Passing Observations 47

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. We watched `Casablanca’ for the umpteenth time the other evening. At one point Paul Heidrich, as Victor Laslo, says: `If we stop fighting our enemies, the world will die.’ It was never as true as it is now.

2. Anyone who opposes the cabal, the global warming fraud and Agenda 21 is dismissed as being on the Far Right. If Jesus Christ or St Francis of Assissi were to question what is happening they would be dismissed as Far Right extremists.

3. When Tony Blair was in power I argued that his enthusiasm for the Iraq War was a ploy to ingratiate himself with the American banks – and thereby enrich himself. Does anyone want to disagree with that view?

4. An article in Country Life magazine suggests that Bezos, Musk and Gates have inherited the mantle of Stevenson, Hargreaves and Brunel. Some people just don’t understand, do they? The writer of that `thought’ surely deserves a prize for having his or her head planted firmly in the sand.

5. I wonder how many million people have developed OCD as a result of the distancing, mask wearing and excessive hand sanitising.

6. It is not widely understood but communism and fascism are virtually interchangeable. The political spectrum is a circle not a straight line and one end of extremism (communism) collides with the other (fascism).

7. Ten years ago the unreasonably rich members of the Royal Family received hand-outs from taxpayers totalling £7.9 million. Today, the greedy royals receive £85.9 million plus £200 million spent on security. The total we pay them to ponce around whingeing is rising far faster than inflation or wages. How much longer are we going to put up this? Time, maybe, for someone to start building a guillotine. Meanwhile, why don’t they pay their own security bills?

8. Whatever the UK Government advises it is clear that around 25% of mask wearers will want to carry on wearing their face nappies indefinitely. It will be interesting to see if the mask wearers continue with their inexplicable fetish if it becomes apparent that they are in a minority.

9. Royal Mail appears to be having trouble with people selling re-constituted postage stamps (which have had the ink removed and more glue put onto the back). However, rather than concentrating all their efforts on finding and stopping those responsible, Royal Mail appears to me to be taking the easy way out. When stamps are identified as fake or `revived’ the company simply slams a `money to pay’ notice on the letter, packet or parcel and forces the recipient to pay the demanded fee if they want to receive whatever it is that they have been sent. It seems bizarre that Royal Mail should be allowed to punish the innocent, and turn them into victims, instead of doing more to stop those selling illegal facsimiles.

10. One perk of not paying the BBC licence fee is that you get free membership of the `Threat a Month Club’ and receive a letter from the BBC’s collection agency. I find these make useful firelighters on colder nights.

11. There are fears that extending the length of the school day will be too much for children and teachers. The young King George IV spent eight hours a day learning languages and the classics. He was also taught singing, fencing, drawing and elocution. And in his spare time he learned to pay the cello. Still, Nintendo hadn’t been invented when he was a boy.

12. An Irish Microsoft subsidiary (a Bill Gates cash cow) has no employees but made a profit of £222 billion last year. The company paid no corporation tax because it is resident in Bermuda. Mr Gates is, of course, considered by many to be a philanthropist.

13. Beating the evil cabal isn’t enough. We have to destroy them. Otherwise they will come back.

14. The Kennel Club is calling for businesses, workplaces and shops to welcome people with dogs. Shops and other places catering to the public should recognise that not everyone feels comfortable around strange dogs (and their sometimes stranger owners). I’ve been bitten twice by dogs. On both occasions the owners assured me that their animal had never bitten anyone before. Shopkeepers should be aware that if I am bitten while in a shop I will sue the shop owner.

15. All company bosses who claim furlough payments from taxpayers and then give themselves huge bonuses should surely be arrested for fraud.

16. Those who are keen to be jabbed with the covid-19 napalm substitute obviously don’t care about the future they are sacrificing for a small short-term gain.

17. I have always believed that if the drug industry found a cure for cancer they would suppress it. Drug companies (and drug company employees) have no interest in making people well since their profits come from selling long-term remedies to the sick.

18. A worrying number of people who have spoken out against the covid-19 fraud (and against the covid-19 jabs) have died suddenly and unexpectedly. For the record neither I nor Muhammad Butt (the senior founder of Brand New Tube) are ill or suicidal.

19. One of the most frightening aspects of the covid-19 fraud is the way that so many members of the public have accepted the lies told by governments and their many agencies. Why are so many people keen to welcome Big Brother to control their lives? We are now ruled by patronising nannies and, despite and contrary to the evidence, there is widespread enthusiasm for continuing restrictions.

20. Since March 2020, Microsoft shares have risen by 85% and Apple shares have risen 135%. Not much of a surprise. The billionaires are constantly getting richer.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2021

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