Passing Observations 60

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. I read today that some NHS clinical commissioning groups are trying to save money by refusing to allow patients to have cataract operations. The people who make the decision to do this should be lined up against a wall and shot. No last meal, no blindfold. Meanwhile, the BMA still insists that the NHS must provide free health care for foreigners. Patients who come from abroad to have their triplets on our wallet are welcomed. Patients are given free sex change operations and cosmetic surgery and millions are spent on infertility treatment. But elderly folk who are going blind and who could have their sight back if given a small, relatively cheap operation are told to bugger off and get a white stick. Don’t these morons realise that when people go blind they become vulnerable? They fall, they have accidents, they are more prone to dementia and they become depressed. Going blind in your 70s creates dependence and isolation. The newly blind will find it difficult to learn to use braille. They will be denied the joy of books and films and sport on television. And in crude financial terms, the final cost to society will be far higher than the cost of a cataract operation. I loathe the NHS bureaucrats and the BMA with a great loathing.

2. As the jabbing of children now continues apace I predict that the incidence of autism will rocket in the next few years. The authorities will, of course, deny that there could be any connection.

3. Swedish volunteers will be paid £17 to have the covid-19 jab. This is part of an experiment to find out how small a bribe will encourage people to be jabbed with an experimental injection which may kill them.

4. Beavers are being released in England as part of the nonsensical Agenda 21 re-wilding process. Unfortunately, beavers have a habit of blocking ditches. And blocking ditches results in floods. More floods mean that the nutty greens can claim that global warming is occurring. And flooded farmland means that more people have to eat lab grown food. All part of the plan, of course.

5. The British met office has a forecast for the weather in July 2059. They say there will be a heatwave. How do they know this when they don’t know what the weather will be later today? Weather forecasting has become part of the Agenda 21 bollocks. 6. Raw sewage was pumped into England’s rivers 403,000 times last year. Bad enough for those who like swimming in rivers. Even worse for those whose drinking water is taken from rivers.

7. Daft green regulations about fossil fuels will result in a fall in the UK Government’s annual income of £37 billion a year. Every year. Now, where do you think they’re going to find that missing £37 billion a year?

8. The most acceptable pet is now the tortoise. It is, apparently, eco-friendly. Dogs and cats are considered far more damaging to the environment. Since it is known that cuddling a pet helps soothe people in anguish and it is difficult to cuddle a tortoise this will doubtless result in an increase in mental health problems.

9. The wettest day in the UK this year resulted in a rainfall of 62.6 mm in 24 hours. That compares to 211 mm of rain in Wales on 11th November 1929. The figure of 62.6 mm is less than a quarter of the amount of rain which fell in Dorset on 18th July 1955. Once again, here is proof that the global warming nutters are lying when they talk about our climate changing. As my chum Dr Colin Barron says `It’s just weather’.

10. The UK’s bill for the covid-19 hoax is currently estimated at £372 billion. So far. Children will be paying off that bill all their lives. Their children will be impoverished because of these debts. £26 billion was lost to business loan fraud. And £20 billion was wasted on useless PPE. Each current taxpayer will have to pay at least £12,000 to cover the bill.

11. Are small babies and infants on the menu in the BBC canteen, I wonder? BBC staff are a disgrace to journalism.

12. GPs in the UK have demanded extra money to see patients online. And they have demanded extra money to see patients in their surgeries. And they are receiving extra money to give the covid -9 jab to children (on top of the usual vaccination fee which they receive). It won’t be long before the average GP is taking home £250,000 a year for a less than 40 hour working week.

13. The triple jabbed will soon look down on the double jabbed. And then…

14. Soaring fossil fuel costs (caused by the mad greens) means that the cost of producing fertiliser is too high. Without fertilisers there will be a major shortage of food. Prices will soar and there will be yet more shortages. None of this is accidental, of course.

15. The jab against last year’s flu doesn’t protect you against this year’s flu. Flu viruses vary and mutate. Exactly the same thing is happening to the new flu – rebranded as covid-19. I see that the famous Oxford jab woman now agrees with me that viruses become weaker as they age and mutate. They don’t become more dangerous. I’ve been saying that for a year or more. When I said it I was a discredited conspiracy theorist.

16. I am sickened by the way the mainstream media gloats every time someone who hasn’t been jabbed falls ill with the flu.

17. Employees are being given the right to ask to work from home. That’ll be great for airline pilots, road sweepers and delivery drivers.

18. A study of more than 27,000 individuals found that more than half the people allegedly suffering from long covid were simply suffering from normal bouts of ill health. So, to be blunt, most of the long covid sufferers are best described as hypochondriacs. Long covid is another piece of hysterical and fraudulent nonsense promoted by mainstream media to create fear.

19. In Pennsylvania, US, in the last 18 months there have been 2,300 cases of children (mostly under five-years-old) suffering from poisoning from hand sanitisers.

20. Ambulances cannot cope and the army is being brought in. Ministers and mad journalists blame covid-19. It is nothing to do with covid-19. The ambulance service has been failing since GPs started working the same hours as librarians. Patients who fall ill in the evening, at night, at weekends or on bank holidays have no one to call but the ambulance service. Things have got worse as hospital departments have closed. And of course the refusal of GPs to do their jobs properly has exacerbated the situation. The NHS has collapsed and is no longer fit for service.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2021

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