Passing Observations 227

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. So, Britain is now in recession. Readers of this page will not be surprised since I have been warning about this for some time. And inflation is going up again. And if interest rates move theyíll be going up and not down. You read it here first.

2. Back in the 1980s I often appeared on Steve Wrightís show on Radio 1. He was kind and good fun. Sadly, things went slightly awry when I recorded a series of short pieces based on my book `The Health Scandalí, which came out in 1988. I recorded a broadcast (based on the book) pointing out that AIDS wasnít going to kill us all and that the so-called `expertsí from the medical establishment who were warning that we would all be affected by AIDS were exaggerating wildly. Someone at the BBC heard the broadcast before it was aired. The broadcast was pulled and I never worked on the Steve Wright show again.

3. If you didnít watch President Putinís interview with Tucker Carlson then you should. I was impressed by Putinís immense knowledge. I donít know of any Western leader who could have talked so intelligently. Iím not surprised that 80% of British citizens would prefer Putin to Sunak and Starmer as Prime Minister. And I think Putin was dead right to suspect that America wants to break up Russia so that it can more easily deal with China. Itís not going to happen, of course.

4. Iím glad that Putin reminded us that Boris Johnson prevented a peace settlement between Russia and Ukraine. Johnson is a bad man and I sincerely hope that his days in British politics are over. How many people will die because he prevented peace in Ukraine? He and the Daily Mail make good bedfellows and are well suited to each other.

5. If there is a war between Russia and America it will be Europe which will suffer most. There will be nuclear and possibly chemical attacks. I doubt if Russia will use biological weapons Ė it would be too easy for that to backfire and infect Russia.

6. Commentators think that the Labour Party is doing badly because of the alleged anti-semitic comments made by Labour MPs and candidates. Not true. Labour is doing badly because it is suppressing the alleged anti-semitic comments which have been publicised and punishing those who made them. The fact is that Israel is guilty of genocide and many war crimes. To draw attention to that is not anti-semitism, and itís nonsense to claim that it is something to be ashamed of. Hasnít Starmer heard what the Pope had to say? And did he miss the report from the International Court of Justice aka the World Court? The Labour candidates who have been dumped by Labour for telling the truth about Israel will probably be elected. And Starmerís chances of winning the next election are disappearing fast.

7. Arabs are semites just as much as Jews so Netanyahu and his nasty chums are anti-semitic.

8. The newspapers which claim that attacks on Israelís war mongering are a sign of anti-semitism and support for Hamas are spinning faster than a top and spreading blatant propaganda. The attacks on Israel and Israelís supporters are based on the fact that Israel is a rogue nation which is out of control and guilty of genocide. Anything suggesting otherwise is insulting and patronising. If you havenít already seen it please watch my video entitled `Why Israel invaded Gazaí.

9. Did Charles tell Harry what sort of cancer he has? I bet he didnít. What a sorry state of affairs. (By the way is Harry trying to grow a beard or does he just sometimes forget to shave?)

10. I saw a headline the other day which said: `Do I have to take statins if my GP says so?í The fact that anyone should assume that their GP can order them to do anything is, Iím afraid, a sign of the strange times in which we live.

11. In 1974 the miners received a 35% pay rise. Immediately afterwards inflation hit 30%. If the junior doctors get the 35% pay rise they are still demanding there will be a similar effect on inflation. The miners did at least deserve their pay rise.

12. The UKs covid inquiry says it responds to those who send in reports. Iíve written to them three times so far and all Iíve received is a formal acknowledgement. Please send the covid enquiry a copy of my video entitled `This is the Endí. Click Here to see the video on my Bitchute channel. Send the video to

NOTE Please read my book `Truth Teller: The Priceí to find out how the truth has been suppressed and this truth teller demonised and suppressed.

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