Passing Observations 254

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The Labour Party is pretending that they won a landslide victory. Some landslide. They were elected by 20% of the population Four out of five people don’t want them. And they’ve already started rebuilding Britain. They’re going to re-join the EU, let the prisoners out, build ticky tacky box homes on green belts and put useless wind-farms across the English countryside. Later in the week they will doubtless explain how they’re really going to bugger things up. They’re going to make euthanasia really popular.

2. Left wingers always want to ban private health care and private education and first class travel. Except for them. Just like the USSR.

3. A week ago France seemed to want a Far Right government. And then, a week later, they all changed their minds and decided they wanted the communists to run the country. Just like the UK. How utterly amazing. Am I alone in fearing that the bad guys, the conspirators, now control everything with an iron hand in an iron glove?

4. Sudden deaths of amazingly fit athletes during the Paris Olympics will, of course, be blamed on the immense heat caused by mythical climate change. It will be hot in Paris in August (it always is – with the temperature often exceeding 40 degrees C) but no one will mention that they were really killed by the covid-19 vaccine.

5. In the UK, the top 1% of all earners pay 29% of all the income tax collected by the Government. The Labour Party wants to force the top earners out of the country. And they will succeed. The result will be an immediate reduction of 29% in the Government’s income. This will give them an excuse to increase taxes paid by the middle classes. Clever, eh?

6. I can remember the days when rag and bone men roamed the streets with horse drawn carts, when there were knife grinders and onion sellers, when men sold hot chestnuts and muffins from street stalls, when you could rent deckchairs in town parks and on seaside promenades and when ice cream vans toured housing estates. They all provided a great service. And they’re nearly all gone now – killed off by health and safety bureaucrats who mostly cannot spell `health’ or `safety’.

7. Everything is voluntary until it isn’t.

8. Ukraine has fewer pilots than it has F16 fighter jets. So, guess what? NATO will have to lend Ukraine some pilots. And the pilots will be British. So Britain will then definitely be at war with Russia. Inch by inch we are moving towards the nuclear war which I predicted nearly 18 months ago and which produced the usual sneers and guffaws of disbelief.

9. The word `populist’ is widely derided in the mainstream media because it suggests giving power to the people.

10. Voters voted Labour not because they want a Labour Government (after all, the Labour Party has been careful to avoid having any policies apart from definitely not having any policies) or because they love Labour or because they hate the Tories (though that would be rational) but because they hate what Britain has become: an oppressive, communist state with no freedom or logic, terrible public services, rotten transport links and a police force that has forgotten why it exists. The electors were protesting against authority, government (in general), the nonsense of climate change, the UN, the IMF and the Bilderbergers. And the irony is, of course, that in electing a Labour government the voters will be handing over the last vestiges of power to the worst communists in the country and the WEF and the Bilderbergers will have won. To find out what the future will be like please read `They Want Your Money and Your Life’ and `Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street’. Both books are available through the bookshop on

11. The Labour Party will give the vote in Britain to 16-year-olds. Britain will be ruled by TikTok influencers who think that Churchill is a dog and that everyone who dies gets up and has a cup of tea when the credits roll.

12. I am mildly amused when `celebrities’ complain that they have been cancelled. For over four years now I have been totally banned from all mainstream media (apart from a few instances of gratuitous abuse) and banned from all social media. Being permanently banned is infinitely more crushing than being temporarily cancelled. I have never been allowed onto any social media site and YouTube actually banned me from looking at other people’s videos. Naturally, all this means that I cannot mention or promote my books on social media (or in the mainstream media). I am therefore always grateful when readers who do have social media accounts (Facebook, X, Telegram, etc.) are kind enough to mention books which they’ve liked. The oppression and ostracism is so painful that I have for some months now been contemplating changing my name by deed poll and starting again.

13. Since I am banned from just about everywhere for the modern crime of telling the truth (and therefore cannot be cancelled) I can, without fear of being cancelled, categorically state that women cannot get prostate cancer and men cannot get cervical cancer.

14. Someone recently said that `the dominance of white middle-aged men walking on Scottish hills is unacceptable’. Did it not occur to whoever said this that only white middle-aged men want to walk on Scottish hills? Does the speaker want to dragoon women and non-white men to go walking just to create more outdoor balance? The same individual apparently also said that men should stop addressing women as `darling’ or `sweetheart’. OK, love.

15. Many of the people who believe that germs do not exist insist on spelling `flu’ (which they claim does not exist) as `flue’. If someone doesn’t know the difference between a common, uncomfortable, sometimes deadly and transmissible disease and a duct or chimney designed to help smoke and waste gases escape, then I really don’t think they have a right to make comments on any scientific topic.

16. Ireland is the now the second richest country in Europe. The richest is Luxembourg. Britain is way down the list and probably somewhere between Poland and Romania.

17. Isn’t it frightening that so many people remain wedded to their belief that the covid-19 vaccine is effective and safe when the evidence shows clearly and conclusively that it is neither?

18. Climate change is the conspiracy lie that keeps on giving to the conspirators, and the scam that will kill millions. Anyone who believes that climate change is real is either a deluded fool or paid by the conspirators.

19. Climate change nutters claim that hundreds of people could die if summer temperatures are high. That may be true (especially if those individuals don’t drink enough fluids). But 50,000 to 100,000 people die of cold each year in Britain alone. And as energy costs become ever higher (as a result of climate change restrictions) the number dying of the cold will accelerate. If global warming were real (which, sadly, it is not) it would save millions of lives.

20. Never forget that anyone still offering health advice on a YouTube channel is approved by the world’s conspirators, all oppressive governments and the CIA.

21. All wise, informed people know that climate change is based on pseudoscience. Only flat-earthers and the people who don’t believe that germs exist support the climate change myth. But the climate change mythology is being used to destroy every aspect of our world by promoting the idea of the Great Reset and Net Zero. If you know anyone who still believes in the climate change myth persuade them to read `Greta’s Homework’ by Zina Cohen – a simple but incredibly effective demolition of the climate change nonsense.

22. Britons voted to escape from the fascist/communist oppression of the European Union. But years later, Britain is still obeying the EU’s incredibly stupid laws. So, new cars sold in Britain will have speed controllers fitted to them to limit their speed. And every plastic bottle cap will be tethered to the bottle by an annoying, pointless and difficult to cut strip of plastic which will ensure that everyone trying to drink from one of the `tethered’ bottles will spill fluid down themselves. The tethers are a health hazard too. Get rid of tethers and bring back plastic bags for a safer, healthier, better world.

23. Last year (2023) more than 19,000 patients in the UK waited more than three DAYS in accident and emergency departments. Now will you believe me that Britain has no effective health care? There are Third World countries with better health care than Britain. An increasing number of people die in casualty waiting to be seen and treated. This is a scandal of massive proportions. We must bring back a proper GP service – with GPs being available to visit patients at night and at weekends. This is the ONLY way to mend the broken health service. And please read my short monograph entitled NHS: What’s Wrong and How to put it Right’. You can get a copy from the bookshop on Please send copies to your local paper and your new MP.

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