Passing Observations 73

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. The mind is a wonderful thing. It responds in sometimes unpredictable ways. If you see a headline which says: `Boris Johnson is an alien’ then most people will probably dismiss it quite readily. But if the headline says `Is Boris Johnson an alien?’ readers will be more likely to suspect that the British Prime Minister might indeed be from another planet. And research shows that if people see a headline which says `Boris Johnson is NOT an alien’ then their suspicions will be raised still higher.

2. Many now miss the lockdowns and the furlough payments because their spirits are broken. The lockdowns enabled them to avoid responsibility for their own lives.

3. There never was any doubt that the covid passports and the lockdowns and the utterly absurd social distancing were being used to increase the number of people agreeing to be given an experimental and potentially lethal injection.

4. I see that in their attempts to please the politically correct who now control the world, the cricket authorities are encouraged to ensure that there are the right number of ethnic cricket umpires. I suspect they will be appointing professional umpires by race, birth or skin colour rather than skill, experience and knowledge. What’s the word that describes such behaviour – giving a job to someone because of their skin colour? Ah, yes, of course. It’s called racism.

5. If I don’t use my mobile phone every few weeks, the phone company will cancel the number and steal the money in the phone. `I need to make a phone call but I don’t want to talk to anyone,’ I said to A. `Ring the GP’s surgery,’ she replied instantly. `They have a message on their phone but you never get to speak to a person.’ It’s so good to know that GPs have a purpose.

6. I just re-discovered my biographical description on my book `The Kick Ass A-Z for Over 60s’. It reads: `Vernon Coleman is a feisty post-reconstructed – pre-millennial with revolutionary tendencies’. Sounds about right.

7. If things keep going the way they are there won’t need to be any book burning in the future because there won’t be any books.

8. The people who accept the jab because they want to go to a concert or a football match or two weeks holiday in Madeira are collaborators. Those who carry vax passports are traitors. It is no time to be polite or to worry about hurting people’s feelings. We are fighting a war.

9. While making one my videos recently, I suddenly felt an uncontrollable need to scratch the side of my nose. Having done this I then had to stop and start again then edit it out afterwards. If I had left in the nose scratch this would have been used as clear evidence that I am a member of some secret organisation. Barking.

10. I have a new rule of life: `If something needs doing to a house it will never be done if it is not done within the first six months of moving in’. For example, when we bought our home we bought wire brushes and radiator paint so that we could clean and paint all the radiators. (A local decorator had told us it would take three weeks to do the work. The idea of having painters in the house for three weeks was too much for me.) The wire brushes and radiator paint are sitting in the boiler room where I suspect they will remain. The radiators are still flaking and remind me of the Singing Detective.

11. A local bowling alley has proudly announced that it will now sanitise each lane after use. Why on earth would they do that?

12. Everyone who buys or sells a share is confident that they are doing the right thing. But exactly half of them are completely wrong. The same thing is true of many things.

13. I hope all the people who have claimed that I am not a doctor or like and say that I have been struck off the medical register, own beautiful homes and motor cars – because those homes and motor cars will soon be mine. Those are very expensive libels.

14. A new study shows that drinking alcohol is a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions. I knew they’d get there eventually. So alcohol is banned.

15. Why do so many people still wear masks? My book ‘Proof That Masks Do More Harm Than Good’ was banned but is now available free on both my websites as a PDF. 16. Everyone should know by now that the rubbish carefully sorted for recycling is either burned or sent abroad to be dumped. So why do people still waste time sorting their rubbish into separate boxes? They have become compliant and part of the mythology.

17. The squirrels in our garden have been conducting a clinical trial. Sometimes they sit on the windowsill and look charming. And sometimes they put their forefeet on the door into the conservatory and look in through the glass. They are, I believe, checking to see which technique produces the greater reward in nuts. What a pity the people pushing the jabs aren’t as keen on clinical trials.

18. The problem with the medical profession these days is illustrated by the fact that doctors see obesity as a disease and as an opportunity to prescribe drugs or surgery. They tend not to think of giving dietary advice.

19. We all have a right to make our own choices in life – particularly what we do with our bodies. Mandatory vaccination is the medical equivalent of rape.

20. `It takes more than intelligence to act intelligently,’ said Fyodor Dostoyevsky. I think he was probably thinking of the modern medical profession, now consumed by ignorance and greed.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2021

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