Passing Observations 46

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. In the middle of June 2021 there were 12.2 million people waiting for operations in the UK. Many of those will die long before they are seen by a hospital specialist. (The figure of 12.2 million is the official figure. It is estimated by NHS bosses that there could be another 7.1 million people who need treatment but who have (for whatever reason) failed to obtain medical care. Over a year ago I predicted that the number of people dying as a result of the lockdowns and social distancing would far exceed the number dying as a result of covid-19 (the rebranded flu). In practical terms, the UK no longer has a health care system. The NHS is unfit for purpose, and doctors and nurses working for the NHS will be directly responsible for millions of deaths. It is no exaggeration to say that the NHS is now killing more people than it saves.

2. I have an idea that the Government in the UK is using Tony ‘war criminal’ Blair as a test for new government policies. Whenever the Government wants to see what the reaction will be to some mad new idea, they leak it to Blair and let him suggest it. This way the Government can abandon schemes if they are attacked too violently.

3. Farming is finished. The future plan is for all our food to be `grown’ in laboratories. Unless the `new world order’ enthusiasts are defeated, farmers will have to find new ways to earn a living.

4. I no longer have any doubt that the epidemic of autism sweeping the world is due to mass vaccination programmes. The available evidence shows that vaccines do more harm than good. The covid-19 jab programme has drawn attention to the lunacy of the mass vaccination programmes promoted by governments around the world.

5. Anyone who wants to travel abroad on holiday is probably in need of medical attention for mental health issues. Why would anyone want to go to the expense of purchasing a holiday abroad when they know there will be endless queues, huge amounts of time spent waiting, lots of expensive tests, dangerous untested jabs, expensive quarantine periods in hotels, confrontations with absurdly aggressive border control officials and so on.

6. Anyone who has had a bad allergy reaction or an anaphylactic shock reaction should, in my view, have a good reason for refusing a covid-19 jab if they are pressurised to be jabbed by an employer.

7. Am I the only one who suspects that Meghan (the ex-royal family member) might be miffed because she belatedly discovered that she’d married the wrong brother. (Harry will always be the spare because William and his children will always be the heirs.) It must be a pain to think you’re about to become a fairy tale princess and to then discover that you are always going to have to curtsey to your sister-in-law.

8. The tax authorities in the UK have, over the last five years, spent £7,300 sending flowers to taxpayers to whom they felt they needed to apologise. Compensation payments during that period amount to £12 million.

9. The world’s 500 wealthiest people are now 40% richer than they were since the start of the fake pandemic.

10. The rabid remainers who wanted the UK to stay in the European Union, are still fighting the Brexit battle which they lost. The remainers (pro EU fascists) cannot believe that their leaders (the global forces of evil) lost their battle for England’s soul.

11. A Chinese company is trying to buy domain names for `Vernon Coleman’ in China. They are also trying to control the use of my name in China. I think the plan was that I would buy them off. Unfortunately (for them) I am completely banned in China by the Government. No one in China is allowed to publish or sell my books and the domain name isn’t of much value to anyone.

12. In 1930 it took just four years for American workers to build the San Francisco Bay Bridge. When a third of it needed rebuilding it took 20 years.

13. The boss of Whitbread owned Premier Inn hotels, Alison Brittain, has been given a £729,000 annual bonus. Some might wonder why. The company lost £1 billion last year. However, Whitbread isn’t short of cash because the company received £250 million from taxpayers during 2020. The financial director, Nicholas Cadbury, had to make do with a payout of £492,000.

14. In the UK, HM Revenue and Customs is reported to have sacked or given a written warning to 135 employees because of data security in 2020. More than 200 employees have been fired for misconduct relating to data security since 2016. In the last five years almost 70 HMRC employees lost their jobs because of issues with their own tax affairs or benefit claims.

15. Mugs decorated with a picture of Chris Whitty sell well, apparently. (Who on earth buys them, I wonder.) I think there would be a bigger market for loo rolls decorated with pictures of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and Chris Whitty.

16. In the UK, local councils are making a fortune out of fining people huge sums for minor offences. Local authorities are the new self-appointed police, and in 2020 they issued six million fines – charging large sums and taking money from parents of noisy children and owners of noisy cockerels. £1,000 fines will be issued for failing to prevent mingling and failure to display the QR code (whatever that is) for use with the NHS app (whatever that is). It is now apparently illegal to encourage gatherings of pigeons and it is, of course, a serious offence to put the wrong type of rubbish in the wrong type of bin. Utter madness. Local Councils should go back to doing nothing – it’s what they do best.

17. The world’s largest swimming pool is being built in Cornwall. It will hold 42,000 cubic metres of water. (I have no idea what that is in gallons.) Someone should tell the builders that water is now one of the world’s rarest and most valuable commodities.

18. It is now reckoned that a retired couple needs £41,000 a year to live on. MPs and civil servants will be fine but what about the rest of the retired population?

19. The once fairly rare hantavirus (spread by rodents) is becoming common in Germany. How long before it arrives in Britain and terrifies the nation.

20. You won’t regret watching my video explaining how the BBC broadcast lies about the safety of the covid-19 jab. The video title is `Lies on the BBC will result in children dying’. But you might regret not watching it. Send copies to everyone you know at the BBC – they need to know what a vile organisation they work for.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2021

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