Passing Observations 26

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

1. If you die within 28 days of testing positive for covid-19 you may or may not have the virus. But you will be classified as a covid-19 death and you will be added to the covid-19 statistics. If, however, you die within days or hours of having one of the covid-19 vaccinations, the authorities will dismiss the two events as a coincidence. Gosh that really makes sense, doesn’t it?

2. By the end of 2021, there will have been more deaths than there were in 2020. Many people will die because they have been denied medical treatment by the unjustifiable partial closure of hospitals and GP surgeries during the lockdowns. Many will die of diseases such as bacterial pneumonia caused by wearing a mask. And I suspect that many will die because of the covid-19 vaccine. But all those deaths will be put down as covid-19 deaths. So, by the end of the year, the authorities will be able to say `we warned you’ and will be able to justify new and tougher lockdowns, vaccination programmes, health passports and so on. The absence of autopsies will make these misdiagnoses much easier.

3. Governments claim that all hospitals are busier than ever but this is patently not true. Many hospitals and ICU units are quieter than they usually are at this time of the year. The media merely report from hospitals which are hand chosen by the Government’s PR experts. And the staff in those hospitals which do appear to be busy are over-worked because so many health care staff have failed their regular PCR test.

4. The testing procedure relied upon by governments to tell us when we need to be put under house arrest is utterly fraudulent. The UK government has changed the essential parameters of the test so that it picks up many false positives. It is worth noting that courts in Portugal have ruled that the test is worthless. Whenever the number of people tested goes up, so does the severity of the lockdowns. Why can doctors not see that if you test far more people then you will find far more alleged positives?

5. It is worth remembering that many of those promoting the covid-19 vaccines are making money out of them. GPs, for example, receive over £12 per injection so those reaching the Government’s target of 1,000 vaccinations a day should be quite well, thank you. And a number of scientists involved in vaccination development and production will make lots of money out of them. Many government advisors have links with drug companies and with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

6. It is worth remembering that the covid-19 vaccine is being given to over 80-year-olds but it was never tested on over 80-year-olds. This used to be called an experiment.

7. The covid-19 vaccine is, in my view, not properly tested. It is being given to provide protection against a disease which has a survival rate much the same as flu – over 99%. 8. In her Christmas Day speech, Queen Elizabeth II used my catchphrase `you are not alone’. What a pity she didn’t offer a little advice on how her subjects can protect themselves from the tyranny of the greatest hoax in history. And what a pity she didn’t finish with: Distrust the Government, Avoid mass media and Fight the Lies.

9. If you are forced to stay indoors for long periods do make sure that your intake of vitamin D is adequate. With very little sunshine available in the winter months many people will need to take a vitamin D supplement.

10. Ryanair recently introduced a `Jab and Go’ campaign to encourage people to take the vaccine. Michael O’Leary, the head of Ryanair, is a member of a Bilderberger committee.

11. Not all available vaccines are accepted in all countries. So, for example, I believe there is some doubt about whether Britons who have the Astra Zeneca vaccine will be able to visit America if and when health passports are introduced.

12. When, in history, have so many people tested positive for an allegedly deadly disease but had no symptoms? (The answer is `never’.) Does no one else see the absurdity of repeatedly testing people to see if they have a disease which it is known to kill no more people than the flu – and using a test which produces more false positives than positives?

13. Why do politicians continue to insist that people who have no symptoms of covid-19 can still transmit the disease to others? A study of almost 10 million Chinese people has proved that asymptomatic spread of covid-19 never existed.

14. Britain seems to be treated far more harshly than other countries. Could this be because British electors voted for Brexit – and are now being punished?

15. A preliminary report from the WHO shows that a drug called ivermectin produces an 83% reduction in covid mortality in hospital patients. The drug is an anti-parasitic which has been on the WHO’s list of essential medicines for some time. Have you heard about ivermectin on the BBC or in any of the national newspapers? Nor me. Curiously, however, much publicity has been given to the trial of a drug called tocilizumab which is said to save one in every twelve patients who takes it. This trial is being led by Imperial College and the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre and the University Medical Centre Utrecht in Europe. The drug costs about £750 to £1000 per patient, depending on body weight. The presence of Imperial College will not go unnoticed.

16. I predict that there will be no local government elections in the UK in May 2021, and so the Mayor of London will remain in power for another year.

17. Members of the military, teachers and pharmacy staff are allegedly being recruited to give the covid vaccine. But retired GPs who volunteer have to submit themselves to a complex and lengthy special test online before they will be allowed to vaccinate.

18. Even the BBC and the mass media now report patients listed as covid-19 deaths as having died `with’ the disease rather than `of’ the disease. It would make as much sense to list patients who had athletes’ foot when they died as having died `with’ athletes’ foot.

19. The population of the UK has risen massively in the last 20 years. But in that same time the number of available hospital beds has fallen by between a third and a half. And the number of bureaucrats has risen massively.

20. People wearing masks realise that their face covering won’t stop them breathing in the coronavirus because the virus passes straight through the material but believe that their mask will stop them breathing out the same virus. `I wear my mask to protect you,’ said one very sanctimonious shop assistant. This puzzles me. If the virus can travel one way through the mask what is stopping it from travelling the other way? Is this very clever and mysterious virus really able to go one way but not the other?

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 8th 2020

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