Passing Observations 86

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Austria – the country which gave the world Hitler and concentration camps is now introducing mandatory jabs. They are insisting that citizens have a jab that doesn’t do what people think it does but does kill people.

2. An American woman judge called Alexis Krot berated and fined an elderly cancer patient for not clearing the weeds out of his garden. She said she’d have sent him to prison if she could have done. She later apologised but, as far as I know, didn’t offer to pay his fine or clear his weeds.

3. Many ignorant school teachers are insisting that children must keep wearing masks all day long. Why are these cruel, ill-informed lunatics still employed?

4. In parts of Australia the un-jabbed are now banned from exercising or going to work. Horrible country, Australia. Uganda under Idi Amin and Russia under Stalin were probably freer and more fun.

5. A Belgian surgeon has been sent to prison for ten months for making sexist remarks in a speech. Free speech is rapidly disappearing.

6. Authors are finding it increasingly difficult to write original books because the wicked, the rabid, the bigoted and the ignorant go round the internet putting one star reviews on their books – without buying, reading or even looking at them.

7. The Royal Mail has been the mainstay of British economic and social life for more than a century. Attempts to force us all to do everything by email will damage the postal service and force us all into digital enslavement. Use the real mail as much as you can.

8. `A day away from Chartwell is a day wasted,’ said Winston Churchill of his home. I know just what he meant.

9. The UK Government says that 5% of hospital beds are occupied by people who have covid. That rather proves that covid is one sixth as dangerous as the ordinary flu. How can I say that? Well, in the winter in the UK, it is usual for 30% of hospital beds to be occupied by people with the flu. And according to mathematical modelling, 5 is a sixth of 30.

10. The following companies are said to be differentiating between the jabbed and the unjabbed. The discrimination may mean that the unjabbed receive less money if they are sick. If these companies did a little research they would know that the jabbed should receive less money because they are being reckless with their health. Meanwhile, boycott these stores: Morrisons, IKEA, Ocado and Next.

11. Governments have no evidence that covid-19 is anything other than the rebranded flu. And they are rejecting the inconvenient abundance of evidence proving that the mRNA jab is dangerous and is injuring and killing thousands. Instead, they put together and promote an endless litany of lies, fake statistics and palpably fake prognostications.

12. Have you noticed how readily companies are to smother their customers with emails and texts? I find that if I buy something online I receive an email and text to say that the item has been posted. I then receive an email and text to tell me that the item is with a courier. I then receive an email and text from the delivery company to say that they now have my parcel. And then I receive an email and text from them to say that they will deliver soon it. Then I receive an email and text to say that they will deliver it today. (Most don’t say at what time. They expect me to stay in all day.) And then, if I am lucky, and was in when it came, I receive an email and text to say that they have delivered it. All this is obviously done automatically. But I have to open and read all these damned messages.

13. There is talk of reclassifying hormone replacement therapy so it can be bought without a prescription. This is so reckless and dangerous that it must be a plan to kill off millions of women.

14. It is reported that in Taiwan, more people died in three days after jabbing than had died of covid in the previous 14 months.

15. Predicting what is going to happen in 2022 isn’t difficult. In case you missed my forecasts, here they are again. Inflation rates will stay high. Interest rates will have to rise. Energy and food costs will soar. So will the cost of everything else. There will be a rise in the number of deaths (because of the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021). There will be more lies spread about the pseudoscientific nonsense known as climate change. There will be some wars. And there will be lots of manufactured `natural’ disasters to support the myth of climate change. Sorry to be so gloomy but it’s better to know.

16. More older people die during winter in the UK than in any other European country — including those countries which are colder. This is due to poor housing, poor diet, poverty, not enough state support, neglect, depression caused by loneliness, and a general feeling of being unwanted and uncared for.

17. I see that a local supermarket is now selling packs of boiled eggs for customers who are too lazy to boil their own.

18. In America an 82-year-old woman was arrested and fined £80 for crossing the road too slowly in Los Angeles. She was walking with a cane and just couldn’t get across the road before the lights turned red. I do hope they remembered to give the policemen who arrested her an award for bravery.

19. As Oscar Wilde would have said if he’d lived 120 years longer: `I no longer give a fig about those who criticise me. And to make this tenet simpler to follow: I no longer look at anything in the media or on social media.’

20. In 1979, the American Institute of Architects held its annual convention at the Crosby Kemper arena in Kansas City and gave the arena a coveted award for design excellence. The next day the arena’s roof collapsed.

Copyright Vernon Coleman January 2022

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