Passing Observations 221

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Since athletes are banned if their blood contains too much of a natural occurring hormone, shouldn’t there be bans preventing other individuals from competing in sports? Individuals brought up in areas which are a long way above sea level (Kenya or Mexico City) have huge advantages over individuals brought up at sea level when they compete in long distance events. Tall people have a huge advantage over short people in basketball and some athletics events. And large people are more likely to be successful at events like putting the shot and throwing the hammer. So, maybe each event should rule out all contestants who are likely to have an advantage.

2. In their roles as humans I am obviously sorry to hear that Charles and Kate need surgery. But I am puzzled. What sort of surgery, other than a heart, lung and liver transplant requires a two week stay? When my Antoinette had breast surgery for cancer she was told she had to be out of the hospital by 2 pm – just a couple of hours after she came out of the operating theatre. She couldn’t walk properly because she was really poorly after the anaesthetic, so I had to wheel her to the car in a borrowed wheelchair. Antoinette didn't even have a bed to lie on after her operation, she was just put in a chair. I suspect Kate will do better. And should we read anything into the fact that the senior royals are cancelling all their engagements and will probably be out of London, and in one of their country palaces, until Easter? If I lived in London I’d be looking to move out. Just remember Britain is at war with Russia and most of the Middle East except Israel.

3. Sleep apnoea is an underestimated problem. Sufferers wake up many times in the night. Overweight is the main cause of sleep apnoea. Alcohol and tobacco tend to make sleep apnoea worse. Losing weight may cure sleep apnoea. Regular exercise can help as can sleeping on your side. Sleep apnoea can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, increased stroke risk, diabetes and depression. Heart and blood pressure and sugar levels should all be monitored regularly by a doctor. Sleep apnoea kills around 38,000 people a year in America from heart disease alone.

4. The official definition of `fact-checker’ is: `a corrupt, uneducated individual, easily corrupted; one who denies the truth and promotes lies in return for generous payments and advancement’.

5. There are still naïve people around who don’t realise that the floods which have caused so much distress recently were planned, designed and created by conspirators. They built houses on flood plains, they left rivers silted up and they left drain blocked. The aim was to force people out of the countryside, to impoverish millions and to promote the patently absurd pseudo-scientific climate change myth so beloved by the small but noisy minority who read drivel in The Guardian and watch balderdash on the BBC.

6. It is now clear that there is no future for ESG investments, electric cars, windmills, solar power panels and the rest of the nonsense which made up the lethal cocktail known as `net zero’. Maybe we can now forget about `net zero’ and concentrate on things that matter.

7. I wish millionaire sports-persons would stop talking about the `stress’ they are under. They have no real idea what stress feels like. Stress is being 80-years-old and trying to decide whether to turn on your one bar electric fire or to heat a can of beans. Stress is living in Gaza trying to find clean drinking water for your wounded baby.

8. We went through the whole of last winter with no central heating. Now, just as the weather gets really cold, the central heating has broken again and I find that I feel the cold just in the way that the elderly feel the cold. How remarkable. We have electric fires on at the moment but I am typing this while wearing fingerless gloves, a thick jacket, a padded gilet, thick corduroy trousers, a woollen scarf and a hat. When I have finished this paragraph I’m going to refill my hot water bottle. I’m beginning to understand why people spend the winter in Spain, Italy or the South of France. Renting somewhere in the warm would probably be cheaper than our electricity bill.

9. A man has been spotted digging a hole at a road works site on the M5. When he was arrested he claimed that he was working for the contractors. No one believed him.

10. When my father was 85 he lived in a house in the grounds of a nursing home. He bought it so that he could use their housekeeping services. One day I asked him why he never went into the nursing home when they had `entertainments’ and so on. `The place is full of old people,’ he said, though I don’t think any of them were older than him.

11. Wouldn’t it be reassuring if there was one decent, honest, honourable politician somewhere in the world?

12. Please remember that any social media site in my name is fake. I am banned from all of them. Some of them (such as YouTube) banned me for life.

13. has been providing readers with truths since 1992 – without any advertising or subscription fees. (I did buy space in an internet bookshop before that but it was on someone else’s site.)

14. In medicine, making the diagnosis is everything. Once you have an accurate diagnosis, treatment is easy – you can look up the appropriate treatment in a book.

15. The world gets more obscene every day. A surprisingly large number of people in the US and the EU now earn a good living by entering professional eating competitions. I gather that YouTube is full of their videos. These people eat huge quantities of food as quickly as they can. Some of them then make themselves sick afterwards. At the same time, of course, hundreds of millions in other parts of the world are dying of starvation.

16. The official definition of `troll’ is: `a low-level member of the security services employed to belittle anyone who gets too close to the truth’.

17. There are still people around who don’t understand the problems associated with `social credit’ – or how close we are to being ruled by` social credit’. It’s an essential part of the conspirators’ plan. You can find everything you need to know from my book `Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street’ which is available via the bookshop on The subtitle is `what social credit means to you and how it will change your life’.

18. Journalists and doctors don’t see what they are not looking for but they do see what they want to see or expect to see or are told to see. That, in brief, is why they all thought there was a pandemic in 2020 and it is why they were all wrong.

19. It’s curious is it not that social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and the arch weapon of the conspirators known as YouTube all ban me completely but allow other people to pretend to be me and to abuse me on their sites. Naturally, since I am not allowed on those sites I have no right to reply. And no one gives a damn.

20. The official definition of `civil servant’ is: `someone who is paid generously to stay at home and boost daytime television ratings’.

21. The BBC has apologised for the fact that they haven’t had room on their news programmes to detail the various wars which Britain is now fighting. `Harry and Meg put up new curtains in their main guest bedroom,’ explained a spokesperson, `so we didn’t have space for other news. As a state controlled propaganda machine we are obliged to present the news in a responsible way according to the requirements of the Government, and to maintain a sense of perspective.’

22. It takes longer to travel in London than in 387 other cities in 55 countries. London is now the slowest city in the world for the second year in succession – after the introduction of the absurd 20 mph speed limits. It takes on average 37 minutes and 20 seconds to travel 6.2 miles in London. It is, perhaps, no wonder that productivity is lower in Britain than almost anywhere else in the world.

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