Passing Observations 225

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Now that I am officially described as `a discredited conspiracy theoristí (after the CIA decided to pin that label onto a Wikipedia page with my name on it) no less than eight publishers in other countries have stopped sending me royalties on books which they have sold and which were written by me.

2. `There has never been a person in an old peopleís home that hasnít looked around dubiously at the other inhabitants. They are the old ones, they are the club that no one wants to join. But we are never old to ourselves. That is because at close of day the ship we sail in is the soul, not the body.í Ė Sebastian Barry

3. How many BBC staff members (journalists and presenters) have links to GCHQ? We should be told.

4. America hasnít banned fracking because to do so would cost an estimated 14 million jobs. I wonder how many UK jobs have been destroyed by the de facto ban on cracking in Britain?

5. The USís national debt is now $34 trillion. Generations will be paying the interest on the debt for decades to come.

6. A third of the electric cars sold in Britain are made in China. How safe is the data of those who buy Chinese cars? Will those cars be controlled remotely? Oh, and most wind turbines are made in China too.

7. I heard that Modigliani painted 342 pictures and 739 of them are in Museums.

8. The new world government will be based in Jerusalem.

9. The number of people who died from covid in any of the years in which the brand was invented is the same as the number who died from flu in the previous year. Each year since covid was turned into a fake scare, the death totals of covid and flu have been pretty much the same.

10. Investors who were foolish enough to put money into ESG funds have done very badly and have lost a ton of money when compared to properly balanced investments.

11. A quick survey suggests that 99% of couples shown in adverts these days consist of a black man and a white, blonde woman. What is the real life percentage of couples matching that? Iíd guess itís probably less than 1%.

12. The insistence that all buildings be equipped with access for wheelchairs has resulted in most of the demolition that has taken place over the last three decades. The demolished buildings (most of which were sound and well built) have been replaced by cardboard buildings with wide doorways.

13. Freedom is the ability to think without being told what to think and to be able to share your thoughts freely with others. We have no freedom.

14. Immigrants are pouring into Britain. Sadly they donít bring hospitals, schools, roads, fresh water and drains with them. And so they use ours.

15. One recent BBC programme was watched by just 200 people.

16. I suspect that everyone over the age of 60 should assume they have B12 deficiency and take a modest supplement. And everyone over 60 should take a vitamin D supplement too. But donít overdose, of course.

17. When is an angry bull like a mobile phone? When theyíre both charging.

18. In France, a majority of 18-24 year olds reckon that everyone should be limited to four flights in their lifetime. What a brilliant idea. But what will happen to all those climate change nutters who want to fly off every few months to a climate change conference?

19. The last invasion of mainland Britain occurred not in 1066 but in 1797 when a band of French soldiers known as the Legion Noire landed on the Welsh coast at Fishguard. The French attack fizzled out (as French attacks usually do).

20. Chestnuts make excellent pocket warmers since they retain heat for long periods of time. Shepherds used to put a handful of warm chestnuts in their pockets to keep themselves warm. And they used them as bed-warmers. The chestnuts have the added advantage over other warming devices in that they can always be eaten.

21. I refuse to use electricity created by wind or solar farms since these are inefficient systems which are bad for the environment.

22. The covid inquiry in the UK still insists on only hearing evidence from people who lied, misunderstood or got everything wrong.

23. The plan to ban gardening is proceeding apace in many parts of the world. The bans cover the growing of flowers as well as food. The aim, of course, is to force us all to live in cardboard flats in high-rise buildings where we will live on a diet of food made in laboratories.

24. Whenever a footballer or an actor is accused of a crime they are suspended from work. So why is Netanyahu still running Israel? He has, after all, been accused of genocide and terrorism.

25. In the UK, the NHS is broken and almost beyond repair. Waiting lists for essential cancer tests are now so long that most patients will die before their disease is diagnosed. And waiting lists for treatment are years long. Only members of the royal family can expect to be treated while they are still alive. The NHS desperately needs to save money. Here are some simple ways in which money could be saved by cutting procedures and activities which are costly and non-essential and by adapting current systems which are bad for patients: Abandon all screening of healthy individuals. It has been shown time and time again that screening procedures do more harm than good. All screening programmes should be abandoned and the money used to investigate and treat patients with real signs and symptoms. All psychiatrists should be re-trained to do something useful. Psychiatry is an entirely useless speciality which does no good and much harm. Most heart surgery is unnecessary. It has been proved that many patients with heart problems will get better if they learn to avoid or deal with stress, follow a vegan diet and take carefully arranged exercise. Much chemotherapy is known to do a great deal of harm and not much good. All cosmetic and plastic surgery should be stopped. We cannot afford it. Half of all administrators should be sacked immediately. Half of the remainder should be sacked in another six monthsí time. GPs should be instructed to work a proper working week (not just a 24 hour week as at present). And GPs must work nights and weekends and provide a proper emergency call-out system for their patients. GPs who donít want to accept this new arrangement can leave the NHS and try to obtain work as train drivers. Hospital doctors who went on strike should all be sacked. The remaining doctors should go back to working a proper working week and should be available to work nights and weekends on a shift system. Antibiotics should be available without prescription from pharmacies. This will cause fewer problems than the present system whereby patients with infections cannot obtain antibiotics because they cannot find a doctor. Many lives will be saved. The old age pension should be doubled. This will enable old aged pensioners to eat and keep warm. The result will be a dramatic fall in morbidity among pensioners. The plan to stock hospitals with `physician associatesí should be abandoned. It is a disaster in the making. Infertility treatment should be abandoned. Itís a luxury the NHS cannot afford. And the country is overcrowded anyway. Nurses should be instructed to go back to caring and nursing and to stop trying to be faux doctors. Nurses should not prescribe drugs or perform surgery. All patients and most nurses would be happier and more content if these simple changes were made. For more about the problems with the NHS please read: `The NHS: Whatís wrong and how to put it rightí by Vernon Coleman. To obtain a copy please visit the bookshop on

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