Passing Observations 22

Vernon Coleman

1. There are protests at Trafalgar Square in London on 19th and 26th of September. If you attend be cautious. I rather suspect that the police might be keen to make some arrests and Piers Corbyn might not be the only person there to spend some time in a cell.

2. The Spectator magazine seems to have parted company with the truth. A month ago, a writer in the paper claimed that millions around the world are dying of covid-19. To their shame, the magazine is still wriggling to avoid publishing an apology and a correction. I have cancelled my subscription and taken out one with The Beano. After I cancelled, I received a note offering me 12 weeks of the magazine, six months of the Daily Telegraph and a £20 Amazon voucher for just £12. Extraordinary. I might have been interested if their attitude towards facts had been rather different.

3. There is an international scientific conference on the internet on 20th September 2020. The magnificent Professor Dolores Cahill, the brave Dr Mohammad Adil and a variety of other doctors will speak. To register you should, Dr Adil tells me, go to The title of the seminar is: `Lockdown: Did it Save lives?’ (My reply to the question would be `No. It cost lives.’) I wish someone would organise a seminar entitled `Why do they want to destroy us all?’ I would enthusiastically speak at that one.

4. I used to have an account with LinkedIn. (Heaven knows why!) I tried to take a look at it the other day and discovered I couldn’t enter. I seem to be banned. How curious. Who owns LinkedIn, I wondered. Guess my surprise when I found it is owned by Microsoft (the Bill Gates company).

5. My videos from YouTube have mostly been transferred to Brand New Tube – thanks to the owner and his team. My new channel there is a public service channel. No fees, no ads and no licence fee required.

6. Those of us fighting Agenda 21 and the associated horrors should try to recruit Brexiteers to our cause. Remind them that the European Union is part of the Agenda 21 plan. And even though Britain has left the EU we are still part of Agenda 21.

7. A friend in Germany reports that sirens (the sort used in the Second World War to signify an approaching air raid) are being erected all over the country. No one seems to know why. Could they be there to announce an evening curfew?

8. A sports writer recently complained that friends of his couldn’t go to watch a cricket match but could go shopping in a big store. It didn’t seem to occur to him that there was something sinister behind this.

9. Britain’s testing programme is in chaos. Well, what a surprise that is. Look at the woman who is organising.

10. Infant mortality rates fell by 30% during the lockdown. Is it just a coincidence that babies were not having routine vaccinations? Or did mortality rates fall because mothers couldn’t sunbathe in their local park? What a mystery.

11. The Government’s psy op specialists are banging out the three phrase slogans. So here is another one for the Resistance movement: Tell the truth, Shame the collaborators, Sack your government.

12. When a doctor refused to sign a note giving a woman an exemption from wearing a mask she complained to the General Medical Council. Very good thing too. I hope every patient who is refused an exemption certificate does the same thing. This will cause chaos at the General Medical Council and in general practice. Meanwhile, the British Government allows you to print out your own exemption certificate.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 14th 2020

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