Passing Observations 30

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Boris Johnson and Cressida Dick both say that during lockdown it is permissible to travel seven miles to exercise. So if the police arrest anyone for travelling that far (or less) the court case will be interesting.

2. I wonder if I am alone in no longer bothering to eat wisely. There doesnít seem a lot of point. And nor is there much point in restricting my alcohol intake.

3. We are planning our first supplementary Christmas. Weíre having a Christmas every month throughout the year with the celebration being on the first Sunday after the 25th of the month. The Saturday will be Christmas Eve and the Monday will be Boxing Day. We have bought a small, four foot tree and kept back a boxful of ornaments. Weíre having the full vegan Christmas dinner in the middle of the day with Christmas pudding for afternoon tea. We have kept a stock of Christmas crackers, candles and so on. Weíll be giving each other small gifts and watching suitable films. And all electronic devices except the TV and the DVD player will be turned off. Looking forward to it already.

4. The sanctimonious, liberal, lefty loony global warming cultists who are entirely responsible for the destruction of everything we hold dear and special want more austerity, more hunger and more people freezing to death. Without fossil fuels billions will die. But then thatís the plan.

5. There are a number of very effective treatments for the flu-like illness which has been marketed as a plague. Steroids, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are effective in the treatment of the infection. And vitamin D and zinc help keep it at bay. Isnít it strange that none of these established remedies has been promoted by those flogging the unnecessary and dangerous vaccines. Indeed, isnít it strange that these simple, safe and effective treatments have been sneered at, and those discussing them vilified and on occasion threatened with disciplinary action. And isnít it strange that the vaccines are going to make billions for their promoters. I do hope no one will mind my pointing this out. Just a passing observation, you understand.

6. I gather that some people donít understand why I still put some videos on YouTube when they have banned me (from time to time) and removed dozens of my videos. There are many subjects they wonít allow me to mention (vaccines, masks, lockdowns, covid-19, coronavirus, drug companies and so on). But, sadly, many people still wonít move from the comfort of their YouTube account, and so if Iím going to reach them with any sort of message I have no choice. I have repeatedly asked viewers to come to Brand New Tube without much success. We have to reach out to as many people as possible with the truth. One other thing for the record: I have never monetised any of my channels and so I havenít made a penny out of the videos Iíve made.

7. An Indian company called Serum Institute of India is the biggest vaccine manufacturer in the world. Around two thirds of children on the planet have been vaccinated with one or more of their products. They make 1.5 billion doses of vaccine annually. Mr Poonawalla senior (apparently known as the vaccine king), the company founder, is said to be worth $11.5 billion.

8. Police, teachers and council workers are demanding to be given the covid-19 vaccine before vulnerable folk. Splendid. The vulnerable people are probably more likely to be killed by the vaccine.

9. A woman of 108 has been given the vaccine in Scotland. Apparently two people even older have been given the vaccine. All lived through two World Wars and the Spanish flu epidemic. Youíd think they would leave them alone wouldnít you?

10. A group of politicians drank alcohol on Welsh Parliament premises days after a ban on serving alcohol in pubs came into effect. I have lost count of the number of politicians, advisors and policemen who have ignored the laws on covid-19. Could it be that they donít take the laws seriously because they know there is no real threat.

11. As predicted in my video on March 18th 2020, the clampdown on cash is hotting up. A recent survey showed that one third of people have been unable to pay for goods or services with cash. Grocery stores, pubs and restaurants are most likely to ban cash. The banks will be delighted. Part of the plan was to get rid of cash and replace it with digital money.

12. See the entry on this site for updates on the vaccine deaths. Ignore governments and advisors who claim that all these deaths and serious adverse events are `coincidentalí.

13. Like many, I used to have a bucket list. I am now resigned to never going abroad again. Without a vaccination I wonít be able to travel. And I donít much care. There are plenty of places in England to visit. (I probably wonít be able to go to Scotland or Wales either.) My bucket list is now an egg cup list. And if I have to stay at home for the rest of my life, I have books and films which will take me everywhere I want to go.

14. As predicted many times, negative interest rates are coming soon to a bank near you. This will destroy the already impoverished living standards of many pensioners. But that is, of course, one of the intentions.

15. We have to destroy the BBC. It is a menace to our freedom, our humanity and our future. It is helping to destroy free speech. Find a way to (legally) avoid paying the licence fee. If you give money to the BBC you are supporting the enemy. It would be like giving money to the Nazis in WWII.

16. Why arenít lawyers doing more? They should sue the Government for forcing people to wear dangerous masks. They need to find a disabled person who was refused entry to a food store and then demand huge damages in court. Settling out of course does no good. There must be a lawyer somewhere who cares enough to do this pro bono.

17. To believe that the covid-19 hoax is real you need to be stupid, naÔve and compliant. To promote the hoax you need to be evil and crooked.

18. Psychiatrists are warning that the lockdowns are having a toll on mental health. And police forces are reporting an increase in the number of incidents involving people suffering from mental health crises. What a surprise. What a bloody world.

19. If a fairground ride had the words `probably safeí on it, I wonder how many people would take their chances. The Government in the UK says that having the vaccine while breast feeding is `probably safeí.

20. Those who are using empty syringes to give `safeí vaccinations to politicians and celebrities should beware. Pushing air into the body can be terribly dangerous. An air bubble in a vein can kill. (It is, indeed, a known technique favoured by medical assassins.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2021

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