Passing Observations 57

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Masks and lockdowns will come back because there are signs of normality appearing. And then there will be serious talk again about vaccine passports - `to protect us from ourselves’.

2. My novel The Truth Kills is the story about British general practitioners working in the National Health Service and, in particular about two doctors – a middle aged male GP and a young female trainee doctor. The trainee fights a courageous battle against the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry. `It is very funny indeed…if you want a GP’s uncensored view about the NHS today…this is the book for you,’ said Country Life magazine.

3. I started to write a script entitled `The Ten Biggest Lies Told by Government This Week’. I had to give up because I’d found more than ten big lies before I’d got to Tuesday. This war is proving difficult because our main weapon is the truth and convincingly told lies can temporarily trump the truth – especially when spread by a willing mass market media.

4. Silent obedience will destroy us all.

5. If your body doesn’t contain enough of a virus to cause symptoms you probably won’t have enough to spread it. Covid, like other versions of the flu, is transmitted by coughing and sneezing and asymptomatic spread doesn’t occur. Except, the vaccinated seem to hold huge quantities of their virus in their bodies before showing any symptoms. And so it seems that the vaccinated can spread the bug without anyone knowing they’ve got it. The jabbed are, therefore, all walking versions of Typhoid Mary.

6. At least a quarter of the people with covid have had two jabs.

7. Matt Hancock wants to make a comeback. He seems to be corrupt and a liar. He should go far in Government.

8. Have you noticed that when you type the word `covid’ into a computer the word will automatically be turned into capitals – as in `COVID’. It takes me ages to force the computer to let me put the word back into lower case letters. This is part of the psychological plan to make us think that covid is more important than cancer, pneumonia or cardiac disease.

9. Gold medal for hypocrisy goes to Michel Barnier who fought against Brexit with so much venom that most Britons ended up hating the EU more than they had when the Referendum took place. Barnier is now running for French President (he has no better chance of becoming President of France than I have) and in order to gather in a few votes, claims that France has to win back the sovereignty it has lost to the EU courts. He has, almost unbelievably, called for a referendum on banning non-EU immigration. I wonder if there is a politician anywhere in the world today who understands the meaning of the words `honour’, `decency’ and `principle’. I suspect not. Silly question, I suppose.

10. Twenty American states are now dissolving dead bodies and pouring the remains into the sewer. I suspect the water from the sewer will go into the rivers. And I have little doubt that drinking water will be taken from the rivers. So, in America, the politicians aren’t just killing granny – they are making people drink her.

11. William Cobbett has long been one of my favourite authors. He and Daniel Defoe were fearless, indefatigable and frequently outrageous. Neither of them would have survived in today’s censorious and politically correct world. Here are Cobbett’s remarks about tea (taken from ‘The Vice of Tea Drinking’): ‘It is notorious that tea has no useful strength in it, and that it contains nothing nutritious; that it, besides being good for nothing, has badness in it, because it is well known to produce want of sleep in many cases, and in all cases to shake and weaken the nerves.’ He concluded: ‘I view tea drinking as a destroyer of health, and enfeebler of effeminacy and laziness, a debaucher of youth, and a maker of misery for old age.’ Of course, tea isn’t the only drink to be considered unhealthy. At the end of the 17th century pamphlets were distributed warning that coffee caused impotence.

12. There are far more vegetarian and vegan foods around these days than there were 20 years ago. Sadly, a good deal of what is available is dire. For dinner this evening we tried a thin crust cheese-less margarita pizza. It would have made a decent Frisbee but it was entirely inedible. The people who make such awful food must know that their products are terrible. I very much doubt if anyone ever buys two of their pizzas. Presumably, they get away with it by selling their stuff to an endless series of new customers.

13. This evening I wandered around the garden checking to see if any of our trees were dead. Only when they are supposed to be in leaf can I really tell if there are any dead trees that might need to be felled. Most seemed very healthy but I noticed a trunk that didn’t seem to have any branches, let alone any foliage. On closer examination it turned out to be a telegraph pole. I’ll have to start wearing my spectacles when I do my tree inspections.

