Passing Observations 242

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. GPs and pharmacies in the UK are now closed over bank holidays. And pharmacies say that it now takes them at least seven days to fill repeat prescription requests. The overall plan is to kill more people.

2. There are more people on earth who are aged over sixty-five-years old than there are who are under five-years-old.

3. The conspirators changed the name of `global warming’ to `climate change’ because they knew they were going to change the weather to become cold and wet (it’s easier than changing it the other way round because it is easier to block the sun, which they are doing, than to turn up the heat). The sun is being blocked, and rain is being induced, to destroy farming and to destroy the global economy.

4. Local hospitals have been shut and the only hospitals left in Britain are the big regional hospitals. This means that the average patient has to travel 20-30 miles to be seen. There are now no local trains and 90% of local buses have been cancelled. There are very few taxis around. And people can lose their driving licence at the drop of a hat. Oh, and the ambulance services (which obviously only deals with emergencies) sometimes takes days to respond to an emergency call. The result is that people cannot get to the hospitals.

5. I wonder how many people realise that the evening cheering for hospital staff was global during the lockdowns. For example, in New York, cheering broke out every evening as the gullible and the compliant and the naïve leant out of their windows and cheered for people who were trying to kill them.

6. When I was very young I wrote three novels about the life of a young doctor. Because I was also writing serious books (such as The Medicine Men) my literary agent at the time persuaded me to use a pen name. One book deals with the young doctor’s days as a medical student (`Getting into Practice’) and the other two deal with the young doctor’s life as a GP (`Practice makes Perfect’ and `Practise what you Preach’). The books are written under the name `Edward Vernon’ (my Christian names turned round) and are available via the bookshop on

7. Insulin shortages are threatening the lives of 400,000 Britons who are dependent on insulin. No one seems to care. It is, I suppose, all part of the killing process designed to reduce the size of the global population. Too many people on our side of the war seem too busy arguing about whether the earth is flat or whether germs exist to give a damn about the important issues.

8. The average Briton is £1,500 worse off because of the money which the British Government has spent killing people in Ukraine.

9. An American lingerie company is selling a bra which costs £3.35 million and which is set with 3,575 black diamonds, 117 white diamonds and 34 rubies. I wonder if it needs to be washed by hand. (Incidentally, the quick way to tell if a diamond is real is to breathe onto it. Genuine diamonds won’t fog up but imitation stones will.)

10. Older folk who do not stay well hydrated can quickly became weak and slow, both physically and mentally. The quickest way to eradicate much mental and physical tiredness is often no more complicated than drinking more fluids.

11. If you want to know how old a hedge is just count the number of woody species in a 30 yard stretch. Then multiply that number by 110. And then add 30 to the total. Many hedges contain prickly trees because when the hedges were planted the aim was to keep livestock in place.

12. Women used to live considerably longer than men. But female life expectation is now falling rapidly. The explanation is simple: modern women smoke and drink more and they take on more stressful jobs. Feminism has helped knock five or six years off the average woman’s life expectation. For more information and advice please read my book `How to live longer’ (which can be found in the bookshop on

13. My good friend Abit Bloted who knows everything worth knowing tells me that Jeremy Clarkson will soon be Sir Jeremy Clarkson. The TV presenter appears to have become an ambassador for the woke and is apparently now promoting the climate change nonsense on his farming programme. I’m told that his latest programmes appear to some to be an extended party political broadcast on behalf of the WEF.

14. A lingerie company has invented a bra which unrolls into a putting green which is around 5 foot long. Created for Japan the bra says `nice shot’ when appropriate.

15. Gold is the only metal which is completely odourless.

16. After speaking at an anti-vivisection rally in Oxford, a kind member of the audience took me to the railway station to catch my train. On our way we were stopped by a police car. The police were hunting for animal rights activists who had broken into a laboratory and released some animals. Four policemen performed a perfunctory search of us and the vehicle. When we continued our journey I noticed that the driver appeared nervous. `Is everything OK?’ I asked. `I’m glad they didn’t look in the boot,’ she said, after a pause. `Why?’ I asked. `Because the jemmy is still in there,’ she replied.

17. The BBC website recently ran a news story about a boy who found a piece of Lego on a beach. I could find no immediate reference anywhere to the two major wars currently taking place. What will the BBC bring us next? `Weed found in garden’. `Tin can found in bin’.

18. There is apparently still some confusion about why some individuals who were jabbed fell ill more speedily than others. There need be no confusion. Over three years ago I pointed out that if those giving the vaccine didn’t check that the needle tip wasn’t in a blood vessel there would be a chance that the vaccine would be injected straight into the blood. Naturally, the warning was greeted with scorn. But that’s what happened.

19. Germany’s public health agency has at last admitted what we’ve known for four years: that lockdowns could do more harm than good. The agency also agreed that there was a lack of evidence that face masks did any good.

20. I have never known weather forecasts to be so utterly wrong. Maybe the powder sprinkling, cloud seeding weather managers could share information with the forecasters. Or am I right in thinking that the plan is to confuse, create despair and destroy holiday and seaside businesses by providing false and misleading forecasts?

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