Passing Observations 224

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. How exciting to see that the Welsh are heading for independence. I hope they realise that this means they can’t rely on English taxpayers to pay for everything. And they’ll lose the DVLA and the Tax Office, of course. And now that the steelworks at Port Talbot is heading for closure (to please the climate change mythologists) the unemployment figures will be a trifle on the high side. Maybe if the Welsh Government puts all its (very modest) income on a long shot in the next race at Chester they might be able to keep the country going for a month. Well, a week perhaps.

2. `Death is nothing but to live defeated is to die every day,’ Napoleon Bonaparte

3. Kate, the Stepford Wife and princess of Wales (for now) will apparently be in hospital for two weeks after her operation. I’m keen to know what sort of operation she’s having. Why so secretive? Most patients are chucked out of hospital within hours. I’d bet on a hysterectomy but these days it is normal for women to have hysterectomies as day case surgery – and go home in the afternoon. A few may stay in a couple of days. It must be a liver, lung and heart transplant.

4. Why was apartheid bad when practised by whites in South Africa but perfectly acceptable when practised by white Zionists in Israel?

5. Four years ago when I pointed out that covid was a fraud, I was viciously attacked by the Bangkok Post which published a very nasty, blood thirsty attack on me. Now, four years later, the same paper has published a report stating that multiple covid injections may weaken immunity, lead to cancer and brain disorders – all things I warned about in 2020. I much look forward to receiving a grovelling apology from the editor.

6. Antoinette has to take tamoxifen every day because she has hormone dependent breast cancer. We’re having a devil of a job to obtain this essential drug. There is, apparently, a nationwide shortage. Naturally, folk are blaming Brexit. This is odd because the box that the tamoxifen comes in says that the drug is made by a company in Leeds, Yorkshire. And that’s really odd because I always thought Yorkshire was in England. Silly me. Is this all part of the globalists’ plan to kill as many people as possible?

7. `Life is like playing a solo in public and learning the instrument as you go along,’ Samuel Butler.

8. I gather that the morons who appear on TikTok, Instagram and so on have `followers’. Don’t you have to be a leader to have a follower? How utterly bewildering and how sad for those who deem themselves to be followers and for those who think of themselves as being followed.

9. Isn’t it odd that the only countries which the US occupies are ones which are rich in commodities of one sort or another?

10. Everyone working for Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and the BBC is on the wrong side of history. They are all doomed.

11. Israel is doomed to eternal war.

12. Blinken, the Zionist Secretary of State in the US, is reported as saying that everyone he ever meets wants the US to invade their country. If he really believes that then he perhaps needs to talk to someone who isn’t a Zionist.

13. The House of Lords controls what happens in the UK. I have no idea why it still exists. It is stuffed with unelected crooks, charlatans and derelicts whose ancestors lent their wives to their sovereign. No wonder the country is in a mess.

14. I saw a headline the other day which read: `New covid strain kills 100% of patients’. So, where does the media go now? `New covid strain kills 125% of those infected’? Or, maybe, `New covid strain kills people TWICE’.

15. By attacking Yemen, the US and UK have officially turned themselves into terrorist nations.

16. I spent a long time studying English history before writing my book `Vernon Coleman’s English Heroes’. I made it very clear that the book was built upon my own list of the Greats (as it obviously had to be and which the title made clear). Within days the book was slammed mercilessly by a reader who complained because I’d included Lord Byron on my list of 100 heroes. She objected not to Byron’s quality as a poet but to his private life. But I included Byron for his poetry rather than for his choice of sexual partners and his sexual proclivities. Presumably folk would prefer nothing but Guardian reading, BBC watching nonentities. And all of them ethnic lesbians. How truly sad. Dickens and Shakespeare would also be out of contention, of course.

17. The EU will be taking fingerprints and capturing `facial images’ from all British travellers from October 2024. The first time a British citizen travels to the EU, all their details will be stored on an EU computer. Travellers will be on the first step to slavery. We should all refuse to travel to Europe. The EU will then give in.

18. A staggering 160 UK councils have responded to lobbying and made commitments to beat the UK Governments absurd and undemocratic net zero plans. The result is that costs are soaring, proper useful services are being abandoned and councils everywhere are going to go bankrupt. Welcome to the New World.

