Passing Observations 76

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Many people are now nervous of going into towns because they are frightened of catching THE bug. We are nervous about going into town because of the people who are frightened of catching THE bug. They jump out of the way and scowl at those of us who are unmasked.

2. The AstraZeneca toxic experimental jab has been withdrawn in a number of countries. But it hasnít been withdrawn in the UK.

3. People get rightly upset about migrants drowning in the English Channel but donít seem to give a damn about the thousands being killed or injured by the experimental covid-19 jabs.

4. A survey Iíve just seen suggests that 3.5 million adults in the UK believe the Government, the scientists and the media are colluding to cover up crucial information about the fake pandemic. Itís good to know that there are 3.5 million adults in the UK with their brains in the right way round.

5. Big companies are now driving the fake global warming scam. Bosses are terrified of the cultists promoting the scam. And they can smell that there is money to be made by kowtowing to what they wrongly believe is the majority. The truth is that the global warming nutters make up only a very small portion of society. Most people know itís a load of baloney.

6. I found an old cutting from the Spectator magazine yesterday and remembered that when he was editor of the mag, Boris the Peppa Pig enthusiast once hired his sister to write a hatchet piece about me. I thought it very amateurish. I forced the magazine to print a letter of corrections.

7. I saw this on the BBC website: `Keir Starmer (leader of the Labour Party) is not such a bad man, heís a lawyer.í Scary.

8. Nearly a third of those born after 1997 hope to retire before they are 50-years-old. Oh dear. A good deal of disappointment lies ahead. Most will never be able to retire.

9. I went into our boiler room this morning and smelt the unmistakeable aroma of rotting mouse. Impossible to find the corpse, of course. So I lit some cinnamon joss sticks. The smell is now even worse.

10. Politicians and lawyers should have great respect and affection for rule breakers. Without rule breakers there would be no need for rules or for all those employed to enforce the rules.

11. A maths teacher in Taiwan got fed up with all the competition on education platforms online. He now uploads his video tutorials to adult streaming sites in order to gather more students. He has collected 1.9 million views for his videos and earns around $250,000 a year.

12. We need a referendum on net zero. But theyíll never give us one. The Brexit Referendum was the last one weíll have.

13. `We know where the unjabbed are. We should go door to doorí, said Anas Sarwar about those who havenít been jabbed with the poison. He is a Scottish politician. Hopefully he will soon be booted out of office. What a disgrace. `We know where you live,í used to be the sort of thing said by thugs in cheap films.

14. Mark Twain suggested that in order to be successful, a man (or woman) needed to be both ignorant and confident. That certainly explains Boris Ė Englandís worst leader since King John.

15. Over the last two years Iíve received a great deal of support from doctors. All have agreed with everything Iíve said but, sadly, many have been too frightened to speak out. I havenít heard from any doctors who have disagreed with me or who have complained that something Iíve said or written has not been accurate.

16. Sadly, I had to disable comments on Brand New Tube because of the activities of a hacker who was changing the comments section. But Iím afraid I would have had to disable the comments section anyway. The new system requires us to approve every comment before it can be published. This system was introduced (wisely) to stop the silly sex and money adverts which were dominating comment areas. Unfortunately, the new system created a number of problems of its own. So, for example, if someone puts up a comment which isnít approved immediately they may, if they donít understand how the system works, put up another comment ten minutes later complaining that I am censoring their comments and accusing me of being a fraud, a hypocrite and a sandal wearing member of the Liberal Party. And, just for fun, adding unjustifiable, gratuitous, hurtful, libellous personal abuse. It is impossible to avoid this problem without sitting in front of a computer for 24 hours a day, monitoring numerous videos and waiting for comments to appear so that they can be approved. So the hacker has, unwittingly, done me a favour. Why people (who presumably want to watch my videos) feel the need to be cruel and offensive is a puzzle.

17. Am I the only one who finds it nigh on impossible to understand what people say when they are wearing masks? My hearing isnít as good as it was when it was better but it really isnít my hearing that is the problem Ė itís the darned face masks. All I hear is `kehdtgej keghg mxbey 3kh osyeb. I then ask them to repeat it and get `eiey euiytdgh ksjeghe gey!í

18. We had a notification of a parcel delivery this morning. We were told that we were no 25 on a list of 106 deliveries. Thatís absurd. Asking someone to deliver 106 parcels to strange addresses is inhuman. (I speak as one who has done thousands of home visits as a GP, delivered mail for Royal Mail and delivered fish during one summer holiday.)

19. It is now possible to buy a `mouse jigglerí which simulates `mouseí movements and helps to convince your boss that youíre working (at home) instead of watching television. And then folk wonder why productivity is down.

20. I have redefined `stupidityí as `doing something that you donít enjoy, that is hard work and which ruins your life and is of negative commercial valueí. Ah yes. Thatís me making videos about covid, agenda 21 and the other frauds.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2021

Vernon Colemanís latest book is called `Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21í. The book explains how we got here, why we got here and where we will end up if the resistance movement doesnít win the war we are fighting. `Endgameí is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook. Vernon Colemanís first book about the covid hoax - `Coming Apocalypse Ė is still available. It was published in April 2020. The book summarised what had already happened and what Dr Coleman believed was about to happen, back in those now very distant days.