Passing Observations 50

Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. We attended a funeral the other day. The vicar announced that only those wearing masks were allowed to sing the chosen hymns. This was surely illegal since it discriminated against those physically or mentally unable to wear masks.

2. The politicians in Paris are going to construct 700 kilometres of cycle lanes. And I suspect that the cyclists will be given preference over motorists and buses. The lunacy is everywhere. Germany is spending £1.3 billion on cycle lanes to promote cycling as a green method of transport. This expenditure is politically motivated as part of the global warming cult.

3. In the UK, a Latvian worker was given £10,800 in compensation after her employer demanded that she speak English to her Eastern European colleagues. The tribunal ruled that this was discrimination.

4. In Russia a woman claimed she was seduced by an advert for a cheeseburger and that, as a result she broke her fast over Lent. She asked McDonald’s to pay £10 in compensation because her consumer rights had been violated.

5. None of Europe’s 100 most valuable companies was formed in the last 40 years. The old principle of 'buy and hold’ for investors is no longer valid.

6. George Washington, America’s first president, owned slaves and was responsible for the genocide of Native American Indians. I am waiting for Washington DC to be renamed something more acceptable.

7. The Khmer Rouge destroyed ancient treasures. The Taliban destroyed ancient Buddhas. Isis destroyed relics. And in England, groups of self-righteous campaigners are taking down statues everywhere. Compare and contrast.

8. Families whose homes are equipped with smart devices such as smart TVs, printers and cameras are at risk of more than 12,000 hacking attacks every week.

9. One million UK households stopped paying the BBC licence fee in the last two years. And 260,000 pensioners over 75 years of age are refusing to pay the BBC the £159 a year licence fee. They believe they are morally and legally entitled to free licences as a result of a deal the BBC made with the British Government.

10. Vitamin B12 tablets taken sublingually appear to be just as effective as B12 injections.

11. The more you pay for a fake picture the more likely you are to trust that it is genuine. The more a government promotes a crisis the more people are likely to believe it is real.

12. A growing number of people appear to be skipping covid-19 and going straight into long covid. At least 25% of young people are now claiming to be suffering from long covid. Sadly, this means that they are unable to work and must lounge around all day at home, in the park, in a café or on the beach.

13. An 1815 figurehead from HMS Victory (Nelson’s flagship at Trafalgar) was sawn to pieces. (It has been restored.)

14. Predictably, high street retailers are not doing as well as the 'experts’ predicted. Most shoppers still prefer doing their shopping online.

15. The amount of violence in the streets is going to increase as a result of the lockdowns. Stress, mental illness and alcoholism are responsible for the frustration and anger which leads to violence.

16. Zane Grey (one of the most famous writers of cowboy stories) was a dentist. His full name was Pearl Zane Grey. I wonder why he dropped his first Christian name.

17. `I turned on the radio to listen to the cricket the other day,’ said a friend. `A woman was commentating. I turned the radio off. Next, they’ll be allowing women to play cricket.’ I have no comment to make.

18. People who genuinely believe that we are living through a pandemic have it easy. They believe everything they’re told, trust their government, wear their masks and take their jabs. It’s those of us who know the truth who suffer most.

19. We recently drove on the M4 through Port Talbot in Wales. There is a speed limit in place in the area and motorists are told that it is to improve the air quality. It is possible that some folk who have visited Port Talbot in recent decades may see some irony in this. The other funny thing is that many modern cars use less fuel (and, it would seem to follow, give out less pollution) when they are driven faster than the allowed limits. Traffic jams caused by speed limits would appear to result in more pollution.

20. Germany has four times as many critical care beds per head than Britain. In Britain there are more administrators than beds or nurses.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2021

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