Passing Observations 54

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. This morning we took delivery of our weekly shopping and carrying the heavy plastic crates into the house has done my back in again. I am convinced that the supermarkets conspired to get rid of plastic bags in order to weaken and destroy elderly customers. You can call it paranoia if you like. I prefer to call it realism.

2. Politicians in the UK have promised to produce thousands more GPs within months. Just where are they going to find all these new doctors? Traditionally, it takes about eight years to turn a school-leaver into a young GP. I did look on Amazon but they donít seem to be selling ready-made GPs just yet. The answer, of course, is that they will import GPs from countries which probably donít have enough doctors of their own. And the imported GPs wonít speak English very well and will, as a result, make a good many mistakes. No one will realise (or care) that the shortage is caused by the GMCís absurd and counter-productive revalidation programme which has forced many thousands of competent doctors in their 50s and 60s into permanent retirement.

3. Since 1990 there have been an astonishing 1,476 deaths in police custody or following police contact. But there has not been one conviction. No police officer has ever been convicted of anything. It is hardly surprising that trust between public and police is at an all-time low.

4. The UKís state pension is still among the least generous in the developed world. It is the lowest level payable by the 36 countries that belong to the OECD. However, impoverished pensioners can take comfort in the knowledge that MPs have enormously generous pensions Ė largely paid for by taxpayers.

5. Afghanistan was invented by Europeans and is inhabited by dozens of different tribes Ė all with their own languages, religions and culture. Itís hardly surprising that there have been problems since the country was `manufacturedí.

6. If youíd bought a portfolio of American defence company shares in the year 2000 youíd have done extremely well because your money would have increased tenfold. I donít think any other group of shares would match that. (For the record I wonít ever invest in armament companies, drug companies or other disreputable businesses.)

7. Iíve been warning for many long months that they will now start introducing lockdowns to protect us from global warming. And I still believe they will.

8. A global digital vaccine passport is ready to be introduced. The end of our civilisation is closer than most people think.

9. I saw a photo the other day of Tom Cruise wearing two masks at once. Tommy Two Masks. Donít watch any of his movies as a punishment for setting a bad example.

10. Russia is apparently saying that mandatory masks will never be introduced there. It seems strange to see Russia leading the way in the fight for freedom.

11. With virtually no effective health care in the UK, the British appear to have all become involuntary Christian Scientists.

12. Doctors definitely do more harm than good by promoting fake drugs (the covid jabs) for a fake pandemic while withholding essential treatment from millions Ė particularly the elderly.

13. The UKís General Medical Council is technically a charity. I believe that in persecuting doctors who oppose the covid fraud the organisation is in breach of their charitable status. The persecution is, in my view, political rather than medical.

14. Guards who wish to control prisoners effectively work hard to obtain the cooperation of their prisoners since this makes them easier to control. This is exactly what our governments have done. They have obtained control through fear.

15. When millions die this winter the authorities will blame the un-jabbed. They will certainly not admit that people are dying because of the experimental jabs or because the lockdowns and closed hospital departments are resulting in people dying from untreated cancer and heart disease.

16. How long ago did Mr Meghan and Mrs Meghan decide to use the deliberate destruction of the Royal Family as a stepping stone to the international celebrity status they crave? (They presumably didnít realise that they would end up being despised and laughed at, and having very little status or financial value.) Were they persuaded to follow this route as part of the plan to distract the public from things that really matter?

17. Piers Morgan has been cleared by OFCOM after his on air attack on Meghan. The argument is that freedom of speech is important. Itís difficult not to laugh, isnít it? I have been banned from the mainstream media since this hoax began.

18. As an author I have noticed for years that people do not review the content of a book (or how well the author has achieved his or her aims in writing it). Instead, many use the review as an excuse to excoriate the author, air their own views on something (possibly not at all related to the book), promote a product or a cause, or disapprove of the book for something outside the authorís control. And itís getting worse.

19. Iíve been fighting drug company crookedness for over 50 years and it is clear to me that many people still donít understand how manipulative and crooked the drug companies can be. So, hereís one little trick theyíve been using for decades. They will find a tame doctor or scientist whom they can buy (sometimes with gifts, often with big fees) and they will tell him to pretend to be a critic of their own policies. So, for example, they may hire a doctor or scientist to support a website or group opposing the covid jab. The doctor or scientist will be given money to donate to the website or group. But then the hired, rogue doctor (a source of very welcome financial support) will slowly manage and manipulate the way the website or group works. The drug companies use this trick to control charities. (For the record I have never accepted any outside sponsorship or advertising. My only income comes from my books Ė though that has been devastated during the last eighteen months.)

20. Re-wilding enthusiasts (aka deranged cultists) believe the official line that re-wilding is `goodí because efficient farming methods mean that less land is needed to grow food. This is total bollocks. Efficient farming methods donít increase food production so much as they increase farmersí profits. And the re-wilding process is being forced through so that we all have to eat lab grown food. And guess who is making the lab grown food?

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2021

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