Passing Observations 71

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. I suggest that at the bottom of your emails (as a `signature’) you put: `Remember these emails are read by GCHQ, CIA and Google. Even emails you draft but don’t send are read.’

2. I visited a cathedral the other day. Inside I found one child screaming (with mother looking very pleased with herself and her awful brat). He or she didn’t seem to be screaming for a reason. A woman was shouting on her mobile phone (as people did in the 1980s) and four people were noisily setting up a table for a wedding reception in the nave. There was also a fast food stand. A fast food stand inside the cathedral. I sometimes think I’ve been transported to another planet somewhere. I should be grateful there were no moneylenders available.

3. Your body no longer belongs to you. If you die (or appear to have died) the Government has the right to rip out whichever organs they feel might be useful – unless you choose to opt out. Remember Schwab saying `you will own nothing’?

4. Cars are fitted with black boxes which report where you are and where you have been to the authorities. It will be easy for the same authorities to charge motorists by the mile.

5. Cyclists and pedestrians in the UK are being given precedence over motorists. Goodbye pedestrian crossings and welcome Accident and Emergency.

6. Whatever noises are made there is no doubt that transgender sport is here to stay. Within five years no human born a woman will ever win a sporting event again. Unless they introduce crochet into the Olympics. This is all part of the plan to divide and create resentment. Remember, nothing happens by accident.

7. Most of those who whinge and moan about the quality of videos, and who complain that everyone fighting the Great Reset is `controlled opposition’, do absolutely nothing to help the war effort. If we lose this war they will be as responsible as Fauci, Whitty,Gates, Schwab, Blair and the politicians.

8. One of the things I have learned in this life is that there is no such thing as a squirrel proof bird feeder. There just isn’t. A few years ago a friend in America sent me feeders made out of glass and steel. The squirrels took them apart in hours and distributed the parts around the garden.

9. It will cost £98 billion to get every property in London to net zero. At least 200,000 homes will have to be torn apart, re-insulated, fitted with new heating systems and so on. All 33 local authorities in London have approved the plan. No one knows who is going to pay for it.

10. The obsessive loonies who sort out all the rubbish in semi-religious earnestness don’t understand that all the evidence shows that recycling costs money, energy and time and has been proved to do far more harm than good. That’s why so much of the carefully sorted recycling is taken abroad to be dumped. The problem now is that few countries will accept Britain’s unwanted recycling because it just isn’t cost effective. The recycling scam was designed to create obedience and compliance – and to prepare the dim-witted for mask wearing and experimental jabs. A reader wrote to tell me that he lives in a block of flats. There is one communal bin for recycling and one for rubbish. Each week a truck comes round and dumps the contents of both bins into the back of the same truck.

11. Shareholders, pension companies and investments will soon be banned from holding shares in `unacceptable companies’ such as mine companies and oil companies. In November 2021, the UK Government announced that every British company on the stock exchange would be obliged to produce annual plans for its commitment to the green cause – or face penalties. This dangerous nonsense will affect everyone with a pension or investments.

12. Van Morrison is apparently being sued by Northern Ireland’s health minister. The minister, someone called Robin Swann, is seemingly upset because Van the Man has, on separate occasions, allegedly described him as `very dangerous’ and a `fraud’. That seems to be it. Crumbs. I thought politicians were reputed to have thick skins.

13. The question that will be asked in the future will be: `What did you do in the covid war?’ Those who sat back, obeyed and said nothing will be reviled in the way that Germans who did and said nothing in the 1930s are still reviled.

14. It takes approximately 1,000 tons of steel to make each wind turbine. You cannot make steel without coal. And coal is being outlawed.

15. The Tory party is planning to spend billions on home insulation and electric vehicle charging points. They are spending millions on cycle lanes. The total bill will put the UK into debt. The country will owe £1 trillion before the Government has finished spending. Someone is going to have to pay for it all. It will not, of course, be the sandal wearing, anorak toting greens who are noisy in support of the global warming pseudoscience – most of whom have never done a day’s work in their lives.

16. Is the oil industry finished – or is it the biggest investment opportunity in modern history? Banks are being told not to lend money for exploration and very little new oil is being found. We’re using up existing oil rapidly. The world cannot function without oil (supplies of which have been running out for years) so either we’re all going to die very soon or the price of oil is going to go up.

17. Head-teachers’ unions called for children to be allowed to use `drop in vax centres’ in England and Scotland. I wonder if they know how many children will die if this suggestion is followed through? 18. I bought a packet of walnuts for the squirrels. The packet contained nothing but walnuts. There was a label on the packet which read `may contain nuts’.

19. In Australia, members of the crowd at sporting matches are told not to touch the ball if it leaves the pitch. In Australia, footballs and cricket balls are apparently believed to carry dangerous diseases. Fortunately, this does not appear to be a problem in other countries.

20. A company’s only role should be to employ people and pay them to do things that people want to pay money for. The enthusiasm of simpering, woke influenced companies for ESG nonsenses is frightening and nauseating. Such companies will eventually turn out to be disastrous for the shareholders and pensioners who own them.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2021

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