I confess, by the way, that I wrote drama reviews for The Guardian when I was 18-years-old. I then grew up.)

12. The people who complain loudest about gridlocked roads, useless public services and utility services which cannot cope are the same people who support unlimited immigration and who welcome illegal immigrants.

13. `We know they are lying. They know they are lying. They know that we know that they are lying. We know that they know that we know they know they are lying. And still…they continue to lie.’ – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

14. I dropped a bag of logs on my foot today and thought I’d broken something. I hadn’t, but on its way down the logs hit my shin and broke a vein. There wasn’t any external bleeding but within five minutes the swelling was as big as an ostrich egg. I’ve never seen such a big lump. Fortunately, I found a Velcro knee support which I could use as a compression bandage. But the incident made me realise again how frightening it is to live in a world without health care.

15. Climate nutters claim that cars use less petrol at 50 mph than at 70 mph. This isn’t true. Cars are different. For example, some cars use the least amount of fuel when they are travelling at between 75 mph and 80 mph.

16. Nasty trolls who spend their days leaving nasty, critical and abusive messages on videos and social media would show a little more courage if instead of merely criticising they actually did something – made a video or wrote an article for example. And then gave their name instead of hiding behind a stupid nom du guerre such as `SmellysocksfromBrighton’.

17. I’ve made a comprehensive, long term study of car parks and I can tell you with some certainty that where a car is parked across two spaces (or is so close to one white line that it effectively takes up two spaces) the car will probably be an Audi. In railway station car parks this is true in nine out of ten cases. Do Audi drivers hate everyone else or just think they’re more important than everyone else?

18. The doctors’ union `Doctors Come First’ (whose motto is `Who cares about patients, we just want more money for doctors’) has decided that instead of going on strike (which means that doctors lose pay) they will in future merely murder one in every ten patients they see. `This has the same effect as a strike but is much fairer to us,’ said a spokes-doctor. `

19. Much of the world is still heading for a serious recession. Top of the list is Britain which is heading remorselessly towards the worst recession since the 1930s. The Government will lie and suppress the truth in order to try to win the next election. But I stick by my prediction that a real, deep recession is on its way.

20. There are 15 books in my `Young Country Doctor’ series. The first book in the series is called `Young Country Doctor Series Book 1: Bilbury Chronicles’. All fifteen books are available as paperbacks and eBooks. You can access each of the books in the series through the Bookshop on The young country doctors describe the life of a young doctor working in an English village in the 1970s – a completely different world!

21. Anyone who complains that the jumper I am wearing in my new video looks as if it is a `retro’ design from the 1970s should know that that’s when I bought it. The jumper celebrated its half century recently. It is not, however, the oldest item of clothing in my wardrobe. (The new video, by the way, is called `Twelve truths everyone should know but no one else will tell you’ and you can find it via the Video button on )

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