Passing Observations 32

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Why do people in the media still take notice of war criminal Tony Blair? Doesn’t the BBC realise that Blair is so hated that everything he supports is instantly a failure?
2. Is there anyone out there who doubts that the mass murder of elderly was inspired by financial motives? According to the news, the British Government will save over £600 million a year in pension payments following last year’s deliberate killing of so many pensioners. Why haven’t Hancock and Whitty been arrested?
3. If a patient in hospital has a positive PCR test, then that becomes their reason for being in hospital – even if they were admitted with a broken leg or a gall bladder problem or a heart attack. This is how the Government can claim hospitals are full of covid-19 patients. The lies and deceits are now a mile high. And if you wrote down every lie on a piece of paper, and lay down all the bits of paper, the trail would lead straight to the door of the BBC’s newsroom.
4. Hospitals in some parts of the world are now appointing `patient advocates’. These people are supposed to look out for the interests of patients under their care. Huh? Surely every health care employee should care for all their patients. The only person who matters to any health care employee is the patient. Every health care professional should always treat all patients as they would like themselves – or a loved member of their family – to be treated.
5. Idiots are prepared to pay huge sums, and to travel around the world, to cheat and to lie, all to get a covid-19 vaccine. These people should be locked up for their own safety. `Vaccine hesitancy’ is now a synonym for `self-preservation’.
6. How many people have become billionaires out of flogging masks, PPE equipment, testing programmes and vaccines? Around the world, the covid-19 scam has been a bonanza for crooks, charlatans and politicians’ friends. Internet influencers and celebrities have been paid big fees by governments, and pro-vaccine video makers (with more greed than integrity) have also done well. Most of the money handed out has come from taxpayers.
7. A recent survey proved that 50-70% of Britons have absolutely no brain tissue whatsoever. That’s the percentage allegedly supporting the idea of vaccine passports.
8. Police have been banning snowball fights in parts of the country where there has been a snowfall. Apparently, they believe that snowballs may carry the coronavirus. I’m pleased to report that the police have not yet banned snowball fights in areas where there has been no snow.
9. The idiocy displayed by the police may be linked to the fact that many officers now wear radios and other electronic equipment strapped to their chests – and spend their working hours surrounded by dangerous electromagnetic waves.
10. Junior doctors are now sticking `Do Not Resuscitate’ notices on patients without ever having had any training. This is being blamed by some on `busy hospitals’. However, evidence shows that hospitals are no busier than they usually are at this time of the year.
11. It is alleged that levels of mercury in the air are rising. This is said to be due to the increase in the number of cremations being carried out during the ‘plague’ that is now killing billions of people every week. There has been no mention that the increase in the mercury in the air might be linked to the fact that the daft light bulbs which the EU forced upon us contain mercury which is released if/when the bulbs break.
12. Saga, a holiday company, says it will not allow those who haven’t had two jabs of the vaccine to travel on its holidays – whether domestic or foreign. I strongly suggest that readers boycott Saga.
13. TV person David Attenborough (a keen supporter of the pseudoscientific global warming cult nonsense) is apparently fronting an augmented reality app. The UK Government is contributing £2.3 million of taxpayers’ money to the project which will `prove the uses of 5G’ technology. The app superimposes virtual exotic plants and animals onto the user’s surroundings. I can hardly wait. No mention, of course, of any dangers.
14. American President Joe Biden is spending $1.9 trillion on a covid-19 relief package. This will include $1,400 cheques sent to struggling Americans. This absurd sum is greater than the financial damage done by the absurd lockdowns and shutdowns.
15. I recently found a paper I saw earlier in the year. In June 2020, the BMJ published a paper headed `Routine Vaccination during covid-19 pandemic response’. The authors reported that `During the first 11 weeks of 2020 there were 209 fewer deaths in US children compared to the same period in 2019. During the 11 week period following the emergency declaration, there were 1465 fewer deaths in US children compared to 2019. The difference is `statistically highly significant.’ The most pronounced mortality decline occurred in infants under one year of age. The authors suggest that the question of vaccination (as a link to infant death) needs investigation and conclude: `More study is required and, in time, perhaps changes in the immunization schedule.’ That won’t happen, of course. The maniacal pro-vaxxers hate science, facts and truth and will happily see thousands of children slaughtered so that their beloved drug companies can make oodles of money.
16. Two more doctors have been struck off the medical register (in Belgium) for daring to question the covid-19 myth. There was a time when doctors were allowed to discuss and debate medical controversies. No more.
17. By the end of 2021, non-mask wearers will be the only individuals with properly functioning brain tissue. The mask wearers will all be stupid as a result of their reduced oxygen levels.
18. I am told that in the early part of 2020, NHS dentists were paid their full salaries if they performed just 20% of their normal workload. This was then increased to 40%. It’s no surprise that dental health care has deteriorated dramatically.
19. The national papers are forever printing pictures of people who have, sadly, died of the flu (sorry, covid-19). How about some pictures of the people who have died, equally sadly, because their heart disease/cancer/whatever has not been treated because of the fake plague.
20. The covid-19 enthusiasts tell us that their favourite disease has now affected 100 million people worldwide. Wow. That’s a tenth of the number affected by the flu in a shorter period. The flu can affect 1 billion in a six month flu season. The covid flu has affected 100 million in more than two flu seasons. The last time I looked a billion was ten times as many as 100 million.
Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2021

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