Passing Observations 52

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. It is disgraceful that BBC newsreader Huw Edwards is paid only around £500,000 to sit on a chair and read out loud at the same time. Anyone able to do these two things at the same time is surely worth a much larger salary.

2. Your government and those in favour of the Global Reset wants to destroy everything of value which you own. They will use taxes and inflation to steal everything from you. Remember their promise: you will have nothing and you will be happy. Over the years 2009 to 2021 a saver holding cash has earned a total of 6%. But the RPI in the UK has been 39%. Savers have been losing money very quickly. In the last century the American dollar lost 99% of its purchasing power.

3. Everything governments do today is devised to help them take control but also to convince the people that their government cares about them.

4. `If we stop fighting our enemies the world will die’ – Casablanca.

5. The law has always been a crude conspiracy of the strong and the establishment to crush the weak. It has always been a tool used by enfranchised society to dominate and control disenfranchised society.

6. It will very soon be illegal to question climate change or vaccination programmes – in the same way that it is illegal to question the holocaust.

7. We know for sure that everything that is happening is fraudulent because there is no debate, they lie about the figures and they demonise and suppress the truth-tellers.

8. The Queen in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland believed it possible to believe many impossible things before breakfast. The trouble today is that people (controlled by brainwashing, the media and their own cognitive dissonance) believe impossible things all day long.

9. People who believe in the value of crypto-currencies and non-fungible tokens are as far removed from reality as those who believe we can survive now without using fossil fuels. If investments in fossil fuels have no future then we have no future and our world will not continue to exist in any recognisable way. In my view the world of investment is simple: either anything opposed by Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace is a good investment – or there is no point in investing in anything.

10. Company bosses and investment managers who have embraced the fake truths and the myths of global warming have betrayed us all – for the sake of their own convenience.

11. We are trained to be obedient – to do what our parents, teachers, doctors, tax inspectors, policemen and so on tell us to do. Now, we do what the bank, the supermarket, the mathematical modellers and everyone else tells to do. Self-reliance of any kind is discouraged. You cannot mend your car or appliance because the software is too complicated and can only be accessed with special, expensive equipment. But I believe that blind obedience to those with power is the worst sin of modern man and woman. The obedience of the masses will lead to our destruction.

12. `All warfare is based on deception’, wrote Sun Tsu.

13. We watched a man standing on the pavement with his dog. (He was doing something with his phone.) Every time someone wearing a mask went past the dog barked. The dog never barked at people who did not wear masks.

14. Remember: it is not up to those who question the covid-19 experimental jab to prove that it is dangerous (though we can). It is up to those who promote the jab to prove it is safe. And they cannot do that.

15. It’s impossible to obtain precise figures, of course, but hundreds of thousands of children now have serious mental health problems. And, thanks to the wicked Agenda 21 nutters and the fake covid-19 plandemic, hundreds of thousands entering secondary school will be unable to read or write. A great start in life.

16. In 2020, British water companies discharged raw sewage into rivers 400,000 times. Those who like to go `wild swimming’ might like to think about this before diving into a river. There are laws to stop this happening, of course. But it seems that no one in authority gives a shit, if you’ll pardon the expression.

17. Wild bison are now being introduced into Kent. I believe the aim is to turn Britain into a huge wildlife park. And to keep citizens locked up in their apartment blocks in smart cities. A bison can reach six feet tall and weigh a ton. How many farmers’ hedges and fences will stand up to a wandering bison?

18. An editorial writer in Country Life magazine, getting excited about the global warming myth, wrote: `The science is plain and undeniable. Only those with the mentality of the anti-vaxxer …can surely maintain otherwise.’ Sad but also rather laughable in its ignorance and naivety. I’m still waiting for someone to produce real evidence for the global warming myth.

19. The newfound enthusiasm for biofuels (the new petrol on sale in the UK in September will contain biofuel) has a double purpose. First, by using food supplies to make fuel it will increase the number of people dying of starvation. Second, the new fuel won’t work in petrol driven lawnmowers (so gardens will have to go wild) or in older cars (so the poor will suffer yet again).

20. The covid-19 restrictions and laws will segue neatly into global warming restrictions and laws. The masked (by now suffering from dementia) will never notice.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2021

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