19. The BBC says that prescription drugs are being sold online without `robust’ checks. Typically, the BBC is on the wrong side. Now that there is no health service in the UK, British citizens need to be able to buy prescription medicines over the counter. If the rules on the sale of drugs such as antibiotics aren’t lifted then patients will buy crappy and dangerous drugs over the internet.

20. Swedish citizens have been warned to prepare themselves for war as NATO boosts its support for Ukraine.

21. Most key NHS targets (waiting times for A&E and cancer for example) have not been met for years. Some important targets have never been met. (By contrast, Switzerland has a 15 minute waiting time target for patients in A&E. The 15 minute waiting time is met 100% of the time.) Please read my book ``NHS: What’s wrong and how to put it right’ to discover what’s wrong and how to put it right. The book is available via the bookshop on (Note: my income is from my books. I have never monetised any of my videos or my website.)

22. GPs contact elderly patients in attempts to sell them a variety of highly recommended `perfectly safe’ vaccines. But they never seem to bother taking blood pressures, listening to hearts, weighing patients or even checking that their patients are still alive. This is medicine 21st century style.

23. Economists have concluded that `covid handouts made staff less willing to work’. I wonder what sort of qualifications you need to be an economist these days.

24. Maths is now regarded as too racist to be taught in schools.

25. Medically backed and promoted euthanasia has become a global phenomenon. In numerous countries around the world, euthanasia programmes have been introduced in order to eliminate the elderly and the sick by encouraging them to end their lives. (This is, I fear, the human equivalent of car scrappage schemes so popular with climate change nutters who want people to dump perfectly serviceable petrol and diesel vehicles and buy expensive and environmentally damaging electric vehicles instead.) Life, it seems, is imitating art for in 1953, Evelyn Waugh wrote a novel called Love Among the Ruins in which he described a state-run euthanasia centre. In Trudeau’s Canada, the Government has introduced a very forceful euthanasia programme called ‘medical assistance in dying’. There were 13,000 state sanctioned ‘suicides’ in Canada in 2022, and that country is now deciding whether to allow children and the mentally ill to kill themselves. Please read that sentence again. In Canada, euthanasia was introduced several years ago and is proving very popular with doctors, bureaucrats and politicians. A woman in Canada was recently offered a place on her nation’s euthanasia programme because of the delay involved in having a stair lift fitted in her home. It was also reported that a Canadian man who was facing eviction from social housing had been accepted onto the country’s euthanasia program. CBC reported that medically assisted deaths could save millions in health care spending, and it was estimated that the savings ‘exceedingly outweigh the estimated $1.5 million to $14.8 million in direct costs associated with implementing medically assisted dying’. The report judged that doctor-assisted death could reduce annual health care spending across Canada by between $34.7 million and $136.8 million. (Just how can anyone take a report seriously when the figures are so vague?) In the Netherlands, healthy individuals with autism are allowed the option of euthanasia, and Australia is deciding whether to let children as young as 14 kill themselves (or allow someone to do it for them). Today, euthanasia is legal in Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Columbia and parts of Australia. Globally, there is a state sanctioned epidemic of euthanasia as governments follow instructions from the conspirators and encourage more and more people to commit suicide. In many countries the Liverpool Care Pathway is followed with great enthusiasm by murderous doctors and nurses. This simple killing programme depends upon denying patients food and drink. The patients die in great discomfort. (This system seems to be based on the Jain custom of individuals starving themselves to death by slowly giving up food and water. Sadly, however, the doctors and nurses don’t do it slowly, bit by bit. Instead they either stop feeding patients or else they put trays of food just out of reach and starve patients that way.) Those promoting and encouraging euthanasia seem unaware that many people who have been written off by doctors have recovered and lived for decades after being scrapped. In my view organisations which promote suicide should be closed down. Individuals who promote ‘assisted dying’ and various forms of euthanasia, should be ignored. They are dangerous. If ‘assisted dying’ becomes legal and fashionable it won’t be long before a choice becomes an obligation. Killing off the ill and the elderly is just a way to reduce the population (part of the conspirators’ plan, of course) and for governments to save money.’ (This short article is based on material from the book ‘Truth Teller: The Price’ by Vernon Coleman which is available from the bookshop on

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