Passing Observations 228

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Every unexpected, unexplained death is a covid vaccine related death unless proved otherwise. In a rational, science based world that would have to be the default position. (However, you may have noticed that we do not live in a rational, science based world.)

2. Nick Clegg, the former British politician whose career ended rather suddenly is proof yet again that politicians who plummet can still land on their feet. Clegg now apparently earns more than $15 million a year and lives in an $8 million house in London. He is the front man for Meta and Facebook. A senior British minister claims that 10% of ALL crime happens on one of the Meta platforms. The company’s refusal to cooperate with the law has enabled child exploitation and abuse.

3. Is it conceivably possible that the awful slaughter in a Moscow concert hall was set up by the CIA (e.g. the American Government) to give the war in Ukraine a kick? To provoke a big response from Russia, which is blaming Ukraine? To persuade politicians to support spending more on arms for Ukraine? To please the arms manufacturers?

4. I’m delighted Princess Kate enjoyed my videos enough to use my tagline `You are not alone’ when she revealed her cancer diagnosis. It’s something we all need to remember.

5. If Israel continues with its genocide in Gaza now that the UN has demanded a ceasefire, Israel will become a rogue state, a terrorist nation. And anyone supporting Israel will be a supporter of terrorism and, presumably, liable to be arrested. All trade with Israel must be stopped until the wicked slaughter is ended and Israel must be excluded from all contact with other nations (in, for example, sporting or musical events).

6. The medical establishment (aka the drug industry) will be delighted and enriched by the publicity given to the fact that Kate is allegedly on chemotherapy.

7. My first three novels (`Practice Makes Perfect’, `Practise what you Preach’ and `Getting into Practise’) were published in the 1970s under the name Edward Vernon. They were published by Pan and Macmillan in the UK and by St Martin’s Press in the USA and classified officially as autobiographical. They are still available on Amazon but these gentle books aren’t that easy to find and details have been removed from much of the web because I wrote them (presumably as part of the plan by the Bad Guys to make sure I don’t earn any money). You can however buy copies by going to the section headed `Vernon Coleman writing as Edward Vernon’ in the bookshop on

8. The climate cost of Israel’s war on infants and children in Gaza is high. The first 60 days of genocidal activity is estimated to be equivalent to burning at least 150,000 tonnes of coal. You would think, would you not, that the climate nutters would want the slaughter to end?

9. Zac Goldsmith, former environment minister, has been banned from driving after being caught speeding seven times last year. Why did that make me smile?

10. The Guardian newspaper keeps its circulation secret. But the latest insider guesstimate is that The Guardian now sells around 50,000 copies a day. How long can the paper continue with such a tiny circulation? In 1975, The Guardian published extracts from my first book `The Medicine Men’ but now the world would be a happier, healthier place if The Guardian disappeared.

11. Doctors are puzzled by the fact that cancer is now affecting more and more young people. Now, what happened to millions of young people in the last couple of years that could possibly be causing this explosion in cases of cancer? (I did point out in 2020 that there would be an increase in cancer – caused by the `vaccine’ and the mask wearing.)

12. My mask book (which contains all the evidence anyone needs proving that face masks are useless but dangerous) seems to have vanished from sale in the UK. But it is still available in the US and in other countries.

13. My contention that travelling at 20 mph is bad for everyone has been proved correct. The pollution rises dramatically when cars go slowly. Coincidentally, one `low traffic neighbourhood scheme’ in South London has been scrapped after a bus took 121 minutes to travel 2.9 miles.

14. This is the time to consider going abroad to live and work. The UK is on a downward slide. The collapse will accelerate under the inevitable Labour Government.

15. According to the Financial Times, National World, a major newspaper group, is producing 200 automated pages a week with artificial intelligence and wants to increase this to half of all the pages produced for its weekly titles by the end of 2024. Young folk studying journalism might like to switch to plumbing.

16. Eleven people have been killed in the UK as a result of e-bike fires. This almost certainly makes e-bikes the most dangerous form of transport other than bungee jumping.

17. If junior doctors really just wanted more money they could hurt the establishment much more effectively by simply refusing to fill in forms. But their strikes seem to me designed to cause maximum harm to patients, rather than the establishment. Politicians, royals and other conspirators will merely go to private hospitals and will be unaffected whatever the junior (up to £60,000 a year) doctors do.

18. The death of Liz II was the moment to end the monarchy and the House of Lords. Both are an anachronism and an insult to democracy. Now the royals are just being used as a distraction from big issues.

19. Life expectation is falling and will keep falling. It will never again be as high as it is now.

20. Israel has now killed more journalists in Gaza than were killed in the whole of World War II. Why is Israel being allowed to have athletes in the Olympics?

21. It used to be just old people who talked about folk who were ill and dying. Now everyone, even the young and the middle aged, seem to talk about little else. Sudden, unexpected deaths have become normal and another fear has been added to the list.

22. The Pope is right. Ukraine should hold up the white flag and ask for peace – while there are still some Ukrainians left and while there are still some buildings standing. It was a mistake for them to start the war in 2014 but they were pushed into it by America.

23. It is argued by some that women are still being paid less than men. Not true. Figures show that when women earn less than men it is because they have chosen to work shorter hours.

24. My books are often hidden, suppressed and difficult to find. (Even Joe Biden’s White House wants my work suppressed.) Please go to the bookshop on for a list of all my books in print – and you can then find each book with a click.

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