Passing Observations 27

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

1. The GMC in the UK does not allow retired medical practitioners to remain licensed without an extraordinary amount of bureaucracy. Doctors who now want to help by giving vaccinations have to complete 20-30 modules of online training in order to become accepted as vaccinators. Why any former GP would allow themselves to be demeaned in such a way is beyond me.

2. In Switzerland it is already the law that people must wear masks in some outside places. It will come to the UK soon.

3. Spain is keeping a register of those who refuse the covid vaccine. They are not yet saying what they will do with the list.

4. Possible side effects of the coronavirus nasal swab tests include multiple nosebleeds and neck pain as well leaking cerebrospinal fluid as I have previously reported. When tests are done repeatedly the risk of minor and serious side effects increase, of course.

5. A number of research scientists are now promoting the covid-19 vaccine on TikTok. Maybe they will invent a nice little dance routine too Ė ending with a needle going into a nearby arm.

6. During the first lockdowns in the UK, 345 non-covid patients in hospitals and care homes died of thirst.

7. Statistics show that the number of people who died in 2020 is close to the number who died in previous years. Hardly what you would expect of a plague.

8. In the UK, Do Not Resuscitate notices are being put on patients with learning difficulties.

9. Yet another study has found that face masks do no good. My book Proof that Face Masks do More Harm than Good is full of references to scientific papers proving that face masks donít work but are harmful. The book is available as a free PDF on this website.

10. The number of people committing suicide because of the lockdowns is soaring. In Canada a 90-year-old woman chose doctor-assisted suicide rather than another lockdown.

11. The UK is in the biggest financial slump for 300 years. And things are getting worse, far worse.

12. In the UK a number of the Governmentís scientific advisors have financial links with drug companies and/or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. How can these people be considered independent?

13. Global warming nutters claim that the UK government must cut emissions by 78% by 2035. They donít explain how many people will die of cold or starvation as a result of this absurd policy.

14. In the USA, the CDC is quietly lumping deaths from influenza, pneumonia and covid-19 together. Now why on earth would they suddenly do that?

15. Doctors are asking to see an electron microscope picture of the virus causing covid-19.

16. Nicola Sturgeon, staunch supporter of lockdowns, took her face mask off at a wake. She is by no means the first politician, advisor or celebrity to fail to practise what they preach. Indeed, so many politicians and celebrities have ignored the rules they have promoted that it is difficult to avoid the feeling that they realise that itís all nonsense.

17. Tony Blair is now providing advice about vaccines. He presumably went to the same secret medical school as Gary Lineker and Bill Gates.

18. Patients who think doctors still take the Hippocratic Oath (with the well-known phrase `first do no harmí) should know that the Oath was cancelled some years ago. When I qualified I was given the option of taking it (I took it) but I understand that doctors no longer take it when they qualify. In the UK the General Medical Council decided the Hippocratic Oath was outdated. And so, for example, doctors are no longer allowed to respect patient confidentiality.

19. Professor Hugh Montgomery claimed that those who donít wear masks have blood on their hands. I think itís those who promote masks who have blood on their hands. Masks are dangerous and yet useless. With two other doctors, Montgomery set up a company called Panthair on 3.1.20 which is officially classified as a manufacturer of medical and dental instruments and supplies. The registered address is a flat in London. I wonder if Panthair sells masks? Just curious.

20. Why are some doctors and nurses walking around dressed as if they are planning to walk on the moon or remove two tons of asbestos fibre from an old school? Covid-19 is as deadly as the flu. Do they dress up like that in every flu season?

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2021

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