Passing Observations 222

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The world must boycott Israel. Isolating Israel is the only decent, honourable, responsible thing to do. Anyone doing business with Israel should be punished.

2. Influencers are intrinsically dishonest since they sell their influence.

3. In my book Paper Doctors (now republished and available via the bookshop on ) I called for an end to medical research, arguing that we already had masses of useful knowledge which we never use and that the world would be a much better, healthier place if we looked for ways to take advantage of the things we have learned. I still believe that was right. (Paper Doctors has been rare and unavailable for years. When I decided to reprint it I found I hadn’t got a copy and had to buy one for £200 from a rare book shop in the USA.)

4. It is important to remember that anyone still allowed to put videos on YouTube is there because the CIA wants them to be heard. In other words, I don’t think you should expect any of the thousands still making factual videos for YouTube to be sharing truths about health, disease, vaccines or anything else. They are, I fear, more likely to be reporting what the conspirators want heard.

5. Electric cars are a confidence trick being played upon a gullible and susceptible public. The folk who bought them enjoyed grants, tax deals, cheaper road taxes and free travel in cities, but they soon found that the financial disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. For example, drivers are paying 27% more to insure an electric car than they would pay to insure a petrol or diesel version of the same vehicle. The reason is simple: electric cars are more complex than cars with internal combustion engines and when they go wrong they cost more to put right. And, of course, electric cars have a much shorter life span than cars which rely on petrol or diesel. The batteries used in electric cars die after a few years and the cost of replacing them is so high that it’s cheaper to scrap the car and buy another one. Since it has been proved that it takes more energy to build an electric car than a proper car, it is clear that the short life of an electric car means that it is really bad for the environment. (Producing electricity to keep an electric car moving puts a huge strain on electric supplies and since most electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels of one sort or another, it is clear that the whole process is an extraordinarily expensive and pointless exercise in hypocrisy and futility.

6. The royal family did far less `work’ in 2023 than they managed in 2022. To be precise, they opened 13% fewer cupboards and planted 13% fewer trees. Why do we put up with these parasites? They are nothing but a new version of the old bourgeoisie; vaguely ornamental riff raff with no function whatsoever. We pay them millions and kid ourselves that they boost tourism but that’s bollocks. The royal family is pointless and expensive and an anachronism. They constantly want more money and more palaces and more of everything. They tell us what we must do but never take their own advice. They are no more than reality television freaks – causing traffic jams and using up valuable police resources. Worse still, they’re dangerous and do much harm. They encourage greed and a sense of entitlement among the young. The royals are hypocrites and set a terrible example. They are forever flying around in private jets to tell us all about the risks of non-existent climate change. We should stop giving them money, take back everything that belongs to the nation and insist that the individual royals and their spouses get jobs or live on their private wealth. We should then convert the many royal palaces and castles into hotels and rent rooms to visiting foreigners. We would then actually make money out of the royals.

7. The internet and social media could have encouraged a sense of community and helped people connect with one another. Instead, it seems to me that social media exists merely to isolate, to promote abuse and to encourage a sense of entitlement. I am, of course, commenting as an outsider since I am merely a professional victim of social media. People lie about me because I am banned from all social media and am not allowed to see what they have written, defend myself, correct mistakes or respond in any way. (I know that social media is awash with lies because friends show them to me.) And the accounts in my name on social media are all fake.

8. It is a salutary thought that if queen Elizabeth of England had been your granny she would have probably died ten years earlier. She’d have been invited to sign a Do Not Resuscitate notice and the doctors and nurses would have bumped her off with the infamous NHS kill shot – a mixture of a benzodiazepine and morphine.

9. The continuing presence of Baroness Mone in the House of Lords is a constant reminder that the House of Lords is a foul anachronism that should be closed down immediately. The inmates, universally regarded as unnecessary and entirely superfluous to requirements, should be exported to Rwanda. Members of the House of Lords include a toxic mixture of people who got there because an ancestor allowed his sovereign to sleep with his wife or because they made a donation to a political party.

10. In mid-January 2024, the BBC website ran a story claiming that vitamin D is good for the immune system. Early in 2020, YouTube deleted a video in which I explained that vitamin D is good for the immune system. Will anyone ever take action against the high-handed, censorious attitude of YouTube? My book `Truth Teller: The Price’ explains in detail how the truth was suppressed by the whole of the mainstream media, most of the internet and the entire medical establishment with the result that huge numbers of people have died unnecessarily – while millions more will die unnecessarily in the next few years. The staff of YouTube alone are responsible for millions of deaths. Genocide by censorship.

