Passing Observations 64

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. I have started taking 1000 mcg of vitamin B12 sublingually. It is possible to buy these tablets quite cheaply. When my B12 was measured some months ago it was just above the accepted UK level for a shortage. In many countries the accepted level is much lower and I would be considered to be in need of injections every three months. I think, however, that the sublingual tablets, which are absorbed straight into the blood stream, are a good way to avoid injections and to avoid the problems caused by tablets not being absorbed properly. It’s my guess that B12 deficiency is one of the commonest, serious, undiagnosed conditions.

2. I’ve been researching and writing about covid for too long. I am tired of the lies, bored by the deceits, wearied by the confabulations, the endless wickednesses and the pseudoscience. I am exhausted, both mentally and physically, and I have diagnosed myself as suffering from my own private version of Very Long Covid.

3. Any disease, illness, signs or symptoms anyone gets after testing positive for covid-19 are now officially caused by covid. So, presumably, if a woman becomes pregnant after testing positive for covid-19 she should put covid-19 down as the father.

4. The Scottish Government has been urged to let 12-year-olds change their gender without parental consent. And since the Scottish Government invariably does what it is urged to do then it’s a fair bet that this will come to pass.

5. The new politically correct woke rules mean that anything left wing is good. (One of the UK Government’s main advisors is a communist.). In contrast, any individual or organisation promoting independence, freedom and democracy is right wing and therefore bad. Simple when you understand it.

6. I believe that the GMC, possibly the second most pointless and bureaucratic organisation in the world (the WHO must take first place) is one of the greatest threats to health and life in the United Kingdom. I suspect the GMC’s bizarre policies have killed more people than covid. It is rumoured that their widely disliked revalidation programme was designed to prevent a second Dr Shipman. But as every doctor knows no system of administration would stop another doctor intent on killing hundreds of patients.

7. A dozen years ago when I wrote my comprehensive book on vaccination (called ‘Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying’) I said, in the first edition and first printing, that I would provide exemption certificates if any government introduced a mandatory vaccination programme. And then the General Medical Council in the UK made it nigh on impossible for any retired doctor to retain a licence to practise. Without a licence I cannot write prescriptions or sign death certificates and, more pertinently, I cannot sign exemption forms for those not wanting to be given an experimental jab.

8. The AstraZeneca jab was, I believe, created by scientists funded largely by British taxpayers and charities. I’d just like it to be known that since I don’t approve of the jab, and the way it has been used, I will not be accepting my share of the massive royalty which British taxpayers (as investors) will be receiving. (Don’t get excited – that is what used to known as a joke, when jokes were allowed.)

9. I was, I think, the last doctor in Britain to be reported to the GMC for advertising. I had put my name on a book, and a drug company had complained. Dr Hilary Jones, the well-known vaccine supporter has, I believe, done adverts for some sort of stairlift, a hearing aid and a make of curtains. Those are just ones I’ve seen. For all I know he’s also done promotional ads for coffins, tea strainers and hob nailed boots. No one bats an eyelid and the medical establishment is far more likely to get heavy handed if a doctor tells the truth than if one puts his or her name and face to a commercial product. I don’t approve of doctors advertising commercial products (my name is used in conjunction with one item but I was never paid – the quote that is used was merely taken from an article I wrote) but I do wonder whether it reflects the dignity of the profession. Still, medicine stopped being a profession when it sold out to the pharmaceutical industry so I don’t suppose it matters.

10. In a silly moment I looked on eBay and found that it is possible to purchase large, yellow quarantine flags. The best one had been the property of a royal navy ship. I thought about buying it to fly from our flagpole but I rather fear that if I do so someone will call the police.

11. A major freight operator in the UK has pulled electric trains from its fleets because of spiralling costs of electricity. It is changing to diesel locomotives. When asked how the Government was planning to cope with energy supply problems, a minister is reported to have said that he was hoping for a ‘mild winter’.