14. I am always extra cautious when working in the garden these days. We have adders and grass snakes and although I am not worried about the latter I do worry about being bitten by one of the former. What the devil happens these days? Our GPs’ surgery seems to be shut and the hospitals don’t seem to be running much of a service. Besides, I am well over 75-years-old and therefore in the `forget about him’ age range. I confessed to Antoinette today that I was scratched by a squirrel a couple of weeks ago. I only told her so that I could warn her that one or two of the squirrels have a tendency to leap up when we feed them. I was caught on the hand when a particularly enthusiastic squirrel leapt up at me. I squeezed out some drops of blood and washed the hand thoroughly and then, for good measure, smeared on some antiseptic cream. It is now absolutely fine and I haven’t contracted any nasty squirrel disease. Antoinette thanked me for allowing several weeks to pass by before telling me because she said it spared her weeks of worry that I was going to develop something nasty.

15. I usually check my blood pressure every three months and it’s due for my quarterly test. But there seems no point. There is effectively no GP service and the local hospitals appear to be shut to new patients especially the ones with grey hair and reading glasses.

16. My Italian publishers wrote sending me a statement for my book How to Stop Your Doctor Killing You which is apparently still selling quite well in Italy. The accounts department want me to send huge amounts of paperwork so that they can put my royalty earnings into my account. I cannot face any of this paperwork. By the time I have paid Italian tax, British tax and a variety of bank charges (including converting from euros to sterling) there probably won’t be anything left anyway. I think I’ll just leave it where it is. When did life become so complicated?

17. The number of people who believe the awful events that occurred on the 9th September 2001 were a false flag operation now exceeds the number who believe it was a terrorist operation. So this means that those who believe that terrorists were responsible are conspiracy theorists (and those responsible were conspirators).

18. The odd thing with new cars these days is that the manufacturers don’t supply a spare wheel. They give you a can of something to squirt in the tyre to seal the puncture. I’ve tried those and they are useless. Not giving a spare wheel is apparently, a result of an EU directive (a posh word for a regulation which is another posh word for a law) which tells car manufacturers not to include spare wheels in order to save weight. I bet a pound to a penny that the directive from the EU was a result of intense lobbying by the car companies.

19. This evening I started to read Simenon’s novel Maigret and the Woman with the Long Face, which is a new Penguin translation of Maigret et la Grande Perche. The title was new to me so I thought it was one of the Maigret books I had missed. But within a page I recognised the story. It had previously been published as Maigret and the Burglar’s Wife. I seem to remember that Penguin do this a good deal – changing titles and then selling books to unsuspecting readers. Nowhere in the newly titled book is there any mention that the book had previously been published under a different title. What a jolly profitable scam. I wouldn’t mind because I often re- read books, but I re-read this book not long ago.

20. An old lady who Antoinette had met in the street came to tea. She said she had had a visit from the ghost of her dead husband and then looked at me. ‘He looked better than you do,’ she said. She was just being honest but she might have sugar coated the thought. Spotting the Bechstein grand piano in our drawing room, she told Antoinette to play something. Antoinette dutifully sat down but had not played more than a handful of notes before the old lady booted her out of the way, sat down and produced a painful cacophony. ‘The piano is out of tune,’ she said dismissively. She then asked me what I did. I said I wrote books. ‘But do you have any talents or skills?’ she asked. I don’t think she was being particularly rude. I think it was just something that came naturally. I said I looked after the garden and was very good at lighting bonfires. She then talked a good deal more about herself. We told her about Antoinette’s cancer and the treatment. ‘Of course, people get cancer because they have done something evil. It is a punishment from God,’ she announced suddenly. At this point I beat her over the head and buried her in the garden. Or, at least, I should have done. Anyway, she won’t be coming to tea again.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2021

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