Passing Observations 43

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. `He would earn his living writing books must have the assurance of a duke, the wit of a courtier and the guts of a burglar’, wrote Dr Samuel Johnson who knew what he was talking about.

2. Queen Elizabeth II got richer by £15 million in 2020. It seems that all the rich New Normal enthusiasts did very well while the rest of us got poorer. How nice for them.

3. There has been much discussion about the cause of covid-19. Is there a specific cause? Is the cause a virus, a bacterium, an exosome or something else? If it was a virus was the virus created in a laboratory? In practice, none of this matters. It could be a piece of Christmas pudding for all it matters. What matters is what they are doing on the back of the so-called disease: the `vaccines’, the lockdowns, the cashless society, destroying the economy and so on. The nature of the cause of the alleged disease is a red herring or a blind alley, depending upon your taste in metaphors. What matters above all else is the genuine death rate from covid-19. And that was never more than the annual flu.

4. Anyone who says the covid-19 jabs are 100% safe for children needs to have their brain taken out, washed in vinegar and put back in the right way up. That goes double for journalists and media doctors.

5. Around 95% of people who wear masks wear them wrongly and dangerously.

6. In the UK the Online Safety Bill will grant greatly expanded powers of an organisation called Ofcom. I fear that the appointed staff of this organisation will control the internet. Pretending to defend free speech it will destroy free speech.

7. `It is well enough said that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system; for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning’ – Henry Ford

8. Researchers have shown that a company which pretends to be socially responsible tends to have staff to act unethically.

9. `There was never any lockdown – there was just middle-class people hiding while working-class people brought them things’ - J.J.Charlesworth.

10. Why are the really rancid people on the internet allowed to remain anonymous and hide behind silly names? If everyone using the internet had to use their real name at all times, much of the nastiness would disappear and the rabid people who cause most of the trouble would be too cowardly to continue. This is true for the representatives of the 77th Brigade too, of course.

11. Big companies love legislation. The more new rules there are the better things are for them. Laws and regulations deter entrepreneurs and small companies but allow huge, immoral companies to create monopolies for themselves. The EU was designed to support lobbyists working on behalf of huge, evil companies and to prevent small companies growing or even existing.

12. Former test cricketer John Edrich was told in the year 2000 that he had leukaemia. He was given a prognosis of five years. He died recently – having beaten the prognosis by fifteen years – shortly after his beloved wife had died. Doctors who attempt to tell patients how long they’ve got should be ignored. It is impossible for any doctor to provide a forecast of such a nature with any accuracy.

13. In the USA, a rise of 1 per cent in the unemployment figures means that an additional 40,000 people will die – as a result of poverty, poor eating, poor living and poor medical care.

14. There has, for some time, been condemnation of British bomber crews for causing damage to German towns and cities during World War II. But no one ever seems to complain about the fact that from 7th September 1940, London was bombed by the Luftwaffe for 56 of the following 57 days and nights. More than 40,000 British civilians were killed by Luftwaffe bombing during World War II – almost half of them in London. In London alone, 110,000 homes were destroyed with over two million more damaged. Heaven knows how many London hospitals, churches, shops and offices were destroyed by the Germans. Coventry Cathedral was destroyed. The bombing of Dresden by British bomber crews only came after the Germans had been bombing British civilians for six years. So let’s hear no more sneering attacks on British bomber crews and pilots, please.

15. So many young people are leaping at the chance to be vaccinated that I’ve decided that the term Generation Z stands for Generation Zombie.

16. It might be wise to avoid mixing with the vaccinated. They could turn out to be deadly.

17. Millennials (the great campaigners for the global warming cause) are the group most likely to purchase plastic carrier bags at supermarket tills. The correct term for this is `generational hypocrisy’.

18. Britain’s former Deputy Prime Minister Sir Neck Clegg has become very rich. He allegedly earns £1 million a year from Facebook and lives in a £7 million mansion in California. Clegg is best remembered in the UK as a sanctimonious leftie who misled the nation and was thrown out by the voters. Facebook is, of course, one of the most truth-suppressing companies in existence. No wonder Clegg fits in so well.

19. Mad Agenda 21 nutters in the UK Parliament are planning to introduce the lynx and the wildcat into the British countryside. The aim, of course, is to keep people out of the countryside. The politicians will be hoping that the wolves which are also being introduced won’t eat all the other new wildlife.

20. The EU is now reported to be planning to sue itself. And yet there are still some people who think the EU was a good idea. The only people who really support the EU are the lawyers.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2021

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