Passing Observations 42

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Governments everywhere insist that it is just a coincidence when healthy individuals fall ill after receiving the covid-19 jab. Similarly, it is a coincidence if I feel woozy after drinking a glass of hot whisky.

2. The two free books on my websites (`Proof that Masks do more harm than good’) and `Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History’) have each been downloaded between over 3,000 times a week, every week, so far this year. Both free books are available on and

3. In April 2020, I said that `we will look back on these days with fondness as the good old days’. Does anyone want to argue about the accuracy of that prediction?

4. The UK Government is spending £2.3 million on a memorial for those who died of covid-19. How much, I wonder, will they spend on a memorial for the millions who will die as a result of the lockdowns, the masks and the vaccines? Why are those who died because of the fraud less worthy of a memorial?

5. In Scotland, the authorities can arrest citizens for shouting abuse at their own television set in their own home. Modern television sets can spy on their owners and report inappropriate behaviour. England and Wales will follow soon.

6. Shoppers will be allowed to spend up to £100 with a contactless card. This change is another stab in the heart for those who want to carry on using cash. And it is of course a huge profit opportunity for banks which plan to make an extra trillion dollars a year in fees.

7. The claim that banknotes carry bugs is bizarre. Experiments have shown that even a grubby bank note is less likely to carry the covid bug than a piece of stainless steel.

8. In the UK, more than 580 businesses have been fined for failing to ensure that customers wore masks and for refusing to close when ordered to do so. How can business owners ensure that customers wear masks when customers are entitled not to wear masks if they are exempt?

9. If you want to know more about what is happening (and going to happen) then I recommend `The Manchurian Candidate’ (the film which, in the 1960s, showed the Chinese brainwashing Americans) and `The Prisoner (made in 1967) in which Patrick McGoohan deals with the early days of mind control.

10. I recently reached my 75th birthday. I am now entitled to apply for a free television licence. Unfortunately, the BBC reneged on its agreement to provide free licences for the over 75s. Still, not to worry. I don’t pay the BBC licence fee anyway.

11. In the USA, the price of lumber (sawn timber for making houses) has quadrupled (at least). Coincidentally, a huge amount is wood is being turned into pellets and transported to the UK so that it can be burnt as biomass in power stations. This is being done to delight the crazed global warming cultists who believe that burning trees is somehow better for the environment than burning oil or gas.

12. Is it safe to receive blood donated by someone who has received a covid-19 jab? I don’t know and I don’t believe anyone does know. Is there a risk that donated blood supplies could be contaminated in some way? I don’t know and I don’t believe anyone does know. The covid-19 jab is an experimental `vaccine’ (though it isn’t really a vaccine at all). And I very much doubt if anyone is conducting trials to see how safe (or unsafe) blood will be when taken from individuals who have received a covid-19 jab. It has been claimed that some products might produce changes to the next generation. If so then could those receiving blood be changed? I don’t know and I don’t believe anyone does know.

13. The H2R railway line which no one wants but which the UK Government is determined to build – at a cost which will exceed £100 billion – seems to me designed to connect up the UK’s smart cities. Once H2R has been built, I suspect that the remainder of the UK’s now renationalised railway network will be closed down, and it will be much more difficult for people to move about the country. The plan, of course, is to keep us permanently in or close to our own homes. And most of those homes will be in apartment buildings in the smart cities.

14. The management of the alleged pandemic appears to have been left in the hands of mathematicians and military psychologists. The number of medical doctors with clinical experience seems to have been minimal.

15. Am I the only one who is annoyed when, having given my date of birth in response to a telephone ID enquiry, I am rewarded with an intensely patronising: `Brilliant, that’s perfect, thank you’. The default assumption appears to be that everyone is senile and will struggle to remember their own birth date. Or maybe this is something that only happens to those of us on the northern side of 60 years of age.

16. I hear that war criminal Tony Blair is now endorsing water fluoridation. Just what he knows about this is a mystery. Readers who want to know more will find an article about fluoridation on And there is information about fluoride and water in my books Superbody and Meat Causes Cancer.

17. In the UK it is not necessary to explain why you aren’t wearing a mask. Anyone asking why you don’t have a mask on is breaking the rules. When talking to masked individuals I have difficulty in understanding what they are saying. I treat them like the idiots they are and make them write things down.

18. The British Chancellor has endorsed EU regulations and supervision for finance markets. But the people in Brussels have refused to reciprocate and are making the British Government sweat. When will UK politicians ever learn? The same mistake was made when the Labour Government agreed to allow the Americans to extradite British citizens but failed to obtain the same deal from America.

19. The problem of pathogenic priming was first identified in 2012. Those who have been `vaccinated’ may well wish that they’d been a little more sceptical before baring their arms. I fear this is all going to end very badly.

20. Dr Colin M Barron is well known for his brave and passionate stand against lockdowns, masks, vaccines and other nonsenses associated with this fake pandemic. His brilliantly researched and presented videos have been a lifeline for thousands. Now he’s published his third novel – a cracking adventure story that has been described as having `more twists than a corkscrew’. It’s a real page turner and Colin shouldn’t be surprised if he gets a call from a producer wanting to turn his novel into a large screen movie. The title is 24 Hours to Doomsday and you can buy a paperback or an eBook version on Amazon.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2021

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