Passing Observations 31

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. The boss of the Coop stores has complained that it is not the job of her staff to supervise the wearing of masks. Quite right too. Those who are exempt from wearing masks should be allowed to shop unhindered.
2. Have you noticed that mask wearing politicians are now using their eyebrows to show some vague signs of humanity?
3. If we arenít careful there are going to be two classes of people when the vaccinations are complete. Those who have chosen not to accept an untried, untested experimental vaccine will be second class citizens, pushed into a ghetto and treated as a very oppressed minority. Our future depends entirely on the next three months. We need to keep our numbers as high as possible. We can win this war against fascist, oppression disguised as well-meaning communitarianism Ė but only with passion and determination.
4. The Government in the UK is paying newspapers rack rate for advertisements. This means that the newspapers, magazines and TV and radio companies are making a fortune out of taxpayers.
5. Biden is a global warming cultist. So is his vice-president. They are big spending Agenda 21 disciples.
6. Dentists have to keep their windows and doors open to ensure a free flow of `fresh airí. Unfortunately, this means that many dentists are shivering while they work. Hands up anyone who wants dental work done by a shivering dentist? Care homes have to have their windows open too. How many old people will freeze to death because of this nonsense?
7. Governments will lower the PCR cycles in order to show that their vaccination programme is working (fewer people showing positive covid tests). But then, when they want to encourage more to accept the vaccination, they will push up the PCR cycles so as to get more false positives and terrify everyone again. Theyíre playing a game with the voters.
8. Whatís the covid-19 vaccine really for? To stop fertility and cut the population? As part of a compliance ritual? Or simply to kill as many people as possible? All three are possible but the third is surely favourite.
9. Biden, the new US President, is going to clamp down on oil. The Saudis are cutting the amount of oil they make available. Big oil companies are not looking for oil. Without oil there will be no aeroplanes, no delivery lorries, very little food, no heating and no electricity for all those electric cars. Whatís the betting that the oil price is a good deal higher within six months as people realise they do still like hot food, radiators and occasional travel?
10. I heard this today: `I wear my mask for an easy life. I know they do no good but if you donít wear one people stare at you.í Thatís the sort of collaboration that will destroy us all.
11. Also overheard: `I trust Bill and Melinda Gates. They have given a lot of money to charity.í
12. And this: `I am young so I wonít be one of the first to have the vaccine. I will wait to see how it affects people.í
13. They claim that a Dutch woman caught covid-19 twice and died. That was the headline. But unless you read down into the heart of the story you wonít know the woman who died was in her late 80s and being treated with chemotherapy. She was 89, actually. And it is, of course, possible that when she tested positive for the second time they were merely getting a response from the first infection. Who knows?
14. Israel is already planning to issue vaccinated individuals with special green passports. Another knife in the heart of freedom.
15. I believe that under the Equality Act people who have not been vaccinated for some valid reason (health, age, needle phobia, history of allergies, pregnancy, etc.) could claim discrimination if they were refused entrance to a concern or turned away from an aeroplane because they had not been vaccinated.
16. If there are ever any more elections in the UK, People in West Yorkshire will be invited to vote for a regional mayor. I assume this is part of the EUís regionalisation of the UK (last tried by Tony Blair). Hasnít anyone noticed that weíve left the EU? Regional governments are just another unnecessary layer of government and a step towards globalisation. Voters should spoil their ballot papers.
17. The BBC has an executive safeguarding impartiality. His job is to monitor whether the BBC is biased. The executive has worked for the BBC for 45 years and is currently being paid £325,000 a year. Is it possible for the BBC to be any more loathed and despised? Defund the BBC. Donít pay the licence fee (but do it without breaking the law, of course).
18. Jim Mullen, the boss of the Reach group which owns the Daily Mirror, received bonus shares last March. His shares have since doubled in value to £1.5 million. Reach took money from the taxpayer funded furlough scheme. Mullen should either give back his shares or give back money to taxpayers. The Mirror should be ashamed. Donít buy the Daily Mirror or the Sunday Mirror or any of the papers in the Reach stable.
19. If you havenít heard it you must listen to Edwina Currie on the Richie Allen Show. The egg lady walked out when invited to cite a study proving that face masks reduce the transmission of covid-19. Go to to find the radio show and listen to Edwina going, going, gone.
20. By the way, my mate Richie Allenís website has been given a polish and is currently the best looking and best informed news site in the business. Full of news articles, cracking good pictures and videos and details of the staggeringly wonderful radio show. is the address. All callers welcome. No hawkers, no circulars and not much Edwina Currie.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 27th 2021

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