Passing Observations 74

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Even the Government in the UK now admits that masks are part of the psy-op war to force citizens into compliance – persuading them to do what they are supposed to do. Everyone knows that wearing a mask does far more harm than good but they are promoted because they are training wheels for the new world order.

2. I wonder how many people will die of the cold because they have obeyed the Government and left their windows open in order to ensure that the covid bug wanders off into the fresh air outside. Will it be 100 times as many as would have died of covid-19 or just 10 times as many?

3. `Old lives matter’ is a slogan that will never get off the ground because it is directly opposed to the Agenda 21 policy – kill off the elderly as part of the depopulation process.

4. The magazine Moneyweek has organised a Wealth Summit with the subtitle `After the crisis: opportunities and dangers’. It must be nice to think that the crisis is over. In reality, it hasn’t really got started yet.

5. Why is it that every time I find a food item which I like, they stop making it or they change the recipe?

6.The director general of the BBC has been given a pay rise of £75,000 after just one year in the job. He now receives £525,000 a year to oversee what must surely be the world’s most evil and hated broadcasting empire.

7. In England, 350 Church of England churches are due to close or be demolished within the next five years. I’m not surprised. The Church has betrayed those who believed in it. The individuals who made the decisions to oppose Brexit, to close churches during the fake pandemic and to support the myth of global warming are responsible for the demise of the Church.

8. How’s this for censorship: when two of my books on covid were banned, the eBook copies that readers had bought (and which they probably thought they owned) were confiscated and removed from their accounts. I recommend buying books in hard copy editions. (For the record, if you are buying my books I usually make less money this way. All my books are sold as cheaply as I can make them.) When you own a `real’ book it’s harder for `them’ to take it from you.

9. The truth has never been so unpopular. Within a few months it will be illegal to say anything critical about vaccines of any kind. And it will be a criminal offence to share the truth about science. They’ve been planning this for years and they are, at last, reaching the horrifying point when there won’t need to be any book burning because there won’t be any books to burn.

10. A man who fed the ducks in a London park was fined £150.

11. The Guardian reports that employers in the UK are stepping up demands for staff to be given the useless but dangerous covid jab. Even the UK Government seems to think this a little dodgy, saying that employers `will need to consider how this fits with their legal obligations under employment, equalities and data protection law’.

12. Yahoo reports that older people are restricting their `social mixing’ because they are concerned that selfish people aren’t wearing face masks. The poll was organised by an organisation called Silver Voices which is urging ministers to introduce mandatory measures. I wonder if the old people who want more people wearing masks realise that masks increase the risk of pneumonia and cancer and do far more harm than good.

13. Why do I fear that the Yorkshire cricket club racism scandal has been overblown in order to create more antagonism between races? This is, of course, something that fits neatly into the Agenda 21 principles. The original complainant has now turned out to have made outrageously anti-semitic remarks (he is being investigated by the England and Wales Cricket Board for the anti-semitism) and to have made suggestions (described as creepy messages) to a young woman which were considered inappropriate. As a result of unsubstantiated, historic allegations the BBC appears to have stopped employing a white ex-cricketer as a commentator – even though he denied the allegation. Bizarre and very worrying. The cancel culture appears to be accelerating.

14. Why are people who don’t know anything about immunity, disease or jabs so enthusiastic about promoting jabs to individuals who have natural immunity? This makes no sense whatsoever.

15. A very good friend sent me a photograph of a notice published by Herefordshire Council which states: `A person who does not have a dog on a lead in this area is committing an offence and could result in a fixed penalty notice of £100 or a fine up to £1,000.’ Having been bitten twice by loose dogs I am all for dogs being kept on leads. But the notice in Herefordshire appears to say that everyone now has to buy a dog if they want to leave their homes in the designated area. Odd.

16. Abstracts published about scientific papers are enormously useful and an accurate summary of the contents of the paper. Those who insist that they need to read the whole of the scientific paper (rather relying on the abstract) probably don’t understand anything about abstracts and probably wouldn’t understand the scientific paper if they read it.

17. `Ride on! Rough-shod if need be, smooth shod if that will do, but ride on!’ – Charles Dickens.

18. Apparently we can’t say that a video has `gone viral’. If we do it upsets the exosomists.

19. The Government has been told that if children are told not to look at something then they are more likely to look at it. (As in `Don’t look at those nasty anti-vaxxer sites’.) Gosh, what a surprise.

20. Hands up if you suffering from burn-out, post- traumatic stress disorder, shell shock, battle fatigue and/or free floating paranoia. (If you held up a hand to any of those, you are not alone. I think I’ve got them all.)

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2021

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