11. The absurd re-wilding of much of Britain’s farmland has made Britain more dependent upon food imports than at any previous time in its history.

12. Sometimes the crowd is wrong. Be yourself.

13. I’ve just finished reading a book in which all the black characters were described as Black (with the B uppercase) and white characters were described as white (with the w lowercase). This seems to me to be an example of pure and simple racism and nothing will persuade me otherwise.

14. Honest words and truths, honour and dignity are what good men live by. But we now inhabit a world dominated by contemptible conspirators and bought and paid for lackeys working for contemptible organisations such as YouTube and the BBC; lackeys who regard honesty, truths, honour and dignity as their sworn enemies and who spend every working hour doing their best to suppress the truths and oppress the public.

15. The story about how British postmasters were falsely accused of fraud because the Post Office used a faulty and discredited piece of software made by Fujitsu Horizon has become a major scandal in the UK. But this is clearly not the first example of bad software (by which I think mean badly written software) ruining people’s lives. And it won’t be the last. There are even cases of computers designed to spot fraud making life-destroying accusations. Those who promote AI should remember that computers are never to be trusted and there must always be people around to keep a check on what is happening.

16. The gulf between company bosses and their workers is getting wider. Bosses of big British companies made more in the first week of 2024 than the typical worker will make in the whole year and more than older State pensioners receive in four years. Bosses don’t deserve the absurd salaries they are paid and the resentment is growing fast.

17. The British Library was hacked last year and refused to pay the ransom demand for stolen data. The Library is now going to have to spend 40% of its reserves on rebuilding its defences. Worse still the stolen information (including the private details of thousands of innocent individuals) ended up on the dark web (whatever that is).

18. There are no debates of important issues on the television these days. Organisations such as the BBC, ITV, Sky and so on won’t debate the big issues. Instead they suppress the truth and demonise the truth tellers. I have for four years now been arguing that we should draw attention to the refusal of broadcasters to allow debate because this illustrates their perfidy, prejudice and corporate dishonesty. Instead of allowing debates about the fake pandemic, the toxic and useless covid jab and the nonsense of global warming, television companies fill their airwaves with reality TV programmes. The TV owners love these rubbishy programmes because they are cheap to make (there is no need for actors or scriptwriters) and require nothing more than an endless supply of money-hungry exhibitionists who are prepared to do anything to make a few quid and get famous.

19. The UK’s Government is now taking more money in tax as a percentage of the national income since the 1940s. Why? Simple. The UK Government is paying huge amounts of money to fight wars in Ukraine, Yemen and Gaza. The UK, like America, is involved in a perpetual series of wars. One result of all this is that around 3,000 millionaires are planning to leave Britain in 2024. Who cares? Well, we all should because millionaires pay a huge percentage of the nation’s tax income. Poor people are coming into the country and rich people are leaving it. If you want to know what is going on please read my books `Their Terrifying Plan’ and `They Want Your Money and Your Life’ – both of which are available from the bookshop on

20. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants Britain to be a global digital hub, and so the Bank of England is planning to produce the UK’s own cryptocurrency called stablecoins in 2024. All part of the evil plan to get rid of cash. Remember, you can read more about your future in my book `They want your money and your life’ which you can purchase via the bookshop on

21. Online scams are increasing rapidly. The scammers take the money but never deliver goods that have been bought. And then then sell financial details to more crooks – and take over the accounts of the people who’ve been scammed. Most of those being scammed are elderly, poor and vulnerable. Neither governments nor banks give a damn.

22. Most investment brokers, investment advisors and investment journalists advise their clients and readers not to invest in oil companies or miners. They do this either because they’ve been bought by the conspirators or because they believe in the absurd and dangerous climate change myth. Most brokers, advisors and investment journalists still believe in the nonsense known as ESG. Personally, I am certain that the world will be relying on fossil fuels and products dug out of the ground for many decades to come.

23. Every day there is new evidence that the NHS is failing patients. Staff aren’t just incompetent but they are also often uncaring to the point of being careless with patients’ lives. The problems began some years ago when attitudes within the NHS altered and the status and comfort of staff began to take priority over the very real needs of patients. For more about the NHS please read my short book `NHS: What went wrong and how to put it right’. It is, I’m afraid, only available as a paperback (for reasons outside my control). To purchase a copy visit the bookshop on

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