Passing Observations 229

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. A new drug to treat a genetic disease which affects young children costs $4 million. Inevitably, parents and relatives and friends will insist that the drug be made available. I don’t blame them. But if $4 million is spent on treating one child then thousands will die because there will be no money for more basic services. There isn’t an infinite amount of money available. The answer, of course, is to put a ceiling on drug company prices and profits.

2. It has been proved at last that graphene oxide, a toxic substance, is used in the production of the covid-19 vaccine. Thousands of well-paid fact checkers will now grovel and offer their heartfelt apologies.

3. Mortality rates are now lowest among those who refused to be jabbed with the covid-19 poison.

4. Thirty six years ago, in my book `The Health Scandal’ published in 1988, I predicted that euthanasia would be legalised by 2020. At the time it was seen as an absurd prediction You can buy a copy of `The Health Scandal’ via the bookshop on

5. A CDC study showed that the covid jabbed are more likely to contract and spread covid-19 than the unjabbed. Another study showed that the covid-19 vaccination increases the likelihood of contracting and spreading the covid (flu) virus. A third study showed that the covid-19 vaccine is harmful and ineffective at stopping both infection and transmission. I’ll now be asking for £100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 in libel damages from numerous government spokesmen, doctors, morons and fact-checkers.

6. There are now 9.3 million people in the UK who aren’t at work and who don’t want to work. Ever. They’re all receiving benefits.

7. Every time I do a search for `cancer’ online I subsequently receive numerous online adverts for funeral services. Assuming that `cancer’ and `death’ inevitably go together is depressing and dangerous and wrong. The people who earn huge amounts of money working for search engines must be psychopaths to be proud of their ability to cause distress and make money at the same time.

8. Energy bills in the UK are a third to a half higher than elsewhere in Europe. This could have something to do with the fact that climate change nutters have pushed the Government into stopping the development of new energy resources.

9. More money is being poured into the NHS. The new funds will make things worse. The NHS has too much money but it is spent the wrong way on the wrong things. Please read my small paperback book entitled NHS: What’s wrong and how to put it right’. (There is no eBook but that’s not my choice.) The book can be purchased via the bookshop on

10. Experts have shown that the picture which Kate photoshopped was taken with a Canon 5D Mark 1Vcamera using a 50 mm Canon lens and it was photoshopped on March 8th at 9.54 pm and then the following day at 9.39 am. Anyone who thinks there is any privacy left in the world should take note. Please read my book `How to protect and preserve your freedom, identity and privacy’ which you can find via the shop on .

11. Robert Kennedy, the US presidential candidate supports Israel’s activities in Gaza. I never trusted Kennedy. He’s no better than the rest of them.

12. Those who cheer the end of National Insurance taxes in the UK should realise that this will lead inevitably to the end of the State pension.

13. My thanks to the countless thousands of readers who have sent my most recent video to the Covid Inquiry.

14. The American Government’s debt will soon reach $40 trillion. With 5% interest rates that means that the American Government pays out $2 trillion in interest every year. The American Government’s tax receipts last year were $4.5 trillion. Meanwhile, America continues to pay for senseless wars in Ukraine and Gaza. The end is nigh.

15. The highly respected Ralph Nader reckons that the Israelis have so far killed over 200,000 people in Gaza (mostly women and children). I think he is right.

16. Women knitting socks for the troops in World War I had to use the official, Government endorsed knitting pattern because German spies had been caught encoding information into the stiches of knitted garments.

17. MPs who complain that their constituents disapprove of their party’s policies relating to Ukraine and Gaza are out of touch. MPs are elected and paid well to represent their constituents.

18. Rejecting debate is a symptom of fascism. So surely the BBC is a fascist broadcaster? Or, as I prefer, a fascist narrowcaster?

19. The only thing the covid jab did was enable stupid people to wear T-shirts saying `I’ve been vaccinated’. Oh, and they were able to buy tickets for concerts given by indoctrinated, moronic singers and bands who thought the covid jab was a good thing.

20. In the UK, each complaint to the Financial Ombudsman generates a £750 fee which the firm concerned has to pay – regardless of the outcome of the complaint.

21. All sports now have to promote professional women’s sports even though no one wants to watch them and they cost a fortune. The aim is to destroy all professional sport to satisfy the climate change nutters who want it all stopped.

22. My novel `The Truth Kills’ tells the story of a young doctor who opposed vaccination. You can purchase a copy via the bookshop on

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