Passing Observations 38

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. New nonsensical global warming regulations mean that you soon will not be able to sell your house (flat, hovel, tent or whatever) if it doesn’t have triple glazing and satisfy a variety of other new regulations designed to, well, er, cause a great deal of expense and inconvenience in the name of the global warming scam.

2. Just for the record I know all about germ theory and exosomes. Indeed, I used to play golf with Louis Pasteur and Joseph Lister. And Ignaz Semmelweiss and Alexander Fleming were good pals of mine. However, I do wish the exosome enthusiasts would stop muddying the already cloudy waters. Their shouting isn’t helping us win this war against the Agenda 21 oppressors and the global warming freaks.

3. The continuum of evil follows a straightforward path: Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Bill Gates.

4. The genetic engineering of crops and livestock will now be allowed in the UK. The law has been changed despite the fact that there is no evidence to show that genetic engineering is safe. But the Agenda 21 elitists are in favour of genetic engineering so…

5. According to Wikipedia, various fact-checkers, tweeters, Facebook addicts and other websites I am a blogger, a Russian Spy, Jewish, Arabic, 5 foot 5 inches tall, 5 foot 11 inches tall, 16 stones in weight, a freemason, in business with my brother, worth $71 million, bankrupt, banned by the ASA, a conspiracy theorist, discredited and an anti-vaxxer. None of these things is true. And, for the record, I don’t have (and have never had) a brother. Wikipedia, which is run by a variety of illiterate old gossips, is as reliable as the miserable and malignant old lady who stands on the doorstep of No.73 and offers information about the other inhabitants of her street to anyone who will stand still and listen. Incidentally, I do self-publish some books in the UK but I have and have had scores of mainstream publishers around the world. Oh, and although I am a qualified doctor I am not currently licensed because I am retired and it is now nigh on impossible to be retired and remain licensed. (There is, however, nothing to stop me renewing my licence if I want to – apart from some boring paperwork.)

6. The latest fashion among global warming enthusiasts is to have two tennis courts played at right angles to each other. This enables the enthusiasts to play tennis without the sun getting in their eyes.

7. Trees are an essential part of Planet Earth but at the insistence of the global warming cultists they are being chopped down in huge numbers for two reasons. First, to provide biomass (wood pellets) which can be burnt to create electricity. Second, to enable 5G signals to travel without hindrance.

8. Coincidence is rapidly becoming the commonest cause of death (as in: `He died two hours after having the covid-19 jab. It was a coincidence.’)

9. There has been a good deal of fuss in the UK about women being murdered. Just for the record around 200 women a year are murdered (it is a matter of record that many know their killer) but around 550 men are murdered each year.

10. Survival is the strongest animal instinct. There is a bird, the godwit, which flies 7,000 miles from Alaska to New Zealand. It makes its first journey without tuition or help.

11. Telecom towers for 5G will soon be ruining the landscape all over England. The Planning Inspectorate has given permission for a 41 foot mast to be installed on a cricket playing field belonging to Wells Cathedral School. An objection by the local council has been overruled. I wonder if the members of the Planning Inspectorate are aware of the health hazards associated with these towers – particularly when placed close to a school.

12. The new Countryside Code provides lots of rules for humans but nothing much in the way of rules to control dogs which are doing an increasing amount of damage to farm animals and wildlife. Presumably, the authorities are hoping that the wolves and bison which are being released into the wild (as part of Agenda 21) will deal with the dogs.

13. The amount of untreated sewage dumped into British waters increased by 27% in 2020. Raw sewage is toxic to fish and others who live in rivers. It should also be remembered that much drinking water is taken from rivers. Those who are keen on the new hobby of wild bathing (swimming in rivers and ponds) should be aware that they may be bathing in a concentrated soup of raw sewage.

14. The sign `Face Masks Must Be Worn’ is ubiquitous. I believe it to be also illegal and discriminatory. Face masks do not have to be worn by all. For example, I believe that those who have brains are exempt. The guidelines for those in the UK are in my book `Proof that face masks do more harm than good’ which is available free as a pdf on and It occurs to me that the global reset plan to kill all the stupid people by persuading them to wear face masks and take the pseudo-vaccine is working surprisingly well.

15. I went to buy fuel at a Tesco garage recently. I was shocked to find that the payment kiosk was closed and I could only buy fuel if I used a credit card. Cash is no longer acceptable. This is becoming very worrying. There were however signs informing me that the cameras on site were linked to the DVLA. How long will it be before the garage will automatically take the money I owe from my bank account? This year? Next year? On a recent trip to a nearby town I visited nine coffee shops and none of them would take cash. And some municipal car parks will now only allow drivers to park if they pay with an app on their phone. There are many stories of people being refused service in pubs, restaurants and shops when they tried to pay with cash. I fear that we are losing this vitally important battle to retain cash. We have to fight hard. Once we lose cash we will lose a great part of our freedom. (I warned about the attack on cash in my very first video in March 2020.)

16. Supermarkets are now stopping the production of all plastic bags (including the thick bags for life sold for 10p) and replacing them with single use paper bags (sold for 10p). They claim to be doing this to save Greta from further anguish but in fact reusable plastic bags are quite eco-friendly. However, the paper used to make their paper bags comes from chopping down trees and that is definitely not eco-friendly. I have shown before that paper bags are far more damaging than plastic bags but, sadly, fighting myth and misconception is hard work.

17. Readers who enjoy my series of books about the English village of Bilbury in North Devon (set in the 1970s and featuring a young doctor) might like to know that it is now possible to buy a food hamper called `The Bilbury Hamper’ – designed (so the blurb says) `to remind you of chocolate box cottages, everlasting summers and the security of a friendly village where no one locks their doors and the buses run regularly every Thursday’. The Bilbury hamper is available on the Vale Luxury Hampers website. (For the record, I have no financial association with Vale Luxury Hampers and receive no kickbacks or royalties, I just love the idea of there being a Bilbury Hamper.)

18. It is a myth that in order to feel young one should hang around with people who are younger. In truth, if you want to feel young you should hang around with people who are older, preferably much older and rather frail and wobbly.

19. A recent survey showed that the people most likely to leave litter all over the countryside are the global warming activists and supporters of the wee Swedish lassie. The guilty spillers of waste need to learn that looking after the planet means taking your rubbish home with you – not dumping it in fields and hedgerows. (And those wretched little plastic bags full of doggie souvenirs should be taken home, not hung on trees like Christmas ornaments.)

20. All the UK’s key ambassadors are now female. The UK’s ambassadors in Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Washington, Beijing, Berlin and Moscow are all ambassadresses. Can you imagine the outcry if they were all men?

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2021

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