Passing Observations 90

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. The UK Government has admitted that there is no conclusive evidence that face masks stop the virus spreading. But many moronic teachers are insisting face masks must stay. They should be arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.

2. The number of deaths among professional footballers in December 2021 equalled the annual average for the last 12 years. I wonder why that could possibly be.

3. Bill Gates, the alleged sexual predator, vax investor and financial partner of the BBC and The Guardian has warned about pandemics which could be worse than covid-19. I bet he’ll have suitable jabs ready within days.

4. Workers have been told they can take 28 days off without a sick note under new covid rules. This is part of the plan to destroy the economy.

5. Immigration raids on care homes continued during the lockdowns – at the same time as relatives were barred from visiting dying residents.

6. UK residents without a BBC TV licence should know that if the BBC gestapo come knocking on their door they don’t have to let them in. Just tell them to go away. Politely, of course. They have written to me once a month for years inviting me to contribute money. I just bin the letters unopened. Please do not give the BBC money.

7. The bestselling German language edition of my book `How to stop your doctor killing you’ has completely disappeared from sale. What a surprise. I wonder if it is anything to do with the fact that the book contains a chapter about vaccination. (The English language edition is still available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.) All my books (several of which were very popular there) are now officially banned in China.

8. Researchers claim that the rise in autoimmune disease is linked to processed foods. They don’t mention childhood vaccines as a cause.

9. Politician, Vince Cable wants more curbs on the unjabbed to protect the `socially responsible’ and `the economy’. It is my honest opinion that he needs help.

10. Ontario minister Christine Elliot has called for the immediate censorship of doctors who speak out against the covid fraud. She wants them to lose their right to practice medicine. It’s already happened, love. You’re two years behind the curve.

11. Harry, a bloke who used to be a royal person, claims he has been suffering from burn out. I always thought you had to do something with your life before you could complain of burnout.

12. The rumour is that the Metropolitan police will take a year to look at the photos of Boris Johnson at the Downing Street parties before they can decide if he was there. No wonder they don’t manage to catch any criminals.

13. Will the queen of England die of covid? The idiots might think it would be useful from a promotional point of view. (See how dangerous this disease is. It kills very old ladies.) But won’t a lot of people remember that she claimed to have been jabbed? And won’t her dying of covid make it clear to the ignorant that the jabs don’t work?

14. There is talk of mandatory MMR childhood jabs, etc. The uptake of childhood jabs has fallen and the official line is that this is because parents don’t want to over-burden the NHS. Mandatory MMR jabs are on the way. And then we’ll all be in little flats in high rise buildings. No cars, no travel. And benzodiazepines in the water to keep us quiet.

15. The media fraud in support of the jabs is getting worse. Yahoo News had a headline which read: `Anti-vax Olympic gold medallist dies of covid aged 51.’ Anyone who read the story will have found that the fellow died of covid and had been jabbed. He’d previously expressed anti vax views but he’d been jabbed and he died of covid.

16. The Chinese have been told to stockpile food in readiness for more lockdowns as new covid variations appear. I expect they’ll stockpile loo rolls too.

17. Royal Mail in the UK is abandoning traditional stamps. From 2023 postage will be franked with a bar code. I suspect it will be possible for the conspirators to track and trace every piece of mail – and find out who posted it, where and when.

18. Hope makes us human.

19. My wife needs to take tamoxifen every day. This involves regular visits to the pharmacy to collect supplies. Last time we had to visit four times because they couldn’t be bothered to obtain the prescription that had been ordered. It seems to me that the staff have no interest, no sympathy and no empathy. We have tried other pharmacies – they all seem to be staffed with uncaring, disinterested young women who have, presumably, been trained by the Post Office.

20. The UK loses £190 billion a year to fraud. Things are much the same around the world. No one does anything much about it. Why could this be? I’m sure it couldn’t possibly be related to the fact that fraudsters, thieves and conmen sometimes give money to political parties.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 2022

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