Passing Observations 219

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Here’s a valuable tip about money – probably the best financial advice you’ll ever receive. Ignore all advice on money which is offered to you by a bank, financial advisor, newspaper or finance magazine. If the people working for those institutions knew anything about money they wouldn’t be in such dead end jobs – earning low wages.

2. `No one here gets out alive.’ – Jim Morrison

3. All supporters of Israel’s current policies concerning Gaza are racists. I cannot see how there can possibly be any argument with that.

4. `That’s the difference between crime and business. For business you gotta have capital. Sometimes I think it’s the only difference.’ – Raymond Chandler

5. The young spend much of their money on luxuries such as tattoos and then complain that they can’t afford to buy a home. Yes I know that house prices are high but wages are higher too and interest rates are far lower than they were a few decades ago. I suspect the young spend their money on luxuries because they see no future – and considering the scares they’ve been fed I am not surprised. They see the future as overrated and they regard saving, investing or putting money into a pension as a waste of effort.

6. There are no professions in the old fashioned sense. Lawyers, doctors, teachers and clergymen have all sold their loyalty to the conspirators – or at least their leaders have and effectively that is much the same thing.

7. Fax machines were much better than email. They were more private, there was less urgency about them and bits of paper were easier to read (and healthier) than words on little screens.

8. We have a flabby culture. Each day I am reminded that most people are incapable of doing the jobs they are paid to do – and hardly anyone cares. The majority of those under 30 care only about Tik Tok, Instragram and Facebook, and as a result they are bigoted and narcissistic.

9. Have you noticed that our heroes today are mostly superficial, trivial, interchangeable and quite disposable?

10. According to social history books, no one in Germany or Austria ever welcomed Hitler or approved of the Nazis. This is odd because I have seen films of Hitler speaking to huge, cheering crowds of hysterical supporters who clearly adored him and what he said. Similarly, in a few years doctors will all insist that they opposed the mass poisoning programme encouraged by the pro-vax fraudsters, politicians and celebrities. In the same way that it is impossible to find a German who supported Hitler so it will be impossible to find a doctor who approved of the covid jab or who will admit that he gave it to his patients.

11. It is impossible to argue that AI is progress. Who does it help? And what good does it do? (We know it does much harm – and will do far more.)

12. The greatest sportsmen of all time were Fry, Milton, Watson and Compton. All were multi-talented Corinthians.

13. The only REAL problem in the world today is freedom of speech, or, rather, the lack of it. That’s the biggie. That’s the problem which stands behind every deceit, every threat and every conspiracy – everywhere in the world.

14. It’s 30 years since a pal of mine died at the awfully early age of 46. He was a GP. He weighed 18 stone and was five foot nine inches tall. He ate everything that was bad for him. He smoked constantly and drank a bottle of wine or port every day (with half a bottle of spirits a day as a chaser). He was a happy fellow who had no real worries. I still don’t understand. Did he think the rules didn’t apply to him? I also knew a consultant radiologist who smoked constantly in the little room where he looked at scans and X-rays. You couldn’t see across the room for the smoke. He took no notice of the rules forbidding smoking. He too died in his 40s. All such unnecessary deaths puzzle and distress me.

15. As we edge into another year I am pleased to say that I don’t feel a day over 77.

16. Doctors make far more mistakes than most folk understand. A good chum of mine (with whom I workedwith when I was a GP) was misdiagnosed by one of his partners who missed a bowel cancer – even though my chum had insisted that he had a problem. When my chum eventually received treatment, the consultant screwed up with the radiotherapy and fried his bladder and ureters with the result that he needed a catheter as well as a colostomy bag. In hospital, there was a screw up with his BUPA membership and the consultant looking after him (who was supposed to be a pal) threw him off the private ward and left it to my chum to sort out the administrative problem himself (even though he was desperately ill at the time).

17. A big company is suing customers who posted unreasonable criticisms on a well-known website. The customers, who are facing huge libel damages, will have to prove their claims in order to defend themselves. Millions of trolls (who mistakenly think they are safe because they hide behind silly names) are going to go bankrupt. And it serves them right.

18. The most dangerous place in the home is the staircase – hence the popularity of bungalows and flats with the elderly. And the most dangerous thing to do on a staircase is to hurry downstairs while carrying something.

19. Intuition helps us make more decisions than we realise. Even investment decisions are probably best made using intuition. Investment analysts use statistics and reports and produce terrible advice.

20. As I reported two years ago, some insurance companies now regard deaths among those who have been jabbed with the covid-19 `vaccine’ as suicide. Actually, I think it would be more accurate to say those individuals were murdered.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2024