12. Modern regulations allow farmers, meat processors, packers and food companies selling meat to mislead their consumers in a way that would probably startle people in other industries. The word ‘meat’ can include the head, feet, rectum (full or empty), spinal cord and tail of an animal. The term ‘meat product’ can include the eyeballs and the nose. A package which is labelled as pure beef may include fat, rind, gristle and skin. It is commonplace for sausages to include ground up tonsils, fat, bone, cartilage and intestines (with or without the contents). The people selling meat and meat products use flavourings and colourings to disguise what they are selling. Faecal matter is an advantage because it adds extra weight. Water and polyphosphates are injected into an animal’s dead body at high pressure in order to increase the weight of the animal and the profit to the farmer. Astonishingly, some doctors actively encourage their patients to eat meat. After reading in the national press that a doctor in England was alleged to be ‘prescribing rump steak and pork chops’ to his patients I wrote to the General Medical Council (the organisation which regulates and registers doctors in the United Kingdom) asking them to investigate. There is, I pointed out, ample evidence available to show that meat causes cancer. (From the newspaper reports, I gathered that the doctor’s activities were being encouraged by the meat industry). I offered to provide the General Medical Council with over 20 scientific papers, published in reputable journals (including the International Journal of Cancer, New England Journal of Medicine, Cancer Research, British Journal of Cancer, Cancer, British Medical Journal) showing that eating meat causes cancer. (My book `Meat Causes Cancer – and other Food for Thought’ contains numerous specific references.) I also pointed out that the United States Surgeon General has reported links between meat eating and cancer. I suggested to the General Medical Council that this was a matter of significant public interest and should be attended to without delay. I was not in the slightest bit surprised to receive a letter from the General Medical Council dismissing my complaint. ‘We have carefully considered the information you provided...however, we have decided that this is not a matter that justifies action by us. The issue you have mentioned does not appear to have any bearing on the doctor’s ability to practise medicine and does not breach our guidance.’ So, according to the General Medical Council, it is perfectly acceptable for a doctor to recommend that his patients eat food that may give them cancer.

13. As predicted more than half a year or more ago, inflation is coming big-time. It is, of course, a deliberate policy designed to reduce the Government’s massive debts. The same thing is happening all around the world. (There has been an increase in interest rates in Poland – the first since 2012 – and New Zealand raised interest rates for the first time in seven years.) As I predicted, those with savings will see their money disappear and those with mortgages should be prepared for much higher monthly payments. Banks will continue to pay interest rates far below the level of inflation (as they have been doing for years). People with far too little scepticism flowing in their bloodstream laughed and sneered when I predicted inflation and higher interest rates but it’s all an inevitable part of the Great Reset. And those who laughed when I predicted higher oil and gas prices might now be wondering why they didn’t buy oil and gas shares.

14. Sorting through boxes of stuff (as we all do from time to time) I discovered my parents’ old ration books from the Second World War and the 1950s. I was about to dump them when Antoinette suggested that I keep them. We might need them.

15. Millions have been driven from their lives, driven away from their hopes and expectations by deliberately, wickedly engineered fear.

16. The French police arrested a Briton for wearing the wrong sort of facemask on Eurostar. I thought trains only had trouble with the wrong sort of snow and the wrong sort of leaves. I wonder what the wrong sort of facemask looks like? Personally, I think any face mask is the wrong sort.

17. Only 2% of people who don’t wear face masks tested positive for covid-19.

18. Apropos of absolutely nothing I discovered today that Screaming Lord Sutch’s backing musicians in the 1960s included Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Noel Redding, Mitch Mitchell, Freddie Fingers Lee and Paul Nicholas. Not all at the same time. Lord David Sutch is much missed and remembered with great fondness. His appearance at election time was a welcome touch of true, honest insanity.

19. It’s worth repeating, and remembering, that insurance companies won’t pay out for adverse events caused by the experimental jab.

20. Hospitals are already preparing for another winter of genocide by blaming the elderly for blocking hospital beds. It is, they will claim, because of the sick and aged that the NHS cannot cope with its obligations. It is nothing to do with the fact that perfectly healthy staff members are hiding at home because they tested positive, or to do with the fact that daft social distancing rules are being followed as though they were useful, important and relevant.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 2021

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