Passing Observations 41

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Warren Buffett, the investor, is one of the richest men in the world. Around 97% of his net worth came after he turned 65 years of age.

2. `An extraordinary affair,’ said the Duke of Wellington after he held his first cabinet meeting as Prime Minister, in 1834. `I gave them their orders and they wanted to stay and discuss them.’

3. The International Energy Agency has stated that by the year 2040 our planet will still obtain only around 5% of its energy needs from renewable sources (including burning trees or `biomass’). No diesel or petrol or gas, eh?

4. Around 9% of all electricity used around the planet is used by information and communications technology. Aviation only produces as much carbon dioxide as the world’s computer data storage centres. All those banks of servers, upon which social media campaigners share their global warming nightmares, burn up vast amounts of electricity, and hysterical climate change protestors probably use up as much energy as the world’s aeroplanes.

5. I have this recurrent nightmare. I telephone for an ambulance. It is an emergency. The telephone is answered by a machine. A voice speaks. Press 1 if you are dying and require an undertaker. Press 2 if you are dying and wish to donate organs before seeing an undertaker.

6. The establishment, in all its forms, has targeted the very few orthodox medical doctors speaking out. I only know of three medical doctors in the UK who have spoken out loudly and risked the wrath of the authorities. Dr Muhammad Adil, a brave surgeon, was suspended by the GMC very early on. Dr Colin Barron and myself both retired some years ago and therefore cannot have our licences taken away. Most of the wise and brave medical professionals speaking out are osteopaths, members of a branch of alternative medicine and not ruled by bodies such as the General Medical Council. American osteopaths are referred to as doctors so the distinction is blurred though significant. Others, of course, are scientists with PhDs – who are also free of the constraints which affect medical doctors. The establishment’s determination to silence orthodox medical doctors has been very efficient.

7. We need to stop squabbling about side issues such as exosomes and so on. Even if the exosome argument made scientific sense, which it doesn’t, you’d never sell it to the public or the profession. Semmelweiss proved the principle of infection in the mid-19th century. We aren’t going to win this war with marches, demonstrations, twitter spats or arcane and irrelevant arguments about exosomes.

8. The boss of Astra Zeneca claims that his company’s vaccine has `saved tens of thousands of lives’. There is absolutely no evidence for this which fails the factchecker test.

9. Hancock, the British covid supremo, claims that the covid virus can be found in sewage water and therefore river water. If this is true (which I believe it is) then the virus and the vaccine will be in drinking water. (See my video and transcript entitled `Is Your Drinking Water Contaminated with Vaccines.)

10. If they’d really thought that the Indian variant of covid was a danger they would have stopped flights from India. They didn’t. So either they didn’t care or they knew it was another lie.

11. The Bashir scandal proves what we already knew: the BBC in general is a terrible organisation and Panorama should be closed down permanently.

12. The Duke of Hypocrisy, Entitlement and Hubris appears to have turned himself into an expert on mental health without, so far as I know, spending one minute’s formal education in this sphere.

13. The BBC has reported that the covid-19 vaccine helps relieve the symptoms of long covid (aka post-viral fatigue syndrome). And maybe it will also remove rust from old farm implements and help control slugs.

14. The oppression and suppression of free and original thinking and the debate of major issues (as practised by organisations such as the BBC) should be regarded as an `ism in the same category as ageism, racism and sexism. Arguably, it is more dangerous than any other ‘ism.

15. Waiting rooms no longer control magazines. The presumption seems to be that the coronavirus might hide between the pages, leap out and bite someone.

16. The people who refuse the covid-19 vaccine are not refuseniks or vaccine hesitant; they are vaccine wise.

17. The thing about losing your privacy is not that a lot of strangers will know every detail of your life but that they will want to use that information to control your life.

18. The UK’s tax code is now the most complicated in the world. Tax laws have doubled in complexity since 2009. And the total tax take by the Government is 35% of GDP – the highest for over half a century.

19. A survey of 40,000 children aged 4 to 14 showed that the presents they want are pretty much confined to smart phones and video games. Traditional toys such as dolls, cars, etc., are nowhere. This generation will be keen to exchange their privacy and dignity for track and trace Apps of all kinds.

20. It is now apparently necessary for all organisations to issue a slavery report. We don’t have any slaves, have never had any and don’t plan to get any. But there are times when it occurs to me that a couple of them might be quite useful for things like doing the accounts or sweeping the leaves off the drive.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 26th 2021

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