Passing Observations 56

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Delta Airlines in the US is imposing a $200 a month surcharge on employees who are not jabbed against covid-19. The airline will also only give sick pay to covid-19 patients who have been double jabbed. Please boycott Delta Airlines.

2. Britons are complaining about potential tax rises. Who do they think is going to pay the cost of all the payments to businesses and the furloughed individuals? There are some huge tax rises coming – everywhere. It’s all part of the plan to impoverish us all. So far, however, it seems that the Government has chosen to target pensioners, as though blaming them for the fraud. And for not dying during the slaughter of 2020.

3. Despite promises to the contrary, vaccine passports will be back soon. And will they ever go away? Not a chance.

4. Mr Meghan, formerly of the Royal Family shocked no one by supporting the global jab roll out. The elite will stick together.

5. Dentists are now instructed to keep their doors and windows open to improve the flow of air. You cannot possibly practise dentistry in a hygienic manner with doors and windows open. For one thing, flies enter and land on the instruments.

6. Once a month I receive a letter on behalf of the BBC demanding money. And once a month I throw it away. I refuse to pay their wretched licence fee. Why is this not harassment? If Sky TV wrote to me once a month demanding money I would complain to the police. I think I will make a complaint to the mail marketing overlords and, for fun, to the ASA (the self-styled advertising overlords). Oh, and to the police.

7. The fascist threat to our existence now comes from the far left, woke, green, communist, pseudo environmentalists. They don’t like to think of themselves as fascists but they are.

8. Civil servants waste billions every year in the UK. For example, the Ministry of Defence put in an order for Eurofighter aircraft costing £105 billion. The Ministry decided to save money by removing the nose cannon. This changed the aerodynamics of the plane so much that they had to put concrete in the nose of the plane which now had no gun. This made things worse so they removed the concrete and put the gun back. By this time so much money had been wasted that they had to cut the order in half. I suspect no civil servant was sacked or fined or reprimanded.

9. The world’s population now uses billions of masks – most of which contain a good deal of plastic. Virtue signalling mask wearers are, as a result, using more plastic than was used in the production of plastic bags.

10. Would you accept a life with no good surprises if there were no bad surprises?

11. My books `Spiritpower’ and `Mindpower’ are now available once again as paperbacks. (They are part of my `Bodypower’, `Mindpower’, Spiritpower’ trilogy.)

12. We visited a small town the other day which had twelve shops still open. Three of them were nail parlours. I wonder how long they will last.

13. Masks and lockdowns will be back soon. Signs of normality are emerging. It looks as though the predictions in my video entitled `The Lockdowns, the Masks and the Rules are Coming Back’ (28th July 2021) were absolutely accurate.

14. We bought new, powerful walkie talkie radios so that we can communicate with each other without using mobile phones when we’re out and about. We tried them out today and found an immediate problem. The radios seem to use the same frequency as the local police force. Every few minutes our radios crackled with news of stuff happening in the area. In the end we had to switch them off. We need to adjust the frequency. Since switching mine on and off required every bit of technical skill I possess we will need outside assistance.

15. We have a new game when we’re in a café. We look at the menu and decide what we’d eat if we weren’t veggie and we were willing to eat out and risk catching a stomach bug. Today, A chose a steak and kidney pie and chips. After much thought I decided on all day breakfast of sausage, egg, bacon, tomatoes, hash browns, baked beans and sautéed potatoes. In the end we settled for two bottles of spring water.

16. The authorities seem slightly surprised that there are new variations on last year’s covid. That’s what the flu always does. It mutates slightly. That’s why last year’s flu vaccine never works for this year’s flu.

17. One third of professional footballers have refused the covid jab. If the unvaxed have to form a ghetto we’ll be able to put together a terrific team and play well above our weight. Of course, none of the vaxed teams will play us.

18. The Government admits that vax passports are being introduced to force teenagers into accepting the jab. Isn’t that blackmail?

19. The current financial slump in the UK is the worst for 300 years. I can’t remember what things were like any further back than that. Things are just as bad in the United States where the Federal Reserve is `printing’ $120 billion of new money every month.

20. For those who want to know what the future might look like I suggest reading a novel called `Revolt’ by, er, Vernon Coleman. Nigel Farage liked it a lot. (If I don’t plug it no one else will.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2021

Vernon Coleman’s latest book is called `Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21’. The book explains how we got here, why we got here and where we will end up if the resistance movement doesn’t win the war we are fighting. `Endgame’ is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook. Vernon Coleman’s first book about the covid hoax - `Coming Apocalypse – is still available. It was published in April 2020. The book summarised what had already happened and what Dr Coleman believed was about to happen. If you read it you can check how accurate he was.