Passing Observations 55

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. I didnít see the BBC website run details of the American research showing that teenage boys having the jab are in much greater danger than if they caught covid. (See the article on this website entitled: `Covid jab is up to Six Times as Deadly to Boys as Covid-19í.) Maybe they didnít have room. They did, however, definitely find room for a story entitled `Lizardís 4,000 mile trip hidden in braí and for a story entitled `Wallace and Gromit statue unveiledí.

2. I found this wonderful quote from an `influencerí on the BBC website: `Iím a strong believer in wearing the same dress twiceí. Thatís real pseudo-environmentalism. Fancy that. Wearing the same dress twice!

3. A classic way to make people feel good is to remove uncertainty from their lives. Bosses always like it when they have staff who deal with problems and help them avoid chaos. Our governments are doing the opposite. They are deliberately creating uncertainty.

4. The full rate of the state pension for the newly retired in the UK is £179.60 a week. But those of us who retired some years ago receive much less. I paid all my national insurance contributions and my UK state pension is £137.60 per week. What have I done wrong? Itís simply a question of age. Iím now 75-years-old and so I receive a much smaller pension. Itís wonderful to live in England, isnít it?

5. The NHS in the UK has announced a new cancer screening test which requires DNA samples. (Crumbs. Why could they want all that DNA?) I am confused by this. What use will this be when the NHS is currently years behind in proving appointments for treatment? Millions are going to be told `you have cancer but we canít treat it for five yearsí.

6. Another trip to a usually jolly seaside town confirmed my previous observation: holidaymakers are having a miserable summer (whatever the weather). No one seemed to be happy or having fun. The blank, dull faces (of both adults and children) reminded me of the faces you see in photographs of people in prisoner of war camps and refugee camps. This is what we have come to. And the majority donít notice or donít care or both.

7. Professional footballers are wiser than I had thought. Almost a third of English Football League players have not been jabbed and have no plans to be jabbed. They are clearly brainier than politicians, advisors and doctors.

8. Apologies for the rough sound in recent videos. Some people have moaned and said that we should buy a better microphone. (Thatís crazy Ė we paid £9.99 for the one we use and I donít think they make anything flashier than that.) Itís nothing to do with the microphone, however. Iíve had a bad throat for a few weeks and when we record I start off sounding croaky and get croakier with time.

9. Doctors who speak the truth about the covid fraud are suspended and struck off the medical register for daring to air an opinion. So, what is going to happen to the doctors who were arrested protesting about the global warming myth?

10. How many of Extinction Rebellion supporters realise that global warming is being promoted to force compliance and to destroy the worldís economy. Itís all part of the Great Reset. The economic mayhem resulting from a politically motivated attack on fossil fuels will kill hundreds of millions Ė and make life miserable for the rest.

11. If you have a smart meter installed the authorities will allow you to buy cheaper gas and electricity. But having a smart meter installed gives them complete control over your life and enables them to turn off your power if you donít behave. Incidentally, the cost of gas and electricity is soaring as a direct result of the activities of the greens, the pseudo environmentalists and the global warming myth.

12. According to the EU, burning wood is non-polluting and carbon neutral when the wood is called biomass and burned in huge power stations to create fake green electricity. But when called logs, and used to keep people warm, wood is heavily polluting and carbon naughty.

13. Please join Vernonís Army. All you have to do is pledge to do something for the Resistance Movement every day. I wonít know if you have. But you will.

14. Inflation is going to soar. Those who claim I was wrong about this should just watch.

15. Lefty, virtue signalling, ignorant fools who wear masks and have jabs are selfish. They will be a huge burden on the health services.

16. Our local council now collects our rubbish every three weeks. Iíve asked them if it will be OK if I pay the council tax once every three years. Seems fair.

17. Our fairly new and very expensive but soon to be illegal gas boiler has decided it doesnít like being told what to do. It switches itself on and off when it feels like, with no regard for the thermostat or any instructions we may give it. My wife has decided to name the boiler `Vernoní. I have no idea why.

18. It is sometimes forgotten but for some years now (long before the arrival of covid-19) serious attempts were made to classify those questioning vaccination as terrorists.

19. It seems that British disgraced politician Matt Hancock (`Madgeí to his friends) is going to make a comeback. He has no brains and no morals and is therefore suitable Prime Ministerial material.

20. The new custom is to give antibiotics for three days instead of for five, seven or ten days. (There is no science to the prescribing of antibiotics). I donít think three days is enough and merely leads to prolonged illness and the development of bacterial resistance. It is, I suspect, a major cause of antibiotic resistant bugs.

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2021

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