Passing Observations 78

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Half of Britain’s public loos have now been closed in the last ten years – usually by local councils looking for ways to save money. I did a video about this for YouTube and, surprisingly, they didn’t take it down.

2. Numerous businesses are using covid as an excuse to cut their services to customers. Our local sorting office for mail is open just two hours a day. Banks still shut just after lunch.

3. Most if not all electricity supply companies in the UK to promise that the electricity they sell is from 100% renewable sources. How do they manage that when most of our electricity comes from burning oil, gas or coal? And most of the rest comes from burning trees.

4. A year or two governments automatically gained control over most people’s bodies by making organ donorship a default legal position. If you didn’t opt out then the State effectively owns your body. And it can, presumably, do what it likes with its property – including fill it with toxic, experimental jabs.

5. An Australian bank called Westpac has been fined £61 million for charging dead people for financial advice. I’m surprised they didn’t receive an award for imaginative business practices.

6. Nearly two thirds of millennials claim they’d prefer to live in a socialist society. And two thirds of them have no idea that if they have pensions then they are shareholders.

7. More and more white, male authors of a certain age are now being forced to self-publish. I see that Larry Beinhart (the author of Wag the Dog) is now self-publishing. I know of four white, male authors of a certain age who have all had novels turned into successful movies and who are now (successfully) publishing their own books. For once in my life I feel trendy.

8. Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft has been paid $137 million in the last three years. Perhaps if he was paid a little less, the company might be able to charge a little less for its products. Mr Nadella sold around $285 million worth of shares in Microsoft recently.

9. Why is it the fashion these days for sports persons to take their relatives with them wherever they go? Mothers or fathers (or both), siblings, wives or husbands and children are all part of the entourage. Why is this? I don’t believe racing driver James Hunt took his family with him everywhere he went. How many bus drivers do you see with their spouses sitting beside them?

10. `The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected.’ – Jon DiPietro.

11. I `retired’ (again) from making videos for the repressive, State-controlled platform `YouTube’ after they removed 15 videos about covid that were over a year old (and which had, presumably, slipped through their censorship net). Everything in all the videos was factually accurate. But YouTube suppresses truths. They wrote to me the other day to tell me that my most viewed video in the last year is called `Coronavirus Why did YouTube ban my video’. I doubt if anyone at YouTube understands irony.

12. In the UK cashpoints are closing at the rate of 90 a month as banks do their best to eradicate cash and bring on the digital society. Please ask your friends and family to use cash whenever they can.

13. In the UK, utterly pointless pen pushing paper shuffling NHS bureaucrats can now earn £300,000 a year. There are more bureaucrats in the NHS than nurses or beds. Is it any wonder that the NHS is not fit for purpose?

14. Whoever thought of replacing the hereditary House of Lords with one filled with a mixture of egotistical lunatics who acquired their seats through political patronage or by buying their honour with a donation to a political party or a politician should be dug up and shot. Oh no, wait a minute, wasn’t it Tony Blair? The House of Lords is a waste of money. It should be closed down and turned into something useful – a cinema or bowling alley perhaps.

15. The NHS has collapsed. This is nothing to do with covid. It is however everything to do with absurd social distancing rules which mean that hospitals are underused and underworked. Usually, at this time of year around 30% of the patients in hospital have the flu. Today, around 5% of the patients in hospital have covid. So, covid is one sixth as big a problem as the flu.

16. If you are looking for something to help you escape from our world for a few hours might I respectfully suggest the novel `Dr Bullock’s Annals’ – a novel describing the bizarre but ultimately satisfying life of a young doctor practising in Victorian times. The author’s name escapes me…

17. Lithium is in increasingly short supply since it is needed for batteries for electric cars and mobile phones. A lot of new mines are going to be needed unless the greens insist on digging the stuff out of the ground with spoons.

18. In the UK, half of all those aged between 24 and 29 believe that they will not receive any state pension. They are wise to think this. The streets will be full of beggars but sadly there will be no one left with any spare change.

19. The UK Government is using the excuse of covid to spend, spend, spend like a pools winner. Only a fifth of the Chancellor’s planned spending has anything to do with coronavirus. The other four fifths is pure Agenda 21/Communism expenditure.

20. Lefties, who now control most governments, quangos and NGOs want to destroy capitalism and replace it with chaos, poverty and a potent hybrid mixture of fascism and communism controlled by greed soaked billionaires. If you feel this doesn’t make sense then you and I have this in common.

Copyright Vernon Coleman December 2021

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