Passing Observations 89

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Ten years ago the Ministry of Defence in the UK sold 57,400 houses for £1.7 billion, agreed to pay £183 million a year in rent and leased them back for 200 years. The portfolio is now valued at £7.6 billion and the MoD wants to use the law to buy back the properties. Why arenít civil servants arrested, fired or fined when they make such egregious business decisions?

2. The cost of our boiler insurance cover has gone up by 50%. The cost of having the car serviced has gone up by 90%. And the cost of insuring the car has risen by 50%. Nothing has changed in the items being serviced or insured and no claims have been made. I can see inflation soaring through 10%, stopping to say hello to 20% and carrying on northwards without hesitation.

3. Airlines say they will require passengers to wear masks for years to come. They can only do this if passengers comply. Airlines also say that passenger locator forms will also stay. Why do so many people put up with this erosion of their liberties?

4. A Big Issue vendor returned a purse to the woman who dropped it. He became a 15 minute celebrity. How sad it is that this was news.

5. A tribunal has ruled that a nurse was discriminated against by the NHS when she was sacked for wearing a cross. Why wasnít the person who sacked her disciplined?

6. Polls show that one in three Americans believes that violence against their Government is justified.

7. We must never forget nor forgive the celebrities who promoted the toxic jabs. Meanwhile, we can show our disapproval by boycotting their concerts, records, books and whatever.

8. It has been decreed that only deaf Mexican lesbians can play deaf Mexican lesbians in films or in the theatre. Itís a culture and identity thing. So it will be fun for the producers to find a new actor to play James Bond. From my reading of the books they will be searching for a heterosexual who is a psychopathic snob. That should narrow it down a tad.

9. The British Government has written off £4.3 billion that was stolen from the governmentís emergency pandemic schemes such as the furlough nonsense. Another £1.5 billion will probably need to be written off. And then there are the billions stolen by individuals providing PPE that was useless. Covid has been a real bonanza for crooks.

10. An entitlement expert called Harry Windsor wants everyone to have an AIDS test. Iíve always thought Harry to be arrogant and selfish beyond compare. Now I think he is positively dangerous. If people do as he suggests then health services will be clogged with people demanding AIDS tests.

11. The Guardian is remorselessly pro-conspirators and pro-fascism. What a long way the paper has come from its woke, lefty days.

12. Delighted to see that Brigitte Bardotís animal rights organisation has filed a complaint against French footballer Zouma (the one who kicked a cat). The French penal code applies to citizens who commit offences outside France. Zouma could go to prison for three years and be suspended from the national football team. Damned good thing too. His apology was unconvincing.

13. America insurance data shows that the jabbed are 50% more likely to die than the unjabbed.

14. Climate change nutters claim that clifftop homes are falling into the sea because of the alleged climate crisis. No, theyíre falling into the sea because coastal erosion has been going on for centuries.

15. David Dimbleby, a veteran BBC broadcaster who must have earned a fortune from the BBC, says the rich should pay a higher BBC licence fee. Iíve got a better idea. Letís just abandon the BBC licence fee completely. Itís not difficult to avoid paying it legally.

16. GPs surgeries are told to have separate entrances for vaxxed and unvaxxed staff. This is a good idea because the vaxxed are far more likely to drop down dead and block a doorway.

17. A maternal foetal medicine specialist called Dr James Thorp has revealed that covid-19 jabs are causing a massive spike in the number of deaths and pregnancy losses. Meanwhile, journalists working for newspapers which carry massive amounts of government covid advertising still claim that covid-19 jabs are not linked to miscarriage, stillbirth and foetal deaths.

18. A colliery in Wales has got permission to dig out 40 million tons of coal. Predictably, the green party and a Welsh minister have objected. Objectors forgot to point out that (as I have explained many times) you canít make steel without coal. Just think of all the `thingsí which cannot be made without steel. Wind turbines, for example.

19. The number of parents having their children jabbed with the MMR vaccine has fallen. Doctors say it is either because parents donít want to burden the NHS or because they donít realise GPs are still working. I think itís because parents now realise that vaccines (as well as the covid jab) do more harm than good.

20. Over 1,000 scientific studies now prove that the experimental covid jabs are dangerous. Thatís a hell of a lot of evidence.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

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