Passing Observations 35

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Masks cause hypoxia and hypercapnia – and affect the wearer’s attention and cognitive processes. They make an accident more likely. Anyone driving while wearing a mask should be arrested. Insurance companies should refuse to pay out on claims if a driver was wearing a mask.

2. Without coal there is no steel and without steel there isn’t much of anything (including no electric cars and no wind farms). The global warming cultists might like to think about this for a while.

3. After his well-publicised covid-19 experimental injection, Prince Philip developed heart problems and an infection. Both are well known side effects of the covid-19 jab. But, naturally, the authorities assure us that the jab had nothing to do with the problems. How many coincidences make a conspiracy?

4. Twitter has joined YouTube in threatening to ban users who share material which opposes the Government line on `vaccination’ and, presumably, other health issues. This censorship is now absurd. We might as well be living in China or the USSR. The new ban will mean that Twitter users will not dare share videos made by doctors questioning the official line on the vaccines – or offering scientific evidence questioning the official line. Inevitably, this will mean that doctors quoting scientific evidence which doesn’t fit in with government lies will lose 90% of their audience. And that, of course, is the aim. The answer, perhaps, is for Twitter users to merely mention videos that they think are worth watching – without putting the videos onto their Twitter channel.

5. The UK Government is planning to destroy the self-employed by introducing a special tax on those who don’t have a job with an employer. The Government can do this because the self-employed can be put out of business without adding to the unemployment figures. Since they aren’t employed they cannot become unemployed. The tax is iniquitous since the self-employed are not entitled to unemployment benefit. So the self-employed will pay more taxes for fewer benefits. I’ve been proudly self-employed all my life and this policy seems to me to be clearly a part of the Agenda 21 process – designed to destroy all individuality and to force the self-employed into state sponsored employment of some kind. The end of the world is coming very fast.

6. Johnson and Johnson, who are making a new covid-19 vaccine is remembered by some for having put asbestos into baby powder. Another drug company the Government would like us to trust with our lives. Johnson and Johnson lost many lawsuits related to ovarian cancer caused by asbestos enriched baby powder.

7. Watch my video on Wikipedia to see how Wikipedia monsters those of us fighting this war. There is a link to it on both and

8. The smacking of children has been made illegal in Scotland. This is just one small step towards the State taking over the `ownership’ of all children – much as was forecast by Aldous Huxley. (Scotland is the 58th country in the world to ban smacking in the home, giving children the same rights as adults.) In February 2021, it was announced that a law would be introduced in Wales in 2022 which would make smacking illegal.

9. Doctors report as few as 1 in 100 side effects from vaccines. So, if a vaccine results in 15 people becoming blind (for example) the real figure is probably closer to 1500.

10. Doctors who won’t speak out about the covid-19 fraud because they are frightened about what might be said about them on social media are cowards. The same thing is true of journalists.

11. When Rachel Carson revealed the damage done by DDT (in her legendary book, Silent Spring) critics said that ‘people simply didn’t understand how the stuff worked but that it was perfectly safe’. Yes, well…

12. People who move into houses near to motor race tracks have successfully demanded that the racing be stopped or curtailed even though the racing had been going on for many decades – long before there were any nearby houses. People have also been allowed to demand that church bells be silenced – even though the churches concerned may have been present for centuries. Rights and freedoms are pretty one-sided in the new world of Agenda 21 where history and culture must all be removed.

13. We need to remember that nothing that happened in 2020 (or is happening in 2021) has anything to do with saving lives or the environment or protecting the planet. It is all about the two things that always drive evil men and women: power and money.

14. I have come to the conclusion that English speaking countries are the most badly affected by the covid fraud. Britain, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand all seem to be doing exceptionally badly. I have a hypothesis that this may be because all these countries have particularly close links with Bill Gates. In the UK, for example, Gates has his grubby little fingers in every available pie. He has talked with Boris Johnson, the UK’s disastrous Prime Minister, (a man who has done the impossible and made Theresa May look intelligent), he has given money to Imperial College, where Neil Ferguson gets his sums wrong, he has helped fund work done by Dr Whitty, now the UK’s Chief Medical Officer and he has links with more universities than you can shake a stick at. His media partners include The Guardian and the BBC, both of which appear to be staffed pretty well exclusively by avid truth deniers and global warming fraud enthusiasts. Incidentally, I believe it won’t be long before we can say that Ferguson’s cock ups have (through the lockdowns) been responsible for more deaths than Hitler or Stalin. The UK’s totalitarian Government will doubtless be proud to have the world’s most successful practitioner in genocide. It’s safe to assume that Ferguson will receive a knighthood or a peerage (or maybe both) to celebrate this `success’.

15. Governments have introduced legislation giving them control of your body. In the UK, when you die your organs will belong to the State – and the authorities can do with them what they will. What’s the aim? To ensure a steady supply of organ donors for the elite – to keep them alive for ever. There is very little chance that expensive transplant operations will be made available to ordinary citizens. For the time being there is an opt out clause. Go to the Government website and you can tell the Government that they do not have permission to take your organs when you die.

16. Telsa founder Elon Musk was paid $595.3 million in 2019, while apple’s boss Tim Cook had to get by on $113.8million. The best paid person in finance was reputedly Jonathan Gray of Blackstone who had to make do with a miserly $107.6 million for the whole 12 month period.

17. I read the other day that a pharmacy has said that it will only serve customers not wearing masks if they stand outside the shop – whatever the weather. I am no lawyer (thank heavens) but surely this is against the law since it is clearly discrimination against the disabled.

18. High tech people have always been tricky and deceitful. When Edwin Land, the founder of Polaroid, launched his new colour instant-camera called the SX70 he wanted to be able to say it was pocket sized. At the launch he duly produced it from his jacket pocket. What the audience didn’t know was that his jacket pockets had been made larger than usual in order to accommodate the camera.

19. I am pleased to see that the Bank of England’s chief economist now agrees with me that inflation is coming – and coming fast. Hyper-inflation can destroy savings, jobs, careers, businesses and just about everything else. There is a section on inflation in my book Endgame (see below).

20. I have heard that patients are being told that they cannot have essential, life-saving surgery unless they have a covid-19 experimental vaccine and at least one negative PCR test. Any medical practitioner who tries to force-vaccinate a patient in this way should be removed from the medical register – permanently.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2021

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