Passing Observations 77

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. We have to remember every day that the truth has never been so unpopular. Our politicians have taken control so effectively that within a few months it will be illegal to say anything critical about vaccines of any kind. It will be a criminal offence to share the truth about science. They’ve been planning this for years and they are, at last, reaching the horrifying point when there won’t need to be any book burning because there won’t be any books to burn. In the UK, the Government has suggested that in future the authorities will treat those who question the value of vaccination online as if they were terrorists. Merely criticising or questioning the value of vaccination is to be a serious offence – apparently a threat to the nation and the State. Vaccination, it seems, is one area of medicine where there is to be no freedom of choice and, most important, no debate, no open discussion and no questions.

2. If vaccination is so wonderful, so essential, so good, why won’t politicians or doctors debate the subject with critics? Why has all debate been banned for years? Why aren’t doctors and politicians proud to stand up for the vaccines they promote with such enthusiasm?

3. `Even if vaccinations aren’t officially compulsory there are lots of things the authorities can do to ensure that even sceptics give in and accept a jab. So, for example, the authorities can simply introduce vaccination passports – possibly in the form of some form of tattoo or implant – to identify those individuals who have been officially vaccinated.’ – Vernon Coleman in 2011.

4. A horrific amount of information is now available detailing the problems with the covid-19 jabs. Every day I am sent links to (literally) hundreds of videos drawing attention to the problems. None of these is ever investigated or reported by the mainstream media. If you don’t already do so please look at the article headed `UPDATED: how many are the vaccines killing?’ which is on my websites and updated weekly.

5. The computer gave power to bureaucracy and to the bureaucrats.

6. Male fertility levels have fallen dramatically in the last few decades. The cause? Hormones in the drinking water is the most likely reason. But what are chemtrails doing to us? And now there are the new mRNA jabs…

7. The authorities want to stop us having log fires. They’re already planning to ban log burners. (The hypocrisy is staggering. Much of the electricity used to power electric cars comes from burning wood. The rest comes from burning diesel, gas and coal.) Why do they want to ban log fires? Because people who have open fires or log burners are independent of the system. When everyone relies on the electricity grid, and has their supply controlled by a smart meter, everyone will be under Big Brother’s thumb.

8. Prince Charles runs a shop in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. So he can accurately be described as a shopkeeper. This is a real sign of the fall of the royals. His shop is, like Harrods in London, somewhere people visit not for what they can buy (overpriced geegaws) but for the transient joy of saying where they bought it.

9. We have a leak in the conservatory roof. Water was dripping onto Antoinette’s head. She solved it in seconds without having to call a workman. She moved her chair and put a pot plant under the drip.

10. Drivers in the UK will soon be paying to use roads. The switch to electric vehicles means that the Treasury will lose around £31 billion a year in lost fuel duty and annual road tax. The shortfall will have to be met from somewhere and the only logical answer is the introduction of tolls on all main roads. I hate to be selfish about this but I don’t mind. Most of my driving is done on roads too narrow for two cars to travel side by side. I don’t think they’ll bother putting cameras and all the other paraphernalia on single track roads.

11. We sent a Christmas parcel to friends in Germany. The recipient had to pay a 17 euro fine for having received the parcel (which was fully stamped). So then we had to spend an hour buying a 20 euro note (as time consuming as if we’d bought £500 worth of euros), put the note into an envelope, take it to the Post Office, queue for an hour and post it off by special delivery to Germany. Present giving 21st century style. I wonder how much the Three Wise Men were fined for delivering presents to Bethlehem.

12. The other day YouTube took down a video of mine called Zombies and Trolls which was published on their channel over a year ago - on August 5th 2020. I appealed (as I always do) and the appeal was rejected (as it always is) within fifteen seconds.

13. It has become clear that smart doctors, nurses, lawyers and journalists pick no fights, side with the establishment and do not get involved in battles with the rich, the powerful and the influential. What a sorry state the world is in.

14. Racing driver Lewis Hamilton was criticized for taking part in a race in Saudia Arabia. Hamilton, of course, is no stranger to accusations of hypocrisy. He supports global warming nonsenses but flies around the world to drive in circles for big money. He said he didn’t have a choice about whether or not to drive in Saudi Arabia. He was quoted as saying `The sport has taken a choice to be here’. Well, yes, he did have a choice. Of course he had a choice. It might have cost him some money to refuse to be there. It might have meant he missed out on some points for the championship and another over-sized trophy. But he had a choice. Maybe, he just didn’t care enough. Is it conceivably possible that he put his own desire for money and glory above a cause he says is important? I noticed, incidentally, that although he was supposed to attend the end of season prize giving he chose not to go after losing the Big Trophy to another driver. This attitude is typical of much of what happens in our world these days. Too many people are not prepared to stand up for what they believe when standing up comes at a price. (For the record, I’ve resigned twice, at great personal cost, because I didn’t approve of what my employers were doing.)

15. Queen Elizabeth II is well known to be a fan of homoeopathy. So are we really supposed to believe she had an experimental jab made by a drug company injected into her arm? Really. Pull the other one.

16. There’s a campaign to give children the vote and to take the vote off the elderly. This is clearly an Agenda 21 trick to boost destructive global warming nonsense. Remove the experienced and knowledgeable voters and give votes instead to ignorant and prejudiced children. It would make sense to give the vote to squirrels – after all, they have to live in this world too. If children get the vote we will hurtle towards net zero and just about everyone except Blair, Gates and Schwab will be dead in a year.

17. Two thousand years ago the Chinese made ornaments out of aluminium. But getting aluminium out of bauxite is a complex procedure involving chemical and electrical knowledge. Sixteen hundred years ago they had a dry battery which generated electricity. Jewellery was found in tombs in the Middle East which was made of smelted platinum. In order to smelt platinum you need to make a fire which reaches eighteen hundred degrees centigrade. And, of course, penicillin was available thousands of years ago. It is good for us to remember that we aren’t as advanced as we like to think we are.

18. For years the public baths at Alexandria were heated by burning old scrolls and documents from the Great Library. What secrets did we lose?

19. Dr Mohammad Adil lost his licence to practise surgery in 2020 because he spoke out about the covid fraud. Please see my video on BNT for details of how to help him.

20. NHS hospitals are, as ever, complaining that there are lots of frail old people in hospital beds. Let’s get this straight: are old people now to be denied hospital treatment? Is this a new NHS policy which I missed?

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2021

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