Passing Observations 69

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Vaccinations (of all kind) and fluoridation (of water supplies) are both designed to sacrifice individuals for the sake of the economy and the Great Reset. Remember that when New World Order politicians promote either.

2. A recent survey showed that 93% of the public want their plastic bags back and believe that life was much better with them than it is without them.

3. A young woman with a vaccine damaged brain gets up every morning, puts her packed lunch into a bag and waits for the bus to take her to the day centre for people with severe learning disabilities. She has been doing this for the last eighteen months. Attending the day centre was the highlight of her day. But for eighteen months she has waited in vain. There is no bus because the day centre is closed due to the covid-19 fraud. The staff are all at home, on full pay. That is just one example of the price people are paying for this, the most evil fraud in our history. If you want another example, my wife is still waiting for the physiotherapy department at the local hospital to open and accept patients again. It appears to have been shut since the start of the fraud. Hundreds of people have had to suffer in pain for absolutely no reason. I have no doubt that the staff are at home, on holiday or making TikTok videos.

4. `What do I require from life? Just this: the courage to live it to the full; the wisdom to live it memorably.’ - Robert Donat (1937)

5. Edward the 1st had 16 legitimate children and died at 35. Henry 1st had 22 illegitimate children with six mistresses and died at age 67. I’m not sure what this proves.

6. I think I’ve worked out why so many people are still wearing masks: they’re so darned ugly that they welcome the chance to keep their faces covered at all times.

7. Remember (and never forget) that everything your government does is deliberate. Nothing happens by accident.

8. Fertility rates are the lowest they have ever been. Scientists seem puzzled. They shouldn’t be. Fertility rates are low because of high levels of oestrogen in the drinking water. (For an explanation read my book `Superbody’). There is so much oestrogen in rivers that male fish are changing sex. And, of course, much of our drinking water is taken from rivers.

9. Interesting to see the queen of England shake hands with Bill Gates. Why the devil was Gates in Buckingham Palace? Why weren’t any of them wearing the masks they expect everyone else to wear?

10. The trend to do things for charity is booming again. People who want to do something expensive say they’re doing it to raise money and get all their expenses paid. I intend to spend next Saturday evening sitting by the fire with my beloved and a good book. I shall sit there for as long as I can. Sponsorship money will be used to buy the logs, the book and a good bottle of something. Anything left over will be donated to a charity I haven’t yet set up.

11. Vax passport holders are traitors to themselves, us, society, democracy, freedom and humanity. They should be regarded as traitors.

12. The absurd social distancing rules are responsible for thousands of deaths. It is the allegiance to the nonsense that is social distancing which results in hospitals remaining half empty and allowing waiting lists to grow ever longer.

13. I wonder what the BBC’s carbon footprint looks like. All those studios, all those cameras, all those employees rushing around in taxis. The BBC, as green and woke and ignorant as it is possible to be, should be forced to reduce its carbon footprint to nil by the end of the year. My guess is that they’ll have to sack 20,000 members of staff. Can’t come a moment too soon.

14. Those who thought my warnings about inflation were misconceived and premature should now be preparing their letters of apology. Inflation is soaring and set to go further. Those who want to know more should take a look at my book `Moneypower’. I am ancient enough to remember when those who wanted a loan thought themselves lucky to be able to borrow money at 17% annual interest. How many of today’s mortgage owners would survive with interest rates at that level? Approximately none is my guess.

15. Fact checkers still claim that masks are safe and useful. Masks are dangerous and useless. Please send copies of my free book `Proof that masks do more harm than good’ to all the fact-checkers you can find. Maybe they’ll learn something.

16. Female employees of a bank called Citigroup can now take leave or work flexibly if they are menopausal. Where is this going to end? Small employers cannot compete with generosity of this sort. And what about men going through the male menopause?

17. Oil and gas prices are continuing to rise. Keep watching. The nutters want to stop the use of all fossil fuels. But without fossil fuels there will be no heat, no food, no transport, no wind power, no solar power, no electric cars and no anything. The global warming nutters are insane and should be locked up. Oh, and now they want to stop the burning of biomass. Without fossil fuels and biomass (wood from trees) we will all be dead very quickly. Oh, but that’s what the elite want isn’t it?

18. An Australian professor has been fired for criticising the insane global warming pseudoscience. The discredited global warming theory is, like the covid hoax, apparently beyond criticism. This is what totalitarianism looks like.

19. It has been again decreed that in future all homosexual parts in plays and films must be played by homosexuals. Presumably, all heterosexual parts must be played by heterosexuals.

20. During COP 26 in Glasgow, landlords were asking up to £36,000 for a flat rental. And one hotel was asking £14,000 for a single room. I wonder if it is remotely possible that taxpayers might have ended up paying these bills. Add all that to the £70 billion spent on keeping workers at home for 18 months, and it isn’t difficult to see that taxes are going to have to rise a good deal in the next year or two.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2021

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