Passing Observations 29

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Deaths said to be due to covid-19 are, of course, mostly lockdown deaths. The lockdowns will, of course, kill far more than covid-19. But actually things are worse than that. The lockdowns are actually responsible for many cases of covid-19. How can I possibly say that? Well, the lockdowns are responsible for damaging immune systems (largely by ensuring that people don’t get enough sunshine and are, therefore, vitamin D deficient).

2. People are devoted to their masks and seem set to wear them for the rest of their days. Christians wear crosses, Jews wear yarmulkes, Sikhs wear turbans and the idiots wear their masks. 2020 became the year when millions learnt to stop thinking and simply do what they were told to do.

3. A writer in the once (but no longer) great UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph claimed that the covid-19 vaccines will prevent 97% of potential deaths. Oh dear. What utter bollocks. According to the WHO there is no evidence that the vaccines prevent covid-19 and stop it spreading, though they can reduce symptoms. I don’t believe that the vaccines will prevent 97% of potential deaths. But the mainstream media isn’t too keen on facts and accuracy where the coronavirus is concerned. Don’t buy any mainstream newspapers. Giving them money merely encourages them to keep lying.

4. Why do so many people who put comments on videos use silly names? The authorities can see straight through fake names on the internet so `floppyfeet’ and `bigbum’ are hiding their lights under a bushel for no good reason at all. If you wrote to an MP or for a job interview using a silly name you wouldn’t expect anyone to take you seriously, would you? Please, please use real names when posting comments. Or if you are too nervous to do that, use an approximation of your name. Or a name that at least sounds real. Incidentally, the trolls (particularly, I suspect, the 77th brigade) have been very busy recently. They pretend to know what they’re talking about and they snipe and carp and moan and press the thumbs down button as often as they can. Oddly enough, none of them makes their own videos or writes their own articles. They are too busy being critical to do anything constructive. If we lose this war it will, in part, be their fault for many honest campaigners simply give up because of their attacks. And that, of course, is what the trolls want. They may pretend to oppose mandatory vaccination and so on but most are simply shills working for the Government and Agenda 21.

5. Governments and celebrities are still insisting that the covid-19 vaccines are safe. I cannot forget the enthusiasm with which everyone said that thalidomide was perfectly safe.

6. Some are claiming that the immunity provided by the covid-19 vaccine is better than the immunity provided by the infection. Is there any evidence for this? To me it seems a bit like saying that a tribute band is better than the real thing.

7. I believe AIDS was a dry run for the chaos we’ve seen this year. I fought hard to share the truth about AIDS and I rather suspect that might be why I was targeted right from the start of this particular campaign of lies and deceits.

8. Congratulations to Kester Disability Rights which assisted a disabled woman to win £7,000 in compensation from a service provider which refused her access to a service because she was unable to wear a face mask. Refusing people access to shops and other services because they cannot wear a face mask is discrimination and should be firmly resisted. All an individual has to do is to say `I’m exempt’. There is no need to carry a badge or carry a certificate – just saying you are exempt is enough. Any shop which carries a sign saying something such as `no mask, no entry’ is discriminating and is liable to find itself on the wrong end of a lawsuit just as much as if it had put up a sign saying `no homosexuals served’ or `no ethnic minorities served’.

9. An MRNA vaccine may cross the blood brain barrier and travel into the brain. It could well trigger an auto immune response within the brain. With what consequences? Your guess is as good as anyone else’s.

10. The PCR test swab gets close to the blood brain barrier. And has, on some occasions, punctured it.

11. The response of the public to the covid-19 hoax reminds me of mass hysteria, St Vitus’s dance, the Pied Piper of Hamlin and the Stockholm Syndrome.

12. Spanish and Dutch PDF versions of `Proof that Masks do More Harm than Good’ and `Covid 19: The Greatest Hoax in History’ are available - free of charge. Many thanks to the publishers and translators. And, of course, both books are available as free PDFs on and on

13. There seems to be a real danger with vaccines that don’t prevent virus transmission (which the covid-19 vaccines do not appear to do). Under normal circumstances, when a human who has a virus infection dies, the virus dies with them. Gradually, over time infection rates may rise but mortality rates fall. But some argue that it is theoretically possible that vaccination may allow more virulent and deadly viruses to live in vaccinated hosts for periods of time. Is it possible that partially protecting the host may allow the virus to stay alive for longer? If so, might a deadly version of a virus multiply and spread? The vaccines currently being used were tested for their ability to prevent more severe symptoms. And this they do to some extent. But what sort of problems lie ahead? The covid-19 vaccination is a huge experiment.

14. More and more previously reputable newspapers are wrecking their reputations by printing material which they really ought to know is false. Many once credible publications and journalists have become shills for the pharmaceutical industry.

15. In America, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator has asked electric car company Tesla to recall 158,000 vehicles over a safety problem. But in the UK the road safety regulator (the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) has apparently concluded that there is no safety risk and therefore no need for a recall. What the hell is happening in the UK? The MHRA regulator has fallen over backwards to delight the vaccine manufacturers (causing astonishment in the US) and now the vehicle regulator is doing likewise.

16. The UK Governments former surveillance camera commissioner (no, I didn’t know we had one or needed one) says that facial recognition cameras should be used to spot people who aren’t wearing face masks.

17. A senior copper called Chief Superintendent Simons Ovens is reported to have said that electric scooters are a danger to the public and to riders (who are apparently not members of the public) and that people who received them should return them to the shops. He does admit however that it is not illegal for retailers to sell them or, one assumes, for people to buy them. Didn’t we used to have politicians and a Parliament to make laws for us? And the coppers were paid to enforce them?

18. A racing pigeon that got lost in America and ended up in Australia (the same thing has happened to me many times) is facing death because it has been branded a potential biohazard. So, presumably, all migrating birds all over the world will now have to be put down.

19. Bank of England policymakers (including someone called Silvana Tenreyro) are still considering introducing negative interest rates. If they get their way then those with a decent sum in the bank will be charged interest – instead of being paid interest (which used to be normal). Savers are already being punished with interest rates which are, generally, as close to 0% as you can get. If they are now charged interest most will remove their cash from their bank and hide it under the bed. This will mean that the banks don’t have any money to lend to businesses. The only people who will benefit will be burglars.

20. Nurses in Kansas are reported to be refusing to give the covid-19 vaccine made by Moderna because they have doubts about the safety of the vaccine. Hoorah! Medical staff with real integrity.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2021

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