Passing Observations 223

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. While the US and its permanent poodle the UK is busy using taxpayers’ money to fight wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, the big danger lies further east where China is eyeing up Taiwan and is bound to think there will never be a better moment to move. The Chinese bloc consists of Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, much of the rest of the Middle East, South Africa and probably much of South America. That bloc has more people (and more clout) than the western bloc which consists primarily of the US, the EU and the UK. The problem for the west, and in particular for the EU and the UK, is that 98% of rare earth metals come from China. The UK, in particular, has been left out in the cold by the way China has taken out ownership of much of the world’s mineral supply. The UK cannot survive without imports of fuel, food and almost all other commodities. The Government in the UK has destroyed the farming industry and the oil and gas industry. And the Middle East conflict caused by Israel’s terrorist attacks on Gaza mean that imports are going to have to take a very long way round to avoid the Red Sea, the Suez Canal, etc. The non-availability of rare earth metals will mean that it will be nigh on impossible for the UK to build any of the goodies (such as electric cars) so beloved by the climate change nutters. The electric car industry (already struggling) is about to die a nasty death. The pain of the criminally stupid Net Zero nonsense is going to be even more severe. British industry is set for a very steep decline and the British are going to be cold, hungry and poor. So, thanks to Sunak, the war criminal, the British can look forward to years of even greater misery. From this point on you should prepare, I’m afraid, for things to get considerably worse. This is time to batten down the hatches. The US and the EU are screwed. The UK is doubly screwed. How much of this is happening by accident? None of it, in my view. If you want to know what’s really going on please read my book`Their Terrifying Plan’ which can you purchase from the bookshop on

2. Oh, how wonderful it would be if someone could find a way to make the world get warmer. The number of people dying because of hot weather is miniscule but over 60,000 a year die from the cold in Britain alone. And the poverty created by fuel bills causes many more deaths. We desperately need a hotter world.

3. Excuse literals, my fingers are a little cold. We had no central heating last winter and the boiler has broken again. (All our electrical devices appear to have been targeted.) I’m wearing all the clothes I own but unfortunately I find typing in thick gloves a little tricky.

4. `Opposition makes us feel that we are not completely victims of circumstances.’ – Georg Simmel

5. People who hide behind a façade of impartiality (known as fence sitting) are cheating or they are cowards. No one is truly impartial.

6. One day the staff of GCHQ, the CIA, the BBC, YouTube, etc. will have to explain to their children why they chose to support the conspirators and to betray their families, their friends and their fellow citizens.

7. Trade unions should be outlawed. There is no point to them. All they do, it seems to me, is cause misery, hardship and pain. Look, for example, at the BMA and the union that is responsible for the train drivers’ strikes.

8. I am still waiting for someone to explain to me why it is a heinous crime to be rude about Jews but no crime at all to be rude about Christians. As far as I am aware no Christian country is currently practising genocide.

9. Why do so many climate change nutters wear clothes made out of plastic? I suppose hypocrisy comes naturally to a group of idiots who fly all round the world to protest about people flying around the world.

10. The mass of people know in their hearts that there is something very wrong with the way the world is run, and they are hungry for an explanation and an honest cause to follow. We must try to reach them. But the conspirators know that. And that is why they have taken control of the mainstream media and most of the internet. Remember: with the conspirators there can be no compromise, no middle ground.

11. `Oppression usually increases if it is suffered calmly and without protest.’ – Georg Simmel.

12. In a war, the `death ground’ is any set of circumstances where you are enclosed and without options. We are now definitely fighting on the `death ground’. We don’t have long.

13. `You must be slow in deliberation and swift in execution,’ – Napoleon Bonaparte.

14. In case you hadn’t noticed, THEY are not playing by the rules. They cheat, lie and deceive. They promote misinformation and disinformation.

15. The nature of national populations is changing dramatically. As vaxxed tax payers die or emigrate, they are replaced at a level of two to one by immigrants in search of free money and free housing.

16. `If voting worked they wouldn’t let us do it.’ – Mark Twain

17. All the necessary research into benzodiazepine drugs was done before 1980. Anything being done now is a complete waste of time and money. My book `Addicts and Addictions’ and the Sunday Times bestseller `Life without Tranquillisers’ are now available again as paperbacks. You can find them in the bookshop on

18. Britain used to be a net oil and gas exporter, with all the income and security you might expect. But the current UK Government is in thrall to the Net Zero nutters (and their controllers) and Britain is now a net oil and gas importer.

19. When did charity shops decide to cater for the middle classes rather than the poor?

20. Some `influencers’ online would strip naked and eat themselves alive to push up their ratings.

21. At the moment it looks as though Trump will become President of the US again (though he may have to work from a prison cell instead of the oval office). And the bookies believe that the appalling Starmer (leader of the Labour Party) will be Britain’s next Prime Minister – though his wokeishness and enthusiasm for Net Zero may prove too much for the voters. But there is a way that the appalling Sunak and his equally appalling party could stay in power. The joker in British politics is Nigel Farage, who leads a small but noisy group of disaffected Tories. If Farage looks like taking 5% of the votes (not enough to win seats but enough to stop Sunak winning seats) there is a chance that Sunak will invite him to join the Tories with the promise of a seat in the Cabinet. And since Farage has failed several times to win parliamentary seats, the obvious thing to do is to offer him a peerage. Then, like David Cameron, young Farage could sit in the Cabinet as a member of the House of Lords. With Lord Farage by his side throughout an election campaign, and the votes of Farage’s followers in their pocket, the Tories would probably surprise everyone and win the coming election.

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