Passing Observations 34

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Most journalists talk endlessly about global warming, sustainability and so on but donít seem to understand what is really going on. Most believe we will eventually be back to normal (as long as we wear the masks and have the vaccines.)
2. The French are the keenest buyers of English property at the moment. Keen to be shot of Monsieur Moron perhaps? Wait until they find out what Doris is like.
3. Why are so few young doctors brave enough to speak out about the hoax that is a fraud? The majority of doctors daring to speak honestly about lockdowns, masks and vaccines are older. There are a few brave young doctors speaking out but most young doctors seem eager to accept the thirty pieces of silver and speak in favour of government oppression and fake science. It is sometimes argued that older doctors speak out because they have less to lose. I donít accept this argument. If you donít have the courage to speak out when you are young you will never find the courage. Maybe younger doctors are frightened of being demonised on social media.
4. I have never worked as hard and Iím not earning a penny. Weíre buying printer cartridges and copy paper in bulk. (Those who claim that the opponents of covid-19 fraud are in it for the money might like to note this.
5. When is a food shop not a food shop? Shops selling food can stay open but book shops (for example) must close. Could a book shop stay open if it started selling biscuits, jam and other groceries?
6. The introduction of anal swabs sounds to me like another attempt to humiliate citizens and force additional compliance. Or is just to use the PCR swab to leave a little extra something behind? (See my article on the PCR test.)
7. The plan is to test the covid-19 vaccine on six month old babies.
8. In Passing Observations 29, item 7, I suggested that AIDS was the dry run for this current hoax. I am not alone in thinking this. I received a note from a reader who said: `I worked in several Genito-Urinary Medicine clinics between 1989-92 and then again between 1997-2002. One of my duties in the latter post was reporting the monthly numbers to CDC Colindale. The Government used to manipulate those figures, the BBC and other mainstream media were happy to unquestioningly report them.í
9. This is a war. And the collaborators are part of the enemy. Without the complicity of the collaborators the oppressors would not be able to oppress.
10. Energy prices will soar after April. This is being done at the behest of the global warming cultists. The increase in the cost of fuel will inevitably result in a massive rise in the number of old people dying of the cold next winter. In an ordinary year, the number of old people dying can reach 60,000. With the increased energy prices I suspect that the figure will top 75,000. And no one in government will bat an eyelid.
11. Early in 2020 I wondered if the flu jab could have triggered covid-19. Or could the flu jab have made those who have the covid-19 jab more susceptible to injury?
12. The deaths of old people in care homes and so on in 2020 saved the UK Government £600 million a year in pension payments. And the savings will continue to grow as more and more old people are murdered. Genocide can, of course, be very profitable. Companies saved £60 billion from the deaths.
13. When the first round of vaccinations are complete those who donít have the vaccine will be treated as second class citizens. It is vital that we increase our numbers. If the number of those refusing the vaccine doesnít reach at least 1.5 million then it will be easier for the Government to brush aside our rights.
14. I have a new slogan: Stay Home, Die Quietly, Save the NHS.
15. Why would anyone want to live on in the world they are creating on the back of this cruel and deadly fraud?
16. By 2100 the dependency ratio (the number of non-working adults when compared with the working age population) is projected to reach 1.16 globally. (It is currently around 0.8). The number of countries with a dependency ratio higher than one is expected to rise from 59 to 145. In a number of countries there will be 1.5 people over the age of 80 for every child aged under 15. That is around ten times todayís figure and explains why so many countries are so keen to kill their elderly citizens. (In March 2020 I forecast that killing the elderly would be a key part of the 2020 programme. And so it has proved to be.)
17. A staggering 52 billion masks were produced in 2020 and it is estimated that 1.5 billion of them ended up in the sea. Discarded masks are now a serious threat to wildlife. Masks have taken over from plastic bags and because of the little ear loops, and the bugs they carry, discarded masks are a much greater hazard than bags.
18. Facial recognition transactions are happening millions of times a day in China. You walk into a shop, glance at an LCD screen and youíve bought whatever you looked at.
19. An American band called `The Flaming Lipsí has held two gigs to an audience which was gathered in 100 inflatable bubbles fitted with speakers. The gigs are called `the new normalí. How exciting.
20. Do you ever get the feeling that theyíre laughing at us? Laughing at the weakness of millions, laughing at how easily people have succumbed and laughing at how compliant people have become?

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2021

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