Passing Observations 220

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The enthusiasm for working from home means that millions of people (mostly civil servants) are taking two or more jobs and are, therefore, being paid by taxpayers for doing several jobs without doing any of them properly. Their employers (the taxpayers) suffer because they aren’t getting what they pay for, and the public suffer because the quality of service provided is appalling.

2. It has now been established that the lockdowns which destroyed Britain (and much of the rest of the world) were ill-thought out, useless and enormously damaging. No one seems to have thought about the dangers. Since I was the first to point out the potential danger of the lockdowns, I’ll now be accepting apologies from all those journalists, politicians and trolls who criticised me and the warnings I defined so accurately. In my book `Coming Apocalypse’ (first published in April 2020) I warned that `lockdowns will cause chaos and destroy capitalism’. Please CLICK HERE to purchase a copy of Coming Apocalypse’ (the first book in the world to expose the fake pandemic and the covid fraud).

3. The General Medical Council claims to exist to protect patients. But the GMC missed `Dr Shipman’ (who murdered over 200 of his patients) and if there is ever another Dr Shipman they will miss her or him too. The GMC exists only as a permanent and perfect example of enduring injustice and incompetence.

4. If you eat meat then I’m afraid you could be eating a lump of cancer in the middle of your steak or chop. And if you have a burger then there could be a cancer mixed up in the middle of it. (Modest apologies if you are reading this at meal time.)

5. YouTube is so desperate to stop people knowing that I exist that it has now removed videos of television programmes which I made over 40 years ago.

6. I’m afraid we had to remove the comments section from my latest video entitled `Why Israel Invaded Gaza’. The world’s security services, aided and abetted by a small army of BOTS had got together to fill the comments section with abusive, racist, sexist, ageist, libellous lies and gibberish. To see the video go to the video button on and press the link to Bitchute. If you want to receive notifications about new videos please subscribe to my Bitchute channel. Thank you. As always there are no adverts there and no requests for donations.

7. Numerous councils in Britain have gone bankrupt and the chances are that many more are going to go bankrupt in 2024. I have warned for years that councils would go bust because executives are paid far too much and receive far too much money in pensions. There will be a time soon when most of the money paid as council taxes is paid out as pension money to former members of staff. Another problem is that council staff have gambled with council funds – and have lost huge amounts of money. And general incompetence and mismanagement is also a factor. My book `Stuffed!’ contains details of what has gone wrong with the world in England. The subtitle of the book is `Why there is now no hope for England and the English; why we are doomed to generations of penury, depression and social strife; who is to blame and why the only solution to our nation’s woes is a revolution.’ The book explains why things will never again be the way they used to be. I wrote `Stuffed!’ in 2012 but it’s still an accurate appraisal of what is wrong. `Stuffed!’ is available as an eBook and a paperback.

8. There is more and more mention of Hitler and the Nazis in the mainstream media. This is no coincidence. The owners and controllers of the mainstream media know that in order to try to excuse Israel’s war crimes and ethnic cleansing programme they need to keep reminding the world of the Second World War and the Nazis.

9. I thought Tony Blair was the low point in British political history. But I now realise that Blair was merely setting the bar. The Prime Ministers since Blair maintained his low standards, but Johnson and Sunak have plumbed new depths. How wonderful it would be to find a Prime Minister (or, indeed, any Minister) who gave a damn about the people paying his wages.

10. Britain’s Office for Budget Responsibility (which sounds as if it were invented by George Orwell) has said that population growth has led to a decline in living standards in Britain. Well, shiver my timbers, what a shock. A six-year-old could have worked that out. What they are effectively saying is that if you have a house with six people living in it and then another six people move into the house, but without bringing in more money, then the living standards of the original six will fall. There will be less money for food, energy or repairs. Exactly, what many of us have been saying for decades. (Incidentally, the OBR has a staff of 45 civil servants and has a Budget Responsibility Committee, an Oversight Board, an Advisory Panel and a Thinktank Roundtable.)

11. The CIA, Mossad and the 77th Brigade don’t work on bank holidays. How do I know this? Well, the amount of online abuse and the number of down-thumbs on my videos drops dramatically on those days.

12. If you want to know exactly why the NHS in the UK is stuffed (and will never recover) please read my book entitled: `NHS – What’s wrong and how to put it right’. I’m afraid that I have not been allowed to produce an eBook version so only the paperback is available.

13. Office staff in central London (many of them civil servants) now work just 2.3 days a week. This is one of the lowest figures in the world. Could this possibly be linked to the fact that Britain has the worst productivity levels in the world?

14. The global trading system is under real threat. Around 95% of Britain’s trade depends upon shipping and problems in the Red Sea and other confined shipping channels are under threat. If China invades Taiwan and the strait between Sumatra and Malaysia is blocked, Britain will be cut off from most of the world. Oil, gas, food, clothing and other items which the Government regards as luxuries will all soar in price. But never mind, the inflation figure depends on essentials such as anchovy paste and private jet hire so inflation will obediently fall.

15. The enthusiasm for weight loss drugs is booming for it seems that learning to eat only when you’re hungry is far too difficult for the entitled generation. Celebs seem to love these drugs almost as much as they love the covid-19 `vaccines’. Mark my words, it’ll all end in tears. I’ve never yet met a slimming drug that doesn’t come with significant side effects. Check out the side effects for semaglutide, for example. I wouldn’t take the stuff if you paid me.

16. Today’s journalists don’t know the questions to ask and so never get the right answers. This seems to be particularly true of medical and health journalists around the world, most of whom are 16-years-old and have no qualifications whatsoever except their cycling proficiency certificates.

17. The constantly rising cost of staff, added to the rising cost of council taxes, insurance and energy, mean that cafes will soon all be self-service. The awful machines popular at motorway service stations will sit there and customers will serve themselves.

18. My novella `A Needle for a Needle’ describes how the parents of a boy who was killed by the covid-19 `vaccine’ managed to get their revenge. You can find `A Needle for a Needle’ via the bookshop on

19. Council staff everywhere are determined to destroy small towns and to make them unpleasant for locals and visitors alike. In particular, council staff seem to be working hard to destroy the attractiveness of the towns which employ them. This is, of course, part of the climate change bollocks designed to stop us travelling. In two seaside towns, I know of council staff who have interviewed people running deck chair franchises on the sea front. In both cases the franchisee was asked `How much money did you take last year?’ `I took £X.’ came the reply. `Then you will have to pay a fee of £X for this year’s franchise,’ came the reply. Obviously, no one can make money when their outlay matches their potential income. And so in both towns there are no deck chairs and visitors have lost a valuable amenity. The same thing happened in a third town when a franchisee was asked how much money he had taken from a telescope on the promenade. The council demanded the whole of his `take’ as their fee. So, naturally, the telescope is padlocked, shut, closed and abandoned. The same thing happened with the man running the donkey rides. Are council employees stupid, vindictive or determined to make their towns unappealing to visitors?

20. `An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn’t happen today.’ – Evan Esar

21. A friend in Germany watched one of my videos via his Telegram channel. Shortly afterwards he received an official warning